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Straight Teen Colombian Boy Used as a Fucktoy

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How I repeatedly raped a teen Colombian Boy

i(m 40 at the time) use to teach english in colombia. has an 16yo straight highscool boy as a student. he desperately wasnted to go to the US,so i helped him. while his parents were at work, i go over to “tudor” and by that i mean brtally use his ass (he was 100% straight) all day long. his asshole would be red,raw and constanly dripping the 10+ loads id dump deep into his forced open rectum. god the first time he cried and wimped as i fucked his virgin asshole open. telling him how he was now my fucktoy whenever i wanted to get off in his hole, no matter where he was or what he was going.

one time, i made his discribe how it felt to fuck his teen novia in the ass while i fucked him in the ass with his knees pushed to his sholders. he said he fucked her ass hard one night when she was drunk and didnt want sex (basicly nc, so the fact that i have been forcing my dick up his ass is poetic). He said he cam deep in her ass, and then did it the next day in the school bathrrom. i was savagely fucking his raw straight hole at this point, and as he finished his story crying from pain i blew several huge loads in his gaping teen boy pussy. with my dick still hard and softly thrusting, i got him hard and made him cum while on his back, legs spread like a fucktoy, and my dick and cum in his ass. he shot a huge load on his cheat, and i made him eat it. he hated the taste. “you came with my dick and cum in your ass, you are now my complete fucktoy nothing else you under stand?” he nodded yes an turned his head to the side to cry.

i pulled my dick out and before all my cum leaked out, i shoved a plug up his ass he let out a defeated wimper. grabbing his dick, i stroked it an then starged to choke him. “find that young gf of yours, get her alone, and rape her in the ass again. you are to use my cum still in your ass as anal rape lube. cum fuck your teen gf’s ass with my cum. film it, all of it, especially when you fill her ass with your cum, adding it to mine. film it leaking out, make her push it out if you have too. make her sodomy violent and painful. break her. do this over and over till she is as broken as you. his tight toned body(from soccar and fieldwork) got up, dressed (while wimpering) and left.

24hrs later i went back to his house. him and his family were just finishing breakfastand leaving for work and school. id have him all day to myself. it usually startred with me walking up to him, lifting his chin up, and making out wit him. he would recoil, and whimper, but didnt fight. as this was happening, id shove my one hand into the from of his pants, ru his large uncut cock and balls, then smell my hand that had his ball sweat on it.

“for only 16, you balls smell like a mans set, not to mention your gorgios 8″ dick! cant wait to see that thing bouncing up and down as you ride my dick with your boy pussy!”

my other hand at this time found its way down the back of his pants, between his hairless asscheeks and two fingers rubbing his sweaty hole. he gasped and shreaked as my fingers aggresivly rubbed his boypussy with his ass and ball sweat.

I shoved the two fingers in his hole enogh to lift him up off his feet a bit and for him to let out a cry, grunt, and a plea for me to stop.

“please, im really sore and torn for all this week of you.. hurting me!”

“hurting you, is that what i have been doing? here i though i was violently anally raping an underaged teen straight boy in his tight tight once virgin butthole! i thought i was fucking your asshole everyday aginst your will so i could dump load after load of my cum up your raped open straightboy hole while i degrade you, use you, and get you to do whatever i want, including anally raping your 15yo girfrind on video for me to watch and think about how im going to get her over hear so i can rape her underaged teen ass. all while fucking the shit out of your ass like its a personal fuck sleave for my cock!”

i finger fucked his ass a bit more, then said “go get your phone, i wanna see how you did.”

i mpulled my fands from his pants, and he struggled to walk into the kitchen to grab his phone. the anal finger rape i just gave him already hurt his hole that not only was still growing with the rest if his body, he was still getting use to his once hidden and virgin boy hole.

he returned with what i wanted. he turned and looked at me, naked, my dick hard, drinking whisky and doing b*#w. “do you have it?” knowing the pain he’d feel if the didnt, he hung his head and nodded yes. i stood up, took a glob of vasiline on my fingers, i went over to his full clothed body, shoved my hand doen the back of his pants and shoved two fingers deep in his hole. he wrapped his arms around my neck and grunted begged as i rape his hole with my fingers.

“fuck your boy pussy is tight and smooth. i loved to finger straight boys in theit virgin buttholes anf feel them resist and beg. the fear and self hate in their eyes ass their hole is forced open by an old pervert and used for his plesure. even better that most of the time, there dicks betray the straightness the are trying to prtect and get painfully hard and drip precum”.

He just kept sobbing and grnting with pain, letting out a “no por favor” every now and then. once i had my fill, and his hole felt semi loose and lubed. I threw him on the mattress in the corner, ripped off his shirt, revaling his toned and hairless torse, then tugged off his jeans and boxerbrefs. his 8 inch uncut dick was semi hard and dripping. he trided to cover it, but i grabbed it and strarted to suck it hard, he panted and cried, hating that he was getting hard from an adult stucking his muskey teen dick and ball aginst his will. i stopped before he could cum “not yet, save it for the video and sodomy straight boy.” i violently flipped him on his stomach and pulled apart his tones cheeks. 16 years old, not a hair on them or his puckered hole.

