Ran Into A Guy That Used To Fuck Me 10 Years Ago (Part 2)

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Well, it wasn’t but a day before Jerry called me and wanted to see me again. I knew he’d call but, I didn’t quite expect him to call so soon. You see, I had ran into him at a bar the other night and we ended up fucking. I hadn’t seen him in 10 years. I was only 16 when he visited my mom and step day and fucked me. Of course my mom and step dad knew nothing about it but, none the less he did.

Actually he started off by making me suck his dick. You see he had to sleep in the same room as I was in because we only had two bedrooms and there was twin beds in my room. Mommy never thought Jerry would do such a thing to her daughter. After all he had known me since I was 8 years old. So, they never thought a thing of it, him sleeping my room. I didn’t either.

I had come home from a date and was getting ready to go to bed when, he sat on his bed and exposed his dick hanging down between his legs under his robe. I acted like I didn’t see it and turned over to go to sleep. Later, I woke up with him standing over me holding my hand on his dick, stroking it. He was sliding his hand inside my panties.

When I looked at him, he told me to be quiet and don’t move. He slid his finger in my pussy and said, “You got fucked tonight didn’t you little girl?” He always called me little girl. “It’s still very wet in here.” He fingered my pussy with one then two fingers. I hate to admit it but I liked it. Then, he put his dick on my lips and said, “Suck my dick for me.” I just opened my mouth and sucked his dick. He said, “I knew you were fucking somebody and it just made my dick so hard.” “I decided since you made me hard you would have to take care of it for me.” He kept fucking my mouth until he cum in it. Then he said, “Swallow.” So, I did.

He turned and got into his bed an I went to sleep wondering what just happened. Nothing was said in the morning but, he made me suck his dick every night he was there after that. And, for some reason I looked forward to it. He would set around having drinks with mom and my step dad then come to bed. After he was sure they were asleep he would walk over and stand by my bed with his big hard dick in his hand. I would eagerly suck him until he cum.

Back then he only fucked me one time. That was the only time we were alone long enough to fuck.
But, when I fucked him the other night I remembered how nice his dick was. Nice and thick plus, I’m sure it was close to nine inches. All those memories came flooding back, how he made me do what I did. It was like he dominated me somehow, an I liked it.

So, when he called I told him to come over. I could use some sex. I liked his dick. I liked what he did to me. It was about 8:30 when he got there so, I went ahead and slipped into my night gown. It was floor length with a cover robe over it. It was pink silk and under the robe was a very low cut spaghetti strap gown that my breast filled out nicely.

When I answered the door he said, “Oh my gosh, this is just what I wanted to see, you’re dripping with sex.”
He came in, hugged me an I could feel his dick was already hard. I said, “I made some drinks, have one.”
We sat an drank then he said, “I need you, “little girl” to get over here and suck my dick for me.” I said, “What if I don’t want to?” He said, “Well, that won’t happen because, your a slut who fucks just about anybody and you like being made to do things.” “So, I’m telling you get on your knees and suck my dick or I’ll have to force fuck your mouth, is that what your really want me to do?”

It was like he was reading my mind. I did want him to force me to do whatever he wanted from me. I said, “You might have to force me because, I’m not sure I’m in the mood to suck your dick.” He grinned at me and put his drink down. He stood up and took off his clothes. He walked over to me and stood me up in front of him.

He slipped off my outer robe and squeezed my titties. Then, he pushed me down on my knees. I was standing right in front of the couch so, when I got on my knees he pushed me back to lay against the couch. He straddled my chest and lifted my fits out of my gown. He put his dick in my mouth forcing it down my throat hard. He said, “This is what you really wanted did you, “little girl” ?” “You like being forced to suck and fuck and made to do all the disgusting things men like to do to little girls.”

He had his legs against my arms so I couldn’t move. I was trapped and he was fucking my throat, talking dirty to me and my pussy was getting so wet. He was doing everything I liked. He said, “Little girls like you want to be forced because, then they have to give in and they don’t feel so bad for wanting to get fucked.” “I know exactly what you want.” “Your a slut who likes to fuck and I love girls like you.”

I knew what he said was true an I didn’t care if he called me a slut. I did fuck a lot of guys because I love to get fucked.

