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Author: Lilly

In the back of dirty dons semi

My neighbor dirty don is a long haul truck driver, he does runs that take two weeks or even one week depends on the job.he told me he would be back slit is so wanting dirty... #

779 words | 3 |4.15

My neighbor dirty don part 2

Here it was like 85 degrees out already and it was only 10:00 mom and dad was at work.i was wearing my pink silk shorts that just hugged my pussy and ass.i looked out the window... #

781 words | 7 |3.83

My neighbor dirty don

My name is lilly, a hot little sexy bombshell.we have a neighbor we call dirty don.i love getting him all wound up by wearing revealing sexy clothes just for him.especially when im... # #

342 words | 4 |4.50