Side note: i had brutalized, and used his asshole in terrible ways for the past month. often just shoving half my dick in it, and jerking off the exposed half till his rectum milked and filled up with my cum. this was often in his room, with his parents home. all his cloths on, but his pants and boxeres pulled down. him sitting backwards in a chair and me behind him watching porn and jacking off into his ass. his hole pushing the cum out on the floor when i pulled out. id take a picture of him dripping and looking back at me, oftem red eyed and defeated. then his mom would hake us dinner, wed all eat; me him, his dad and young brother (more on him later). his mom and dad would tell me how lucky the felt that i took interesting in their son, and was helping him get to America. thesaid the want the same for Andres (the young brother mmmm). they asked if i needed anything,and i said “no, Jose is doing well. so eager to please me in anyway, even if its difficult for him to handle. the first time was really hard for him, but i didnt take no for an answer, and made him take it, the lession that is, over and over till he satisfide me and felt relived in him.” the smiled at me and him, not knowing i had just told them about the first time i brutally rape’ed their straight teem sons virgin butthole open until it milked my dick full of cum.

back to the present: after rimmin his musky asshole (he hated every part of this. he felt so violated and used. he felt like an objected as i tonged his ass wet and made him moan and sob with pleasure and fear of what came nexted. i would always make his asshole so wet and sloppy while rimming, like a total fuck slave made only for me to use and degrade.

i grabbed his phone, an wnt to the video. i started playing it (runtime: 87min) and turned the volume to the max. i layed the phone in front of his face so we both could see…

the video started playing. there was his teen girlfriend, laying on the bed naked on her belly. he jumps on her back and spreads her cheeks and waste no time rubbing her asshole.

“no please, I don’t want to do that again. it hurts too bad.”

he ignores her, his dick fully erect at 8″, he reaches around and pushes out my cum from his ass. the act infuriates him. he feels degraded knowing he gets used as my fucktoy daily. his hole hurts, so he is going to hurt hers. he rubs my cum on his dick and her asshole. she looks back and trys to get up, but he holds her down and pushes her face into the bed. He positions his dick at her asshole and pushes hard as she cries out into the bed.

my own dick is rock hard. i tug off his jeans and boxer. he doesnt resist, but also doesnt help. i rub his toned teen globes, then part them open and gaze at him tight. hairless brown hole. now by this time, ive violently sodomized his straight hole 50+ times, and i mean violently! i love degrading his straight hole! especially when his dad or brother are home. just knowing that his dad is in the next room, thinking im helping his son, but in fact im brutally rape’ing his boy hole for my own pleasure. one time, i had him in a full nelson watching his ass stretch (and him sobbing from the ass rape) when his dad knocked on the door asking if we needed anything from the store. i made him answer his dad as i kept bouncing him on my dick. i started jacking him off as well and he came mid sentence with his dad. a second later, i pumped his hole full of three days work of load. i didn’t go soft though, so i fucked his ass some more, then put on some porn and jacked off into his ass and filled it with cum. he then pushed the cum out of his hole, goes to the bathroom to vomit, comes back and lays on the bed. i then proceed to shove my dick back into him ass and verbally degrade him as i fuck open and gape his once virgin hole.

his hole winks and i loose it. i grab some Vaseline from the nightstand, coat my dick, and shove his head into the pillow as i shove all 8″ into his unprepared ass. he scream, but no one is home. on the video he is now rape his gf in the ass as she cries and begs him to stop. at the same time, im fucking his hole hard. i want to really hurt him and hear him beg me to stop!

i lift his head and he is sobbing, just like his teen gf on the video.

“fuck your boy pussy is tight, even after all the times ive stretched it open with my dick. how did her ass feel? describe it as i fuck you in your ass. i want to hear you describe you your gf ass felt when you forced your dick into it as i hear you whimper from my dick being forced up your straight boy hole!”

im fucking his straight teen hole hard and deep. the video of him anally rapeing his teen gf plays. you can hear her screams, and you can hear his as i pound his hole harder than i ever have before.
he pleaded between cries and my thrusts into his boy pussy, “please stop fucking my ass! please stop, your ruining my butthole, it hurts really bad!”
i slowed down and turned him on his back, and threw his legs spread eagle in the air. i wanted to look him in the eye and see his face as i used his hole.
“whats wrong straight boy, you dont like my hard dick pounding your tight asshole open? too bad, your boy pussy is mine to use. im going to fuckyour boy hole till it cant close anymore! now, wimper straight boy, wimper as i use your ass to drain my dick!

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    I love everything except the fucking grammar. Why are all the hottest writers so fucking incompetent.

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      Fuck the grammar! Brilliant sick shit like this makes me fucking cum!

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      lol yeah i write a lot of these when ive been on a bender, so yeah grammer wont be great! if yea cum hard from my twisted thoughts, thats all that matter!

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    so many errors you cant even read it

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    You used to teach english? And yet you still can’t use spell check, did you teach retards

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