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Breaking In Young Crissy

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A stepfather and his friend get high and break in a stepdaughter.

Mark snorted a third line off the counter. The meth burned his sinuses, and he welcomed it as he cracked open another beer. They had started hard and were still going hard, Mark and Eric, only two hours after getting off work and already almost a 6 pack and 3 lines down. But it was Friday, no work tomorrow, and he could stay out as long as he wanted. Even spend the night, and his wife wouldn’t worry. He’d done it before. Getting off his swing shift at midnight meant there wasn’t a whole lot to do in the small town, and Eric was always down to party and somehow seemed to have great meth, too, for cheap. Mark’s wife didn’t like him around much when he’d been drinking, so he was doing her a favor partying with Eric instead. She certainly didn’t like him doing the meth.

“So where’s your old lady tonight, man?” Mark asked Eric.

“Oh, she picked up a shift. Won’t be home til noon tomorrow.”

“Oh, okay.” Mark was a bit disappointed. He enjoyed it when Tammy joined them. She was a bit skinny for his taste, but she wore almost nothing and seemed to enjoy flaunting herself in front of Mark. Eric seemed to almost encourage her to do so, too. Mark never did anything inappropriate, but he still enjoyed looking. The two settled on the couch, sipping beers and watching shitty reruns. The meth was keeping him mostly sober- or so it made him think- and he had to suppress a strong wave of horniness.

Eric flipped through the channels. Then, from the TV, the famous – “BUM BUM”- Law and Order SVU. A man was creeping down the hallway towards his daughter’s room. Mark’s mind wandered- Eric’s daughter, 12 year old Crissy, was just on the other side of the double-wide trailer wall from where he was sitting. -No, get those thoughts out of my head, he told himself.

So he was stunned when Eric said “You know, I thought about doing Crissy like that.” He waved with the remote at the man on SVU, now sitting on his daughter’s bedside, rubbing her leg up and down as the young girl slept. Mark felt his dick jump and start to harden. He shifted on the couch, seeking to hide his growing erection.

Eric continued, “I’ve been thinking about it for a while now. She’s getting so big. And she’s got such a nice body for a 12 year old.”

Mark’s heart was pounding in his chest. He couldn’t believe Eric was saying this. He glanced over at the wall, trying to see if he could hear Crissy moving around. But it was quiet on the other side.

Mark knew he should get up and leave. Instead, he just grunted. He slammed the rest of his beer. “You want another?” he asked Eric as he got up to get himself one. He tried to shift his pants to hide his half erect penis. But he didn’t try too hard.

“Yeah, I’ll take one.” Eric was pretty open about shifting his dick as he reach out his empty beer can.

Mark cut another small line- was he seeking to give himself permission to contemplate what Eric was suggesting? Mark had always considered himself an honorable guy. He would never abuse a 12 year old girl. Right?

He snorted the line and grabbed them each a beer. Hell, he would just ride this out. He wouldn’t initiate anything. He’d be clean that way. The meth burned down his throat.

Eric continued. “Yeah, Tammy’s daddy fucked her when she was 12, like Crissy is now. Fucked her all the way up til she ran away when she was 19. And Tammy’s okay now. She loves sex, and she’s really good.” Eric was pretty openly, if unconsciously, rubbing his dick through his pants as he talked.

“Unnn.” is all Mark trusted himself to say. He could picture Crissy in his mind- she was a skinny, tall young girl, barely any curves on her, but pretty. Blonde hair down to her shoulders. Tiny bumps of breasts. Walked around in almost nothing, like her mom. The last time he and Eric had partied late they had gotten a little loud with the drinking and meth, and she’d come out around 2am, gotten a drink of water, and curled up a minute with her stepdad. Mark had smiled at the girl and apologized for their noise- she had smiled back with sleep in her eyes. Mark’s eyes had lingered a bit longer than he’d meant to let them- skinny legs, but smooth. Plain white cotton panties. -And besides, her mom was skinny too, and she was a grown woman. He’d masturbated thinking about it that night and come hard, but slept peacefully- it was just fantasy, right? No harm, no foul.

