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Watching Mom Go Black

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I work for as a managing director at a small scale modeling company in Chicago. We do photo shoots with male and female models for various advertising companies as well as some porn shoots for those looking to get their start in the industry. Last week my car was having trouble so while I waited for the repairs to be done I was getting rides from my mom who lived nearby. My mom was in her mid 50s but still looked very sexy, slim 5’7″ body with blonde hair, green eyes, thick ass, and large f-cup breasts. She was happy to give me rides but never seemed that interested in my work until Friday morning we were talking and I asked her, “Do you want to come in and see what I do, I bet you get looks from some of the guys..?” She agreed out of curiosity and we went inside together. While it wasn’t my intention at the time, I remembered walking in that we normally save the porn shoots for Fridays so when I was showing my mom around there was a lot of naked models doing shoots. My mom seemed a bit flustered at first but didn’t react negatively. I asked her if she liked what she saw and she replied, “Very much, these guys look so much better than your father.” I then asked if she ever did any modeling when she was younger and she said, “I did once when I was 19 to help pay for college but I never went any further.” “Would you like to take a few pics now, you still look beautiful now” I said. My mom looked around the room, stopping on one of the male models already in a shoot, then turned back to me saying she would enjoy it very much if she gets to be with him. I then told her that she can go as nude as she feels comfortable with and to not feel pressured or embarrassed.

After a few hours in the makeup chair she was ready for her first shoot in over 30 years. She started off wearing a slim red and black dress standing next to the male model she pointed out earlier. He was a 26 year old, muscular 6’5″ black man who was wearing a clean black suit. After a while my mom began to peel out of her dress revealing her large, pale breasts covered by a red silk bra. Her thick, firm ass was covered by a similar red silk pair of panties. She began helping the male model undress and before long they were both in each others arms totally naked with her massive tits pressed firmly against his chest. She kissed him then got down on her knees and held his big black dick up to her face. His cock was 8 inches easily and was almost the same length as her head. Almost in a trance, she began to kiss the tip of his cock and slowly began to suck it. I didn’t think she would be able to deep throat suck a large dick like that but she tried her best, moaning gagging the whole time. I had seen, and produced, plenty of interracial porn before, but I never thought I would be watching my own mother. After a few minutes of sucking she stood back up whispering in his ear that she wanted him to fuck her like her husband never could. He picked her up and carried her to a bed throwing her down on her back and holding her legs open in the air. He began to eat her soft, pink pussy out like he was starving all the while my mom was quivering from pleasure. As he stood up they locked eyes and he said, “I hope your husband doesn’t mind sharing” while he pushed his massive cock into her welcoming pussy.

My mom was in another world of pleasure as her pussy was being stretched open by this hung black man. Through the moans she managed to let out a, “mmh my hus- mmm my husband can’t mmh fuck me like you can mmm OH GOD!” Just then she began to shake violently, clenching her hips around his cock screaming out, “OH MY FUCKING GOD I’M CUMMING, OH FUCK YES, MAKE MOMMY CUM ON THAT BLACK COCK!!!” As she had her legs firmly wrapped around his waist, the man pumped as hard and as deep in her pussy as his cock could reach. He asked my mom, “where do you want me to cum baby girl?” Her face neck and tits now a bright red, “I want your cum deep in this pussy, I want show my son and husband your thick black cum leaking out of my cunt.” With a loud set of grunts and thrusts, the man emptied his entire load into my moms accepting hole. Still in ecstasy she held the back of his head saying, “Oh fuck I love you, I love your cock, it’s so much better than my husbands, I want you to fuck me again and again.” After a long deep kiss he replied, “I knew you’d love it, every white woman does.”

With that they stood up hugged and began cleaning up. I went over to my mom and told her that was some of the hottest sex I’d ever filmed and asked if she wanted to keep this all a secret from dad or if she wanted it posted? She responded saying as much as she wants to let me post it, she would rather this be our little secret. Still naked she gave me a long hug thanking me for letting her experience that and asked if she could ever come back? I said with a body like that, I’d be insane not to let you back for more. After she got cleaned up, we called it a day and meet up with dad to go out to eat. He asked how our day was and mom responded, “I had a great time, my yoga instructor really had us stretching good today” she said give me a subtle wink and smile.

Next time I’ll have to bring my sister along…

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