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I shared my young wife with the boss, now I’m the boss & it’s my turn

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When my wife Lynn and I got married at 18 I was working for the company my father owned. But no one knew I was the owner’s son, not even my boss. When time rolled around for the office Christmas party a couple of the girls there told me to warn my wife that the boss of our division had a reputation for being a little bit of a perv at parties like that when it came to young girls who worked there and wives of guys who worked under him. But Lynn took it more as a challenge to see how far he’d really go. We’d gotten into swinging soon after getting married and in the past two years since getting married she’d fucked a lot of different guys and quite a few were much older like my boss was. She wore a sexy low cut red. dress with a long split up the side almost to her waist where at times you’d get a peek at her stockings top where it attached to her red garter belt. The only other thing she had on was a pair of very skimpy red panties that had a little snap on each side and a pair of red 4- inch heels putting her at six foot tall.

At barely 21 yo, 5-8, 120-lbs, 34-DD-24-35, long red hair and green eyes she was smoking hot in that sexy red dress and as soon as we walked in I saw my boss Jim looking her over and saw a sleazy grin come across his face. He made a bee line over to us to greet us and instantly gave Lynn a hug with his hand of course landing on her sexy round ass. I noticed as others showed up the only women he greeted with a hug were the young ones who were hot. And his hand went straight to their ass. He was married but his wife wasn’t there. He was making the rounds going from table to table where the hot girls were sitting & taking advantage of his standing by looking down the top of their gowns. With the top of Lynn’s being both low cut and loose fitting at the top and her tits being so big & firm he was getting quite a show. As he finally walked away I saw him look down and then do a double take. After he was gone I looked down and saw the slit in the side of her dress had opened when she sat down and you could see the top of her stockings attached to her garter belt.

After dinner the DJ started playing music and every slow dance he was on the dance floor with one of the young girls and especially the wives. I later learned he was telling each wife the same thing, that their husband was doing a great job and could be going places. Then he would tell them that they played a big part in how their husbands rise in the company could go. And about then his hand would be resting right on their ass but he’d have them turned so no one could see where his hand was. He did this with Lynn and she said she was willing to do anything to help me move up. After that his hands started to go to other parts of her body and he commented how sexy he thought garter belts looked and how with her body he bet she really looked great in it. After bringing it up a couple of differrant times he repeated how much a wife could help her husband move up in his job. Then a couple of minutes later commenting on how much he liked garter belts and how he bet she looked great in hers and said he’d love to see a sight like that.

He had no idea what was about to happen. She suggested she go to the restroom and him wait a minute and follow and they meet at the elevator. Before he could say anything she walked off and down the hallway to the restrooms across from the elevators. Soon he followed her and when the elevator door closed she asked what floor his room was on? He told her but sounded confused. They went in his room and she didn’t hesitate to pull her dress off over her head and unsnap her panties letting them fall to the floor. Here this guy in his 50’s had a hot girl half his age standing there naked. He was almost frozen in place as she took his hands and put one on her tits and the other on her pussy. After only a couple of minutes she dropped to her knees and pulled his cock out and started sucking him off. After a few min she stood up and said how do you want me? He seemed confused and she said how do you want to fuck me? Then said or did you just want to fuck my mouth. He nervously said yea that would be fine. She went back to sucking his cock and at times rubbing it between her tits. He finally shot off in her mouth.

She asked if he was sure he didn’t want to fuck her? And before he could answer she said she’d told him she’d do anything to help me get ahead, then told him he could fuck her anyway he wanted. Then said she’d even let him fuck her in the ass if that was his thing. She said he looked like he was scared as hell. And finally she said is that all you wanted was for me to suck your dick and he said yea. Then said no and asked if he could suck her tits? He fondled & sucked her tits a couple of minutes and said thanks that was great. They straightened up and came back downstairs separately. We didn’t see him try and dance with any other girls and he looked almost in a daze the rest of the night. Since my father knew we were swingers and had even fucked my wife a few times we were able to tell him what had happened and he said he’d heard he had came on to a couple of girls. But none would actually report it themselves. But we agreed it looked like he enjoyed groping their ass and making it look like he was some ladies man but it appeared he got scared if one of them actually tried to do something. But it was still not right. Since he couldn’t really say his daughter in law had sucked his dick. He found another way to get rid of him.

But many years later even after we’d gotten out of the swinger lifestyle ” for the most part ” And I was the boss having taken my dad’s place after his passing was in my 50’s. I’ll admit I’d checked out some of the hot young women working there. But I left it at that though I will admit I did hire my personal secretaries over the years paying attention to their looks. They were all well qualified but I made sure they were easy on the eyes too. And a couple tended to dress a little sexy I think maybe thinking I liked that and it would give them an edge. But I paid them above average but not because of any of that. But I wanted them to feel appreciated and to want to stay. Because I hated breaking in new secretaries. But I always treated them with respect. But when I was reaching my mid-fifties I was looking toward retirement. I’d told my current personal secretary but was otherwise keeping it quiet. Kay had been working for me since her early 20’s and was now almost 30. We’d gotten close and she’d came to our house many times with her and Lynn being friends as well. But nothing sexual had ever happend. Though to be honest we’d joked around about it. And I’d certainly fantasized about it. Kay was a beautiful girl. She was about 5-10, 125 lb, 36-C-24-36, with black hair and grey eyes. And she always dressed to show off her sexy body. Though she wasn’t seen by the public, but only those coming to see me.

We knew each other well as she’d gone through a 4 year marriage & messy divorce and a few embaressing times. But she knew a lot about us including that Lynn was bi and that we’d been swingers. Well after I told her I was going to be retiring soon she was heartbroken. I’d been her only boss and was also her friend she could come to about anything. But I’d assured her she’d still have a job. I was retiring but would still own the company and have the ultimate say so on anything. But I’d noticed she’d started dressing even sexier and do thinks like unbutton extra buttons on her blouse then If I had an appointment button them back before time and once they left unbutton then again. We were coming in on Saturdays packing up some things and she’d wear low cut tops & no bra. Finally one day I asked her about it and she said she’d always been attracted to me but didn’t want to mess up our working relationship. But now that I was going she guessed she was trying to seduce me. I told her if she was just looking for sex we could do that. But that I loved my wife. But I was surprised when she said the thing was she loved both of us and would never try and come between Lynn and I. Then said well except in bed.

Then she explained that she’d wanted to have sex with both of us but was afraid it would mess things up at work. I invited her over that night and told her to plan on staying the weekend. We cooked out on the grill and ate by the pool with both girls in skimpy bikinis and me in a pair of shorts. After dinner we drank a bottle of wine. Lynn and I led her to a huge daybed beside the pool and undressed her and ourselves. Lynn and I were sucking on her tits and then Kim sucked my cock as Lynn ate her pussy. Then I fucked her like I fantasized about for so long. This went on for the entire weekend. When we went to work Monday everything went along just as always and at the end of the day I told her we should have been getting together like that all along and she agreed. When I finally ” retired ” I was still in the office 2-3 days a week for at least another year after traveling for a month. So I ended up leaving Kay as my secretary for another year. And she, Lynn and I still had sex regularly until she’d started dating a guy pretty seriously about 10 months later. But we remained friends for years until she got married again and moved away. So I guess the morel is ” It’s good to be the Boss “.

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