Eric kept going in a lower voice. “Hell, I’d probably be doing her a favor. I’d make sure she came. Break her in right. Some shitty kid boyfriend wouldn’t think to do that. Right?”

It took everything Mark had to keep from rubbing his cock, now fully erect. For the sake of his own soul, he had to try at least once to get out what he knew was the right thing to say. “Man, she’s your kid. You get that, right? I mean, it’s okay to think about- hell, -” he couldn’t stop himself from saying this- “I thought about it last time we partied- after I got home. But…” The meth and beer made him trail off, his mind wandering to that thought again. He had come so powerfully that morning.

Eric chuckled. “Man, I knew I saw you looking. I beat off thinking about her that morning, too. Hell, I beat off thinking about her just about every day. Hell, she gets her momma fucked hard sometimes and don’t even know it. And she’s my step-kid. We’re not related.” Eric sucked down his beer, draining the can. “My turn, you want another?”

Mark handed him his empty. He watched Eric walk over the counter and cut himself another line, snort it, then grab two more. He couldn’t help notice Eric’s jutting erection as he walked back.

“Her momma already got her on birth control, too. Cause of what her daddy did to her- doesn’t want her getting knocked up. We could fuck her raw. Feels better that way.”

Eric plopped back down onto the couch next to Mark. “I’m telling you, man, it’s a no-brainer. She’s gonna get fucked eventually. Might as well be by someone who knows how to do it right, and makes sure she comes.”

Mark couldn’t believe Eric was saying this. He felt his heart pounding in his chest. He knew he should leave, but he was paralyzed.

Eric took another swig of his beer and then leaned in close to Mark. “Check this out.” He pulled out his phone and scrolled through his pictures. Mark felt his dick twitch as he saw a picture of Crissy in a bikini, her small breasts barely contained by the fabric. She was smiling, her teeth white against her smooth tan skin. She had a clear camel-toe.

Eric continued to scroll through the pictures, showing Mark more and more of his stepdaughter. Mark felt his heart racing as he saw a picture of a slightly younger Crissy in her underwear, her legs spread slightly as she was sitting indian style in this very living room, holding her baby brother standing up. He could see the outline of her pussy through the thin fabric. Camel-toe.

“She’s got a great pussy, too,” Eric said, grinning. “I’ve seen it. She’s still got her baby hair down there, but it’s getting thicker. She’s got a big fat pink pussy, just like her momma. It’s like they were just made to fuck. Hell, if I were Tammy’s dad, I probably would have fucked her too.”

Mark felt his dick throbbing in his pants. He knew, again, he should leave, but he couldn’t tear his eyes away from the pictures.

“You’d help me break her in right, wouldn’t you? Make sure she came a lot, didn’t hurt her? We’d have to make sure she came her brains out.”

Mark’s heart stopped in chest. He couldn’t believe he was hearing this. This was jail stuff. His soul made one last attempt to stay clean- ‘Leave now!’- and then that thought was gone as the meth overwhelmed him. Think of how tight she’d be.

“Hell yeah, Eric, I would. We’d have to eat her out a lot first, before we came too much in her- I don’t want to eat cum, man.” Mark couldn’t believe those words came out of his mouth.

“Oh, hell yeah” Eric said. “You want another line first, or should I go get her?”

“Well, we going to give her some, make it feel amazing for her, right? If so, let’s wait and do it with her.”

“Good idea.” said Eric. “I’ll go get her.”

When Eric walked to her doorway, Mark frantically sought to justify things. Even this far, it was all just talk. No lines have been crossed, right? He heard Crissy’s door being opened, could hear Eric waking her up. He couldn’t stop his hand from rubbing his dick.

Eric emerged from Crissy’s room, the girl trailing behind him. She was rubbing her eyes, her hair tousled from sleep. She was wearing a thin nightgown that barely reached her thighs, her thin frame visible beneath the fabric. Mark felt his dick twitch at the sight of her. Her legs were skinny, but shapely.