Jerry said, “Last night after we talked an I cum, I was remembering how I slipped my finger in your pussy that first night when you were 16.” “I had seen you leave for your date and I just knew you were giving that pussy away, I was so jealous.” “I wanted your pussy when you were 10 years old.” “Do you remember me rubbing your pussy that night you stayed over with my girls?” I said, “No, when did you do that?”

He said, “You girls had gone to bed and Ramona was asleep.” I went into their room and I put my hand down your panties and was rubbing your little naked pussy.” “I started sticking my finger inside your pussy lips and rubbing your clit when you started moaning.” “I wanted to ram my finger in your pussy so bad.” “You squeezed your legs together like you loved the feeling so, I kept gently rubbing your little clit.”
“Your pussy got wet but, when I tried to stick my finger in your vagina you opened your eyes.” “So, I quit, pulled my hand out of your panties an you went back to sleep.”

“I don’t remember any of that.” “I was so worked up from your pussy I had to jack off that night.” “I couldn’t sleep because my dick was so hard.” I ended up fucking Ramona from behind. He’s still fucking me and his dick is getting ready to dump his load in my mouth. He said, “I’m gonna cum baby, get ready.” He shoots a big stream of cum to the back of my throat then, several more as he finished.

I was so horny. He reached down, grabbed my pussy sticking three fingers in and pounded me with his fingers and hand. I cum immediately. Oh my gosh, he knows what a woman wants. He said, “I bet that felt good didn’t it?” I said, “Yes, it did, I needed that real bad.” “Especially the way you were talking to me, telling me what you did to me when I was 10.” “Wow, I had no clue.”

Jerry said, “I’ve jacked off remembering that more than once.” “I would have gave anything to fuck your 10 year old pussy.” I said, “Your dick was too big to get in my 10 year old pussy.” He smiled and said, “I’d have gotten it in someway.” I looked down at his dick an it was hard again. I reached over an stroked it. He said, “I like that, I’m gonna fuck you with this big boy.” I said, “I can’t wait.”

He said, “Tell me how you come to fuck so many guys?” I said, “Well, I dated a lot of guys an I like to fuck so, when they tried to fuck me, I just let ’em.” “Well, that’s a good reason.” I ask Jerry, “Since you were so into fucking my 10 year old pussy, had you ever fucked a little girls pussy before?”

He said, “As a matter a fact, I did.” “When I was 19 I was watching my cousins one night and after they had gone to bed my 8 year old niece woke up and caught me jacking off.” She was curious and I made her play with it.” “Then I picked her up and took her to the lower level.” I pulled off her panties and she laid down on the couch.” “I forced my dick in her pussy while holding my hand over her mouth as she screamed.”

“I fucked her even though I could only get 4″ or so in her.” “It was so tight and felt so good I couldn’t stop.” “I cum but, after I did I kept it in her and slid it back and forth working it in an out.” “She quit screaming and just laid there.” “So, I fucked her again and got in about 5″ till I cum.” “It was the tightest pussy I’d ever had my dick in.” “I held her and wiped her pussy off.” “She ask me why I did that and I told her I loved her an wanted to make her mine.” “I told her she couldn’t tell anyone.” “She’s never said anything as far as I know.”

I said, “Wow, you’re lucky she didn’t.” Jerry said, “She still hugs and kisses me when ever I see her” “But, that’s made my dick even harder so.” He climbs between my legs and sticks his hard dick in me. He moans and says, ” Man, just let me stay here all day sliding in an out of this pussy I’m gonna fill with cum.” I said, “Fuck me hard, Jerry.” So, he did. He pounded my pussy an I cum all over his dick.

He said, “Have you ever fucked a black man?” I said, “Yes, two as a matter a fact.” “How big were their dicks?” I said, “Big, too big for them to get it all the way in.” Jerry’s dick got harder. He said, “Did they hurt you?” I said, “Yes, but it wasn’t on purpose, they were just so long.” “Did you like their dicks?” “Yes, I did.”
“They made me cum a lot.” “They had very thick dicks.”

“Did you fuck both of them at the same time?” “Yes I did.” “So, did they both fuck you at the same time?”
“Yes.” “Where did they put their dicks?” I said, “One was in my pussy an one was in my ass” Jerry said, “Fuck, that’s so hot, you took two big black dicks at the same time.” “I’d love to see that.” He said, “You really are a slut ain’t you?” I said, “Yes Jerry, I’m a slut.” He rams his dick in me and cums in my pussy then says, “Man, I love fucking sluts.”

