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Drag Tag

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My best friend Betty came over after her swim meet…

We’re just hanging out on social media when my brother came in my room wearing her swimsuit. It didn’t fit, because he was like 10, but he went right to my closet, and Betty looked right at me.

I shook my head, but what could I say? “Joey, take that off, it doesn’t fit,” she got up, “And what were you doing, going through my stuff?”

He stood up, sticking his arms out of my Belle dress. You know Belle from Beauty and the Beast? That fit him a little better, because it was an old one from when I was little.

“I’m sorry,” he turned around, looking down, and pulled the dress back and forth over his chest. It was flat, Belle’s not exactly busty, and he’s ten, and a boy, and my little brother.

“Where did you leave it?” I asked her.

“In my bag, wrapped up in a towel. So, it should be dry by now.”

“There,” Joey finished straightening it out, but he didn’t have on the white top that goes on under it. So, the blue straps from the swimsuit hung out lose until he grabbed it through the dress, and pulled it tight. “Can you make me pretty?”

He looked up, back, and forth at me, and Betty, then she said “Sure.” She went back out to the living room.

“Joe! You’re embarrassing me?”

“It’s okay,” Betty came back with her makeup. “You never played dressup with boys before?”

“Where’s the hair that goes with it?” Joey pulled my sleeve, “The long one.”

“I don’t have it any more.” It was a cheap wig, and it got messed up in a week.

“Come here,” Betty set her makeup case on her lap, with her knees together. “Now look up?”

Joey stuck his chin up, and she nodded, rolling things around in the little boxes. “You’ve got blue eyes, so.”

“Baby blue.” He nodded, and pulled out the dress. “Like this.” Proudly, and it’s just weird. I’ve never seen him act like this before, and yes in answer to her question, I’ve given boys makeovers before, but not him.

He’s not gay, or at least I was thinking gay. Not transvestite, nor transgender, but I started chalking it up to boredom. I had a friend over to hang out, and he maybe even got jealous, so he tried the only girl game he could think of, which was dressup.

She wasn’t mad at him for going in her bag, getting out her uniform, and even putting it on, but it didn’t fit. It was too loose, so he had to pull the dress around over it to get it to stay put, and I finally just gave up. Went back to my closet, and dug out a wig that he could wear.

“Oh, here’s the apron.” I got it out, since it was the dress she wore at the beginning of the movie. It came with a white apron I’d kept for playing house. Underneath the plastic pots, and pans, I found a shopping bag with the handles tied together, and pulled it out of the pot in the bottom.

Betty was really concentrating, on his eye. “Now close the other one.” She touched his cheek, and moved his head over, so she could brush light blue on his other eyelid. He had blush on his cheeks too, but no lipstick. I finished picking the knot out of the plastic bag, and pulled out the Rapunzel wig.

What’s left of it, of course it got Tangled. It was like 3 feet long to start, but I had to cut off the knots, and then I cut off the rest so it was all 1 length. Got my black friend to box braid it so it didn’t get tangled up again, and just put it away, in the bottom of my toybox.

“Here,” I slipped it on over his hair, and he pulled it out on the side.

“I’m a blonde now!” He grinned.

“Yeah, it matches your dress.” Betty looked up at me, “You still got that Tangled dress, the purple one from the wedding?”

“Yeah,” she changed outfits at the end, and that was the nicer one.

“Thanks,” she took her top off while my back was turned.



“He can see your bra.”

“No, he left.” I looked around my room, then out in the hallway. I checked the bathroom. Just in case he went to use the mirror in there, and then I heard the front door.

“Oh shit!”

“What?” Betty had the purple dress on, but she didn’t have the velcro done up in the back.

“He ran off.” I grabbed my shoes, and spotted him out on the sidewalk. “JOEY!” he stopped, and looked back, like a little girl, but then he turned, and threw the braid over his back. I slipped my slippers on, and ran after him before he made it around the corner. “Stop, come back, before somebody sees you.”

Betty closed the front door, mom, and dad were home anyway, but she caught up before we made it to the end of the block. “Joey!” We heard him banging on the front door of another house.

“Let me in, they’re coming!” He flopped the braid back, but I saw this was just a game he was playing when he grinned and laughed. Then, this boy opened the door, and let him in.

“Uh!” I grabbed it, and stuck my elbow on the frame, before it shut. “I’m sorry about this, let me get my brother out of your hair.”

“Come in.” He pulled the door back, and I looked back at Betty. She was biting back a grin, and nodding excitedly, but then Joey ran down the hall.

“Chloe, Chloe, look!”

Betty touched my back. “Well, he said come in.”

“Uh!” The boy, must be Chloe’s big brother, and I mean big.

“I’m Betty.”

“Playing a little dressup tonight?”