“Crissy, you remember Mark” Eric said.

Crissy looked at Mark, her eyes still heavy with sleep. She gave him a small smile, her teeth white against her pale skin. “Hi,” she said, her voice soft.

“Hi,” Mark replied, his voice hoarse. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest, his palms slick with sweat. He tried to smile back, but his face felt stiff, his lips dry.

“Come here, honey. I want you to do something. You’re going to stay up with me and Mark a while, and you need to wake up. This will help you get energy, like us.”

Crissy looked down at the white powder. “Is that drugs?” She knew her mom and daddy did that sometimes, and school told her it was supposed to be bad, but she knew her friends did them sometimes, too.

“Yeah, babygirl, but it’s not bad drugs. I do this sometimes at work to help. It just gives you energy. It’s like coffee. Here, just start with this little one.” He told her how to do it.

She snorted up the meth, flinching at the burn. Her eyes watered a little. “Oh! It burns!”

“Only for a minute, hun.” He rubbed her back, and cut her a second small line. “Here, do this one in your other nostril. Mark, you getting another?”

Mark got up and walked to the counter, eyeing the younger girl up and down. He couldn’t stop his eyes from lingering on the girl. Christ, she was just a child! But..she was already almost the same size as her momma. Hell, in the regard, she was practically a woman. Right? Right?

Eric sat down on the couch, pulling Crissy down next to him. Mark could see the girl’s legs, smooth and pale, her toes curling against the carpet. He tried to look away, but his eyes kept returning to her.

Crissy sat down next to Eric, a warm feeling starting to spread throughout her body. She could feel her heart racing, and the energy was already setting in. She looked at Mark, her eyes still heavy but starting to clear up. She couldn’t help but feel a little excited, like she was part of something secret and grown-up. A wave of elation and pleasure rolled over here.

Eric handed her one of her momma’s wine coolers. “Here you go, honey. This will help too.”

“Thanks,” she replied, taking a sip. She wasn’t really a fan of the taste, but it was worth it for the buzz it was giving her.

Eric grinned at Mark. “What should we do, Mark?” he asked, teasing him, knowing that Mark was just a passenger in what what happening right now.

“Uh, how about a drinking game? Crissy, you ever heard of ‘Never Have I Ever’?”

Eric grinned for real and looked at Crissy, now bright eyed as the meth continued coming on. “Oh, that’s a good idea. Here’s how you do it. I say, like, ‘Never Have I Ever, uh, skipped school, and if you have done it, you drink.” Eric took a drink and looked at the girl. “So, you ever skipped school? You have to drink.”

“Uh, dad, if I skipped school and told you, I would get in trouble.” she said.

“Not tonight, Crissy. Tonight, I’m just Eric. I’m not your daddy tonight, babygirl. What happens tonight, it just stays between us. You understand?”

Crissy definitely felt very grown up after hearing that. “Well, I HAVE skipped school. Twice.” And she drank. She grinned at both Eric and Mark with a daring look in her eyes.

Mark grinned back and drank. Coughed slightly. “Well, Crissy. Uh, Never Have I Ever, uh, taken a birth control pill.” He feigned sipping his beer, then stopped, grinning at her.

She stuck her tongue at him and then drank.

Eric put his arm around her shoulders. “Your turn, babygirl.”

“Uh, Never Have I Ever…uh, driven a car.” She stuck her tongue again at Mark. She’d never said anything, but she thought he was cute. And he had always been nice to her.

Eric and Mark both drank. Then Eric snuck a wink to Mark.

“My turn Crissy. Never Have I Ever had my arm around young woman named Crissy, who was the most beautiful and sexy woman I ever seen. Right Mark?” Eric look Crissy right in her eyes and downed his whole beer. She blushed a little. Then he continued, “I guess Mark don’t get to drink, unless maybe you want to go sit by him while I get us more drinks?” He pushed her towards him, swatting her barely-clothed butt gently as she got up and walked over to him.