We had a few more drinks and Jerry was sitting on the couch. He pulled me over across his lap and pulled up my nightgown exposing my butt. He’s rubbing it and slapping it. I let him. He starts slapping me pretty hard. I said, “Is this because I’m a bad girl?” He said, “Yes, you are a bad girl and need your ass whipped.” Then he slid his fingers down an into my pussy. He’s finger fucking me then sticks two fingers in my ass. It caught me off guard. I gasp. He said, “Ah come on, you’ve had much bigger than this.” “Just take it.”

I let him do what he wanted. He reached over and got his belt out of his pants then started whipping my
butt. At first it wasn’t bad but then, it started hurting. I finally said, “That’s hurting.” He said, “Too bad, you just have to take it so, hush.” I just took it. I was about ready to cry when he finally stopped. Then he rammed three fingers in my pussy fucking it hard. I cum on his hand. He laughed and said, “I love how easy you are.” He slowly strokes my clit making me squirt. Good grief he makes me cum so easy.

I’d never been spanked to a climax. Then he stood me up facing him as he slid his dick in my wanting pussy. While he was fucking me he was slapping my butt, hard. He told me, “If I was gonna be a slut he would treat me like one.” He whipped my ass the whole time he fucked me. He made me cum on his dick again then he cum in me. When he did he grunted as he rammed his dick up in me so hard. I loved everything he done to me. I was weak in my legs.

We collapsed on the couch an Jerry said, “I want you to clean my dick off.” He grabbed me by the neck and pulled me over to his dick. He said, “Clean it off.” So, I licked and sucked it clean. My gosh he can make me do things, I don’t understand why I do them. It’s like he knows just what to say and just how to say it so, that it turns me on.

My ass is on fire but, I don’t even care. Jerry is squeezing my titties and rolling my nipples hard making me wince with pain but, I like it. I finished cleaning his dick and it was pretty firm. I thought he might fuck me again but, he said, “I guess I’d better go.” I said, “You don’t have to if you don’t want to.” He said, “I need to get things ready for my work tomorrow.” I said, “Okay then.”

He got dressed and left. I just kept thinking of what all we talked about and what all he did to me and made me do. He had me so turned on I really wanted him to stay and fuck me all night. He said he’d call me soon, I wonder when that would be.

I went to bed and used my vibrating dildo on my pussy thinking about Jerry’s dick and what it did to me.
Afterwards, I slept like a baby.

Jerry didn’t call for two days because he had to go out of town on business. When he called he wanted to come over but, I had gotten my feeling hurt when he didn’t call so, I said, “I don’t know if that would be a good idea or not.” He said, “What are you talking about?” I said, “Well, I don’t want to be just a piece of ass whenever you want.” He said, “I’m coming over open the door.”

He was there in just a few minutes. He knocked and when I opened the door he grabbed me, shook me and said, “You’re not just a piece of ass to me and don’t ever think that.” “I love being with you but, I had to go out of town on business.” “I should have told you, I’m sorry for that.” “I never thought you would care about hearing from me that much.” “I won’t do it again.”

I melted in his arms. He kissed me and held me close to him. Then he started taking off my clothes. He said, “I’ve been thinking about fucking your mouth for two days.” “But, I want you completely naked while you suck me.” He sat down on the couch. He said, “Kneel down and take my dick out of my pants.” I did what he said. He didn’t have underwear on so his dick came out quickly, it was hard.

He said, “Suck my dick and suck it good until, I cum in your mouth.” I started sucking and kept sucking. He laid his head back and said, “Suck my balls.” I loved sucking him, he had no hair anywhere and it was
so sexy. I was stroking it an a little cum squirted out. I put my mouth back on the head and sucked. He said, “Ooh man, I’m gonna cum, suck baby, suck me hard.” I sucked him and he shot several streams of cum in my mouth. Then, he said,” “Don’t forget to swallow.”

My pussy was convulsing. Jerry reached down and when he touched my clitt I cum immediately. He said, “You have missed me, cum for me again, little girl.” He’s finger fucking me and I squirted all over his hand. I thought I hope he can spend the night tonight. I was so horny.

He did stay over, and he fucked me all night. We got very little sleep. Of course when we were finished having sex, I was told to clean off his dick with my mouth, which I did.
He had to leave early to go get ready for work. He said, “I’ll come over after work tonight and stay the weekend if you like.” I said, “That’ll be good with me.” I can’t wait for tonight.

To be continued….

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