“Uh, you know my little brother, Joey?” It was hard to say anything, out loud. I have enough trouble giggling, and smiling when a boy talks to us at school, but this one didn’t have a shirt on. So, he answered the door, topless.

“Oh,” Betty pulled my shoulder, and turned around. “Can you fix up the back?” She looked up, over her shoulder, and smiled. “What’s your name?”

She obviously didn’t have any trouble flirting, with a complete stranger, and a teenager.

“Bob.” Just Bob, not Robert, or anything, just Bob. What kinds of parents name their oldest son Bob, and then give their daughter an interesting name, like Chloe?

“There,” I at least covered up her bra strap, and smoothed the velcro over her spine, but it was old velcro, so it only stuck in places.

“Oh,” Chloe came out, “There’s the Rapunzel dress.” She nodded, in a Meridia night gown. Just printed on the front with her bow up, and pointing an arrow off to the side, but no wig.

“I’m sorry if he woke you up, I know it’s late.”

“Oh, no.” Bob patted Betty’s back, and she was grinning like an idiot. “We don’t mind.”

“Can they stay the night?” Chloe asked down the hallway.

“I’ll have to ask my mom,” Betty brought her phone, “But yeah, I can spend the night. I’ll just tell her I’m sleeping over at your house.”

“What’s your name?”

“Mh!” I squeaked. Somehow, the cat caught my tongue. Unless I was talking about my little brother, and trying to get out of here with him, so I could run away, and hide under my pillow in my room.

“Yve, don’t be rude.”

“Yve, Yvette.” I nodded, and swallowed the lump in my throat.

“Evette,” he smiled, “Pretty name.” I laughed nervously, and shook my head. “It’s all right, your brother’s been coming over to play with Chloe, and it’s cute. She’s got a boyfriend now.”

“Uh!” Betty got jealous, “How old is she?”

“Eleven, why?”

“Oh no reason, I just noticed that she’s the exact same size as Joey.”

“Yeah,” he turned around, and I bit my knuckle when I saw his back. He’s not super muscular up front. I mean, you know those guys that try too hard. He didn’t have perfectly sculpted pecs, but his back was like a maze of definition I just wanted to run my fingers through, and get lost in.

He shrugged. “Uhn!”

“Yeah, she likes to dress him up.” He turned, and I looked up, nodding. “It’s not gay or anything.”

“Gay? Who said anything about gay? Of course he isn’t, we play dressup all the time.” I looked over at Betty. She ginned, and shook her head at my lie, but didn’t say anything.

He made her make him look pretty, to go show his girlfriend, that’s all. I’m not homophobic, I just didn’t know what to think, and that was probably the first thing that popped into my head from watching RuPaul’s Drag Race.

“This is her dress, I’m just borrowing it.” She pulled out the ruffles, and curtseyed. “You like it?”

“Yeah, it looks good on you.”

“Bobby,” Chloe came out to the hall, in nothing but a pair of panties, and stockings. “You seen my shoes? The red ones with the heels.”

“Did you check under the bed?”

“Oh yeah,” she ran down the hall, and opened the door on the end.

“Uh, I better check on them.” I went down the hall, getting this weird horror movie feeling, as if a killer is going to jump out with a kitchen knife any minute.

Nope, no slasher. Just my brother sitting on the bed, with another wig on.

“Huh, Joey. Your, friend.” How do I put this? Should I ask mom, or would that get him in trouble for having a girlfriend in 5th grade? Or is she in 6 grade yet? I shook my head.

“Chloe,” he nodded, “It rhymes with Joey.”

“Yeah, uh.” I’m never going to be able to talk about this with my own kids, and who am I kidding? How am I going to even have kids when I can’t even talk to a boy?

“Here, put the.” Chloe stopped. “Oh, Hi. You must be Evey.”



I nodded, “With a Y.”

“Oh, I’m Chloe. C.H.L.O.E.”

“Yeah,” I felt a little more comfortable talking to a girl, so I could relax.

“They don’t fit.” Joey stuck his foot out, with his toes crammed into the pointy end of the high heeled pump. “Like Cinderella?”

“Well,” Chloe came around, “The shoe fit Cinderalla, it just wouldn’t fit anyone else.”

“Oh yeah.” I started making excuses, watching them together. She was teaching him girl stuff, because he always hated girl stuff. That’s what he called it, but maybe he’s outgrowing that. For a girl, and they are pretty cute together, but I interrupted before she sat down on the bed next to him.

“Well, what kinds of costumes do you have to put on?” Over her bare nipples, which had already started swelling, and getting a little color to show that she was going to start growing breasts.

“Oh!” She grinned, and pulled out a drawer on the bottom of her dresser. One of those drawers, packed with the cheap plasticy fabric they use to make Princess dresses.