“Come here a minute, beautiful.” Mark said, as she shyly sat close to him. He could feel the heat of her bare thigh pressing against his as she leaned in. “You’re so sexy, Crissy. You know that, right?” She didn’t say anything. He kissed the top of her head. “Thank you for saving me that drink!” he said, laughing. She grinned up, shyly.

Eric handed Mark a beer. “Your turn, right?”

“Uh, yeah. Uh, Crissy, Never Have I Ever, uh, kissed a boy.” Crissy grinned at Mark and her stepdad, and drank again.

“Okay, honey, go sit with your daddy—uh, Eric.” And it’s your turn.

Crissy hesitated for a moment before getting up and sitting next to Eric, her eyes still sparkling with excitement. She felt more grown-up now than she ever had before.

“Never Have I Ever…uh. Had sex before.” Looking at Mark with furtive eyes, she stunned them by taking a drink.

“Your turn, Eric,” Crissy said, her voice a little shaky. She had never been so bold before, but the meth had given her a newfound confidence. And she was actually horny, although she didn’t know what to call it.

Eric looked at her and grinned. “Alright, Crissy. Never Have I Ever, uh, slept with my stepdaughter.” He took a sip of his beer, then added, “But that’s only because it’s not allowed!” They all laughed, the tension of the situation momentarily forgotten.

Mark watched the interaction between Eric and Crissy, a mix of jealousy and lust swirling in his veins. His guilt and hesitation was falling away fast, this young girl as much as begging for it.

“I’m getting another line. Anyone else?” Mark got up and went to the kitchen counter, heard Eric and Crissy both following him. He cut himself two big ones, then cut Eric two big ones, and looked at Eric for permission to cut her two more, bigger than her first. Eric nodded.

They snorted them down, Crissy being briefly stunned and then relaxing into pure pleasure as the meth took over. They went back to the couch.

“Mark, it’s your turn, Eric said.”

Mark grinned at Eric. “Never Have I Ever kissed my stepdaughter. Crissy, you going to save your daddy a drink?”

“Come on, babygirl, just a quick one.” Eric leaned towards her. She let him kiss her on the mouth, slowly opening her mouth as his tongue became gently insistent. Mark couldn’t help rubbing himself again, as he saw Eric’s hand start to rub Crissy’s shoulder up and down. Finally they broke. “Thanks for saving me, babygirl.”

The flush on Crissy’s skin was lovely and glowing. Mark marveled at her and said “Your turn, Crissy.”

Crissy took a drink, giving herself time to think, although thinking was growing more difficult between the meth, the waves of pleasure rolling over her, and the heat blossoming in her belly. She was shyly aware of dampness growing in her crouch. But she still felt a boldness that surprised her. “Never Have I Ever…uh, seen two men’s dicks.” She gasped a slapped a hand over her own mouth, stunned she said that.

Eric looked at at Mark, shrugging. “Well, she has saved us both. We should save her. You mind showing?”

Mark stood up, putting his beer down. A flash of thought- NOW we’re crossing lines- and it was gone. He reached down, unbuckling his belt, unbuttoning his buttonfly jeans. He lowered them to mid thigh and paused, letting Eric set the pace.

Eric was just kicking jeans all the way off. Mark followed suit, not at all concerned that his raging erection was now fully showing in his underwear.

“Now, remember Crissy, like I said, this all stays between us, right? Even your momma can’t know.” Eric said.

“Right, right,” she said. She couldn’t stop glancing from one erection to the other.

“Alright Mark, let’s show her.” and Eric peeled his underwear down to his mid-thighs. Mark followed suit. Crissy’s mouth hung open in shock. Her boyfriend’s dick was tiny compared to Mark’s. Just a little larger than Eric’s. But Mark’s was both thicker and longer.

“You get a good look, babygirl?” Eric grinned and asked. “Cause it’s my turn.” He pulled his underwear up and sat down next to her again, bare thigh touching hers. “Never Have I Ever seen my stepdaughter’s pussy. Your turn to save us, honey. Heck, you can just take your underwear off, and we can too.”

Crissy didn’t think too hard, and just started to scooch around on the couch, taking her panties down. Eric stopped her.

“Honey, why don’t you get up, like me and uncle Mark both did, and put on a sexy show for us.”

Crissy flushed again, but then stood up. She could barely meet their eyes, but made sure Mark was looking. She slowly took down her panties, hips swaying slowly side to side.

Mark’s eyes couldn’t leave her young pussy. It was perfection. He could just make out how there was already dew glistening. Her blonde hair made her seem almost bald, but he could see it was just naturally light hair.

“You see, Mark, I told you she had a beautiful pussy. Well, she paid up, so it’s our turn. Shuck your undies.”

Mark hesitated for a moment, his eyes locked on Crissy’s hairless pussy, glistening in the dim light. But then, he snapped out of it and quickly took off his underwear, revealing his throbbing erection. Eric followed suit, both of them now fully inhabiting the awkwardness of their newfound situation.

“Okay, let’s see. Crissy, did you ever suck a dick?” Eric asked, grinning. She looked at them wide-eyed and nervously. Her mouth felt dry all of a sudden.

“Never Have I Ever…uh, sucked a dick?” She said, her voice small and shaky.

Eric nodded. “Well, I will save you this time. You can start with mine, babygirl. But Mark is going to do something for you, while you do. Here, lay back on the couch, put your head in my lap. Mark, I believe there was something you said you wanted to do for Crissy?”

Mark knelt on the ground in front of Crissy’s lovely young crouch. He heard Eric guiding her head and mouth to his dick, but all Mark could pay attention to was the young pussy in front of him. He inhaled, deeply, taking in the scent of her innocence and arousal. He couldn’t help but wonder if he was the first to ever smell and lick her there, the first to explore her most private and intimate part this personally.

“Take your time, Mark,” Eric said, pulling Crissy’s head back up. “Let her get used to it. And if you’re nice to her, I might even let you put it in.”

Mark hesitated for a moment, his mind racing with the implications of what he was about to do. But then he remembered the excitement in Crissy’s eyes, the way she had looked at him from across the room, and the feeling of power and desire that surged through his veins as he thought of her submission.

With a deep breath, Mark gently pushed aside Crissy’s lips and ran his fingers up and down her slit, feeling the wetness that had gathered there. He could feel her hips tremble, and finally he firmly planted his tongue at her entrance, licking up to swollen young clit. He felt her twitch and heard a muffled moan- her mouth was already full of her daddy’s dick. Mark couldn’t believe how delicious she tasted, so sugar sweet and innocent. He started to eat her with relish.

As he licked and sucked her with more purpose and gusto, she was unable to keep her hips from bucking against him, seeking deeper penetration and pleasure. He grasped her hips firmly, pulling her pussy against her face. Her moans- muffled as they were- grew more insistent, and he could feel her start to build to something.

“That’s it, babygirl, suck that thing. Relax your throat, and let it in deep…” Mark could hear Eric directing the young girl.

Mark increased the speed of his thrusts and licks, his tongue darting to the rhythm of his body against her. He could hear her uncontrollable gasps and whimpers, her voice begging to be heard.

Eric was getting worked up too, watching his stepdaughter’s face twitch and twist as she began taking him deeper and swallowing everything he had to offer. Her ponytail swayed, a mess of tangles and hair, perfectly in sync with their ecstatic motions.

Crissy’s hands suddenly scrabbled at Eric’s body, her fingers digging into his chest as her orgasm finally hit, and with it, her first meth-fueled orgasm on Mark’s tongue. Her sweet, innocent nectar flooded Mark’s entire mouth, the taste of her mixing with the drugs and desire, a concoction that made his heart race and his cock throb even more. He didn’t think his dick had ever been harder. Instead of letting up, Mark doubled-down, holding her bucking hips even more firmly and sucking directly and tonguing her clit. He slid a finger into her and started finger her g-spot. He felt her walls starting to tighten around his finger, and he knew she was about to come again. He didn’t want this to end; he wanted to feel her orgasms over and over again, to be the one to bring her to the edge and push her past it.