“You like Meridia?” I looked over at Joey, who nodded, grinning. “She’s badass, like Robin Hood. She shoots arrows like.” He pulled back an air bow.

“I don’t have Brave, but I’ve got Moana,” she held up a tube top, “Or Jasmine.” A skimpy little crop top with sleeves.

“That one,” he pointed, “It’s blue.”

“Well, it’s Teal.” She put it on like a bra, sticking the velcro back together, then turning it around to pull the sleeves halfway up her skinny arms.

“What’s that?”

“He’s a little colorbind.” I told her on the way out, shaking my head, but at least she’s not topless any more.

“Oh, here’s your blonde hair, and Betty’s swimsuit.” He held them up, and looked down. “I’m sorry I took it.”

I held it up like a dead rat, trying not to think about what was hanging in the loose bottom. Then, I realized that he went right back to her room, she took off her nighty, and he took off the swimsuit so he was naked with her, topless, in a pair of panties. She didn’t put panties on him, did she? I wondered which princess pair he would pick, before I shook that out of my head.

She pulled the gold plastic belt up, with the pants split up the front, so her knees stuck out, and I just shook my head. Again, no matter how much I shook it around, none of this made sense. Who was this boy, and what has he done with my brother?

Then I heard a giggle down the hall. All the way on the end, where she ran to get her red pleather pumps, so Joey could try them on, and I listened at the door.

“SCHURP!” I heard her suck loud, and wet.

“Uh!” I opened the door, and peeked in, but sure enough they were on the bed. Betty had the top down around her waist, and her bra off. Bob rubbed her shoulder and looked up.

“Come in, and shut the door.”

“Uh,” I looked at the knob, and turned the lock the wrong way, then I turned it back, to lock it.

“Smup, you have to try this!”

Sucking dick, Betty got invited back to the master bedroom, to get out his dick, and suck on it. Holding it up wet with her slobber, and it even drooled down her fingers.

“Huh!” All of a sudden, I found myself in a scene from a porno movie, and walking forward. Like a zombie, but he had his pants down to his ankles, and his bare legs spread, so I could see his hairy thighs, and the creases in between his muscles.

“You ever give head before?” He grinned, and winked, but I shook my head. Closed my mouth, and the heat spread down my neck like wildfire.

“Yeah, but just once.” Betty rolled over, with her arm up over his thigh, so it looked massive like a log, and her waist hung down next to her hip.

“So, maybe you should let your friend try.”

She got up, “Yeah, this dress is too hot anyway.” She pulled it down over her jeans, which she hadn’t even taken off, and kicked her shoes off.

“Huh!” I crawled up on the bed, and my fingers shook until I touched his thighs, then I squeezed them. “Um, you have great legs.”

“Yeah, you work out?”

“Not really,” he shrugged, “Rock climbing, unless you count the practice wall at the gym, but I don’t lift weights.”

It wasn’t heavy, but it was so hard, I had to bend it up, and close my eyes. Kiss the tip, and lick the wet underside. “Snh!” Feel it slide soft, and rubbery through my lips, until they found the hard core inside, and slip my hand up and down.

“Oh, oh god. You sure you’ve never done this before?” I just shook my head, and nodded, not sure how to answer that, but I didn’t have to talk with my mouth full, and as long as he let me do this.

I loved it, honestly. I never even thought about oral sex before, or what little I asked my friends. They told me he wanted her to do it, or to get wet for lube, if he didn’t want to lick her out.

“Huh, god, it’s so hard.” And warm. “I mean, it’s easy? Am I doing it right?” I found a little blood vessel sticking out the side, and rubbed it with my finger.

“Yeah, you’re doing great, but Betty?”

“Uh huh?”

“Can you grab me a rubber out of the night stand?”

“Sure thing.” One night stand, I looked over at the wall, and realized that either his mom slept in the corner, or his dad did. ”You better let me put this on.”

“Yeah,” I got up, and started taking off these hot clothes. I didn’t say that, I better take off these hot clothes, but then the air from the ceiling fan blew down my open top.

“You mind if I go first?” Betty got up on the bed, and looked over her shoulder, to see me shake my head, but she was naked, and I still had to take off these hot clothes.

“Sh,” he looked over at the door next to me. “Try to keep it down, we don’t want Chloe to hear us, and tell her dad.”

“Oh, you’re her.”

“Uncle.” He could have been her big brother.

“So, this is your house.”

“Yeah, and I know what you’re thinking, but I’m not her dirty uncle.”

“I wasn’t even thinking that.”

“I like them young, but not that young.”

“You like my perky titties?” Betty interrupted, and put his hands on her.


“Uh!” She grunted, humping, and I got down to my bra. Looking down, I felt a little dirty. Watching her screw him, but this turned into a kinda threesome, and my nervousness started coming back, but this time, I was worry about performing.