“Oh, fuck, babygirl, take that.” He could feel Eric’s hands pulling on Crissy’s head, holding her tightly against him, pulsating in Crissy’s throat as she struggled to swallow it all. Her eyes were wide, her face a picture of utter pleasure and shock, as she writhed and moaned under their intense ministrations. Mark could feel her orgasm building up inside her like an inferno, ready to consume them all in its fiery passion. Still he continued.

As Crissy screamed into Eric’s groin, Mark felt her push back against him, her hips shifting in rhythm with the powerful shudders coursing through her body. He continued to lick and suck, driving her higher and higher, until she was practically gone, her sweaty, convulsing tummy gasping for air, her hand clutching, releasing, clutching, releasing. Mark finally sat back, breathing deeply himself, taking in the young girl’s reddened skin- from the top of her face down her neck. Her nightgown clung to her, damp with effort.

Eric patted her head. “Now that’s how you suck a dick, babygirl. You’re a natural, just like your momma.”

Crissy just sucked at air, trying to recover from what just happened.

“Now I believe it’s my turn.” Eric said with a grin. “I said if Mark was good to you, I might let him put it in, but I believe being stepdaddy has rights, so I should go first. Never Have I Ever fucked my stepdaughter.” There was a bit of evil in his eyes as he looked at Mark, but he did toss Mark a bone. “Get over there and get your dicked sucked. She’s a natural, but she could use more practice.” He winked at Mark.

The two men traded places. Eric slapped Crissy’s ass- “Get up on all fours, girl. And take that nightgown off.” Marked shucked his t-shirt- all he had left on, now fully naked, and sat leaning back against the arm of the couch. He grabbing Crissy’s sweaty head, and kissed her passionately. She tried to kiss back as best she could, but didn’t know how. He guided her head down to his insistent, throbbing cock, and watched Eric line up behind her.

As Crissy’s lips closed around Mark’s shaft, sucking him into her mouth, Eric positioned himself, grabbing her hips. Eric’s cock was as swollen and menacing, a testament to his strength and dominance. Crissy’s eyes widened in anticipation as the large, swollen head of Eric’s dick slowly pressed against her entrance. She could feel the first few inches of his length begin to penetrate her, stretching her tight, almost virginal hole.

Mark watched with a mixture of shock and arousal as his cock slid in and out of Crissy’s mouth, her lips gliding up and down his shaft in time with Eric’s thrusts. Eric’s hips began pounding against her with a primal intensity, his balls slapping against her clit with each deep, powerful stroke. Crissy moaned around Mark’s cock, her body inexperienced at a man’s sexual prowess. Her dumb boyfriend had lasted about 4 pumps. Her stepdad was deliberate, not letting himself come.

“Fuck man, she’s even tighter than I thought she would be. Fuck!” Eric grunted.

Mark groaned softly, feeling the pleasure building up inside him. He wanted to hold off. He wanted his orgasm to be inside this young girl. But here she was- 12 years old! desperate to get as much of his dick and she could down her throat. Grunting and moaning on his dick in time with her daddy’s fucking her. He could hear Eric’s panting breaths as he thrust harder into Crissy, their bodies slapping together with a wet sound. She moaned, blanked for a moment, her head lolling and the pleasure overwhelmed her. He reached down, gripping Crissy’s hair roughly, trying to pull her head back onto his cock.

“That’s it, baby. Take it all. Take everything,” he growled.

Young Crissy tried to keep up, her eyes wide and blank, her mouth doing what she was told. Every so often, tears would trickle down her cheeks as the overwhelming situation and pleasure mixed together.

Mark couldn’t help but watch in awe as Eric’s cock slid in and out of Crissy’s wet pussy- she was so naturally lubricated at this time he could hear it-, his balls slapping against her clit with each thrust. Crissy moaned around Mark’s cock, and then suddenly she sharply moaned again and convulsed as yet another orgasm rolled over her. She grasped Mark’s dick tightly with one hand as her sweaty face lolled in his thighs.

“Fuck yeah…she comes easy just like her momma, too. Oh, fuck…so tight.” Eric’s voice was hoarse with passion as he continued to plow into Crissy. “You feel that, Mark? My cock is deep my daughter, and she’s loving every second of it.” Crissy moaned again with the dirtiness of the thought.

Mark could only grunt in response, his own dick pulsing as he guided it back into Crissy’s mouth and watched face. Her eyes were glazed over, her lips wrapped tight around his shaft. Tears continued to streak her cheeks as she struggled to keep up with the intense pleasure and feelings that coursed through her body.

“Come on, baby,” Eric growled. “Take it all. Take your daddy’s load.” Crissy moaned around Mark’s cock, her body shaking uncontrollably as she submitted to Eric’s commands. Mark watched in awe as his best friend pounded his stepdaughter, her body arching and twisting in time with his thrust. He could see Eric was close. Finally, Eric shouted “Oh, fuck!” and, pulling the young girls hips tight against him, bucked twice, three times. And then collapsed slowly backwards. He slide out of Crissy, falling back on the couch.

Crissy moaned again, reaching a hand down between her legs, and stared rubbing her own clit. She started focusing better on Mark’s dick, more desperately trying to fit him all down her throat. Mark gently held her head with one hand, brushing her sweat-damped hair back out of her face with his other. The sight of the beautiful young girl trying to pleasure him was possibly the hottest thing he had ever seen.

“Eric, uh, can I?” Mark asked. He had to fuck this girl.

“Have her, man.”

Mark gently pulled Crissy’s face from his crouch. The girl had a mix of passion and awe in her eyes. He gently pulled her skinny young body up against his, wrapping her tightly in his arms, and drew her into a kiss. The gentleness of the kiss belied the urgency of his dick, but he had to take his time in this moment. She slowly kissed back, more and more, and finally moaned again him. It was all he needed.

He laid her back on the couch, pushing on leg down on to the floor and the other over the back of the couch. He lowered himself on top of her, eyes fixated on the flushed, red, swollen and completely wet pussy between her skinny legs.

Mark took a deep breath, feeling the weight of this moment. Jailtime! He didn’t care. He slowly entered her, feeling the tightness of her pussy around his dick. Crissy gasped, her eyes wide in anticipation. Mark started moving slowly, savoring the feeling of being inside her. He looked at Eric, who nodded approvingly. “Go ahead, man. Make her yours.”

Crissy moaned softly, her body responding to Mark’s gentle thrusts. Her hands gripped the couch cushions, her nails digging in as her body was pushed to new heights. Despite already being opened up by her daddy, Mark’s dick was longer and thicker. Mark was gladdened to find she could take all 6” inches of him, and let her slowly adjust to his girth.

Eric watched the scene unfold, a twisted mixture of desire and satisfaction in his eyes.

As Mark’s pace picked up, so did Crissy’s moans. Her body writhed beneath him, her eyes rolling back in her head. The smell of her arousal filled the air, and Mark felt like he could come any second. But he held off, wanting to make this moment last as long as possible. “If she comes hard enough, it’s not rape” he told himself.

Despite her inexperience, Crissy was starting to find a rhythm, her hips rolling up to meet each of Mark’s thrusts. She could feel her daddy’s load still inside her, a stark reminder of what had just happened, but the feel of Mark’s thick cock replacing it was starting to drive her wild. And Mark was fucking her unselfishly. He’d always been a giving lover, never had any problem with the ladies coming back for more, and it was important that he put those skills to use tonight.

Eric watched, a sly smile on his face as he reached down, stroking the erection -somehow already hard again. He was planning his next move. Eric’s eyes never left her face. He could see the passion and desire etched into every line, the raw emotion that was pouring from her young body. It was like nothing he had ever experienced before. ‘Oh, yeah, I get why Tammy’s daddy fucked her, now’ he thought.