For one thing, Betty is so confident, so it’s no surprise she got to blow a boy before me. Now she’s fucking right in front of me, but she doesn’t want me to try anything. Bisexual, does she? I don’t know if I can do that well. I mean, if she wanted me to try it, I would totally try it, but what if I can’t please her?

“Stop, stop.” He pushed her off, and started panting. “I don’t want to blow it before your friend gets a turn.”

I popped my bra strap, and looked over at Betty, but she just grinned, and nodded. She didn’t even look at my boobs, and why should she? We been changing together, swimming together, and even showered together at the pool. I’d washed her back, and she washed mine. Besides, she had big old C cups, when I was barely up to Bs.

“It’s okay, don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.” Bob kicked his pants off, the side of the bed, and “Oh!” Betty leaned up against the wall, cradling one boob, squeezing the other, and rubbing in between her legs.

“Huh, it’s okay.” I crawled back on the bed, behind me, and pulled my panties down. “I know it’s gonna hurt, but I don’t care.” I just pulled the pillow up, to scream into if I have to, because I didn’t want Chloe and my brother hearing me, and coming to see what’s wrong.

“UH! Fuck. Huh fuck. MHN!” I buried my face in the pillow. “FUCKMEEEEE!” Muffled, but I did scream for more. He started slow, but I finally dug my elbows in so I could rock back on my knees, and meat him. Spanking me, and pounding into me. His hands gripping my tits hard, until I came, and fell down across the pillow.

“Huh! Huh!” I just held my head up, then turned to put it down. “Hufuck.”

“Wow, you really took it like a champ!” Betty tugged the pillow. “Let me borrow this.” So I rolled over, and she lay back. So I had to scoot over to the wall, but she held the pillow up over her head to muffle her moans while she got pounded.

“Huh!” I put my head up, and looked at my fingers. They were wet, but surprisingly, there wasn’t that much blood. I got horny again, just watching her tits roll back and forth on the sides of her chest.
Flattened out, and shaking with the deep hard thrusts she was getting, and I wonder if he changed rubbers?

He didn’t when he switched from her to me, so some of these juices are her’s mixed with mine, and yeah, it hurts. He fucked me till I bled, but the pleasure, and fullness of it? Especially, he had a pretty big cock. At least 6 inches, and really thick. He filled me up completely, and knocked on the door with his soft spongey head.

That’s another thing, I guess I expected it to be hard all the way to the end.

“Uhgod.” He pulled out, slipping the rubber off, and that was my cue.

“Oh!” I jumped at the chance, and ended up pillowing my head on her tit. “Oh, lnmh!” Licking my lips, and catching most of it on the left side of my face but I got a taste of it, and it lingered in my mouth for a long time after it.

Betty licked it right off, and kissed me. Spooning it back in my mouth with her tongue, and rubbing our boobs together. Meanwhile, Bob went in the bathroom. Pissed, flushed, and then got in the shower.

“Hihihihn!” Betty finally fell back, satisfied. “My first threesome.”

“Yeah, and my first time.” Was a threesome, and looking back. I know it’s cliche, but it literally just happened. I just had to stop fighting myself, doubting myself, follow her lead, and just let it happen.

“Oh, let me out.” Stuck back against the wall, I had to scoot over to the side, by the bedside, and noticed the drawer was full of rubbers. He must get a lot of practice then, like he bought them in bulk, and dumped out the whole box. I wondered how long it took him to go through so many, but if he could satisfy 2 horny teenage girls, then. I guess, looking that good, too. Living alone, and having a guest bedroom, in case his niece came over.

As soon as I was dressed (And wiped off my face) I looked in on them, but they were fast asleep. He still had on my Belle dress, and no wig on. She in her Jasmine bellydancer pajamas, things. I don’t know, I don’t speak Arabic, look up Princess Jasmine costume. Like that.

“They look so cute!” Betty touched my shoulder, and I felt it for like the first time. There was an electric spark there, that never happened before, all the times she touched my shoulder, but I knew it was her.

“Sh,” I pulled the door, and she turned around. “Can you straighten up the back?”

“Huh, yeah.” But I kept going up to her shoulders, leaned over to smell her hair, and kissed her neck.


“Yeah, sorry.”

“It’s okay,” she turned around, and hugged me. Held my hips, and our breasts together, but she bit her lip. So, I didn’t kiss her again, but I could tell she had something on her mind. “You maybe want to have another threesome with me?” She looked away, “And my boyfriend.”

“Ooh, you got a boyfriend!”

“Uh!” She pushed me off, and walked down the hall. “Never mind.”

“I’m sorry.” I rubbed her shoulders, and pulled her hair out of the way to kiss her neck. “Yeah, I’d love to have sex with you… And your boyfriend.”


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