Crissy’s arms reach up, grasping at Mark’s arms, his chest. Her pussy started clamping down on his dick as her moans grew more insistent. Already tight, he couldn’t believe as she pulsed tighter, tighter. Mark leaned down, and pulled the young girls lips to his. She writhed beneath his purposeful, insistent strokes, desperately kissing him and moaning as her passion built. Her hips bucked, legs opening wide to admit as much of him as she could, and her entire belly clamped down as she came hard on his dick. She screamed in his mouth.

Mark decided he could finally come. He started sawing harder, giving into his own body’s demands.

“Yeah, Mark,” Eric growled, “fuck her while she’s cumming. Show her how much you want her.”

Mark nodded, feeling the warmth of Eric’s approval. He slammed into Crissy harder, the intensity of her orgasm pushing him to the edge. He felt like he was about to explode, but he knew he needed to last a bit longer. He reached down with one hand, gripping her waist, holding her hips in place, and began to fuck her even harder.

Crissy cried out, her body trembling beneath him. The intensity of the pleasure was almost too much to bear, but she knew she wanted more. She wrapped her legs around Mark’s waist, pulling him deeper into her. She didn’t care that she was being used, she felt alive, alive in a way she never had before.

Mark watched her face, her eyes rolled back in her head, her lips parted in a silent scream.

She was so beautiful, so innocent, yet she was allowing him to take her, to make her his. He felt like he could come any minute, but he held on, focusing on the look on her face. Her eyes were closed, her lips parted, and her face was twisted in pleasure. He knew he was giving her something she’d never forget, and he wanted to make sure it was the best experience of her life.

Eric watched as Mark fucked Crissy with a wild abandon, his own erection throbbing in his hand. He had always known his friend was intense in bed, but this was something else entirely. Crissy was writhing beneath Mark, her body arched and twisting, her moans filling the room. It was clear she was reaching a breaking point, and Eric knew it was time to get involved.

“Mark,” he growled, “it’s time. Give it to her, man.”

Mark didn’t hesitate, slamming his cock into Crissy one last time, pushing her over the edge. Her entire body shook violently, her orgasm seemed to be endless, and it was the most beautiful thing Mark had ever witnessed. He watched as her hips lifted off the couch, her body arching and twisting in the throes of passion. Her nails scraped against the couch cushions as she clung to it, her entire being consumed by the ecstasy that Mark was providing her with.

Mark couldn’t stop the cry that belteed out of him. He thrust once more, felting Crissy’s pulse on his cock as he unleashed within her. The orgasm shattered his mind and he bucked again and again, burying himself inside the child’s body beneath him. Crissy moan with every rope that jetted out of him. Finally, Mark gasped and shuddered, and held himself still atop the young woman.

As Crissy’s orgasm finally began to subside, she finally opened her eyes, her face flushed with passion and a hint of embarrassment. Mark leaned down, kissing her deeply, tasting her passion on his lips. She moaned into the kiss, her hand sliding down to grip his ass, pulling him closer.

Mark had to take a break. He kissed her once more, licking some sweat off her face. “That was amazing, young lady.” He grinned at her, then got up.

Eric moved in, his erect penis in his hand. “I knew you was a little slut, Crissy.” She gasped as he swung her body around, positioning her hips at the edge of the couch. “You was made for fucking, little girl.”

Crissy looked up at Eric in surprise, her body still trembling from the intensity of the orgasm Mark had just given her. She couldn’t deny the heat that had surged through her at the sight of his erection, or the way his words made her feel. She knew she was a slut, but she didn’t know how to feel about it.

Eric pushed her legs apart, once more revealing her swollen and sopping pussy. He could see Mark’s- or maybe his?- cum leaking out of her. He positioned himself at her entrance, his eyes never leaving hers.

“Are you ready for more, Crissy?” he asked, his voice low and thick with lust.

She looked deeply into his eyes, her heart pounding in her chest. She could feel Mark watching them, his dick still glistening with cum. She knew she couldn’t back out now.

“Fuck me,” she whispered.

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