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Twins: Alex and Zander

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This story is Fiction | I’m a sixth grader, and today at school this twin boy told me something that got my pee pee very hard.

(This story is Fiction, but I hope you really enjoy it.)

I’m a sixth grader, and today at school this twin boy named Alex told me something that got my pee pee very hard. He told me that his twin brother Zander is a total bitch and does anything he tells him to. His twin brother was right there when he told me, but he didn’t say anything and just looked away, his soft brown hair covering the tears in his eyes. At first I was kinda mad because I don’t like bullies, but what he told me next made me think twice about tattling to a teacher.

Alex told me that he’s been bullying his brother all week because last weekend, he did something so embarrassing on video that he does not want anyone to see it. I asked him what it was, but Zander tried to interrupt, begging his twin brother not to tell. Alex just pushed his brother aside, and told him to shut up and suck his thumb like a baby or else he’d not just tell me, but show me the video too.

Zander looked like he wanted to protest, but instead he sat down defeated and sucked his thumb in the most pathetically embarrassing way possible, even as older kids walking by pointed and laughed. Then Alex told me that last week, he had forced his brother to suck his Chihuahua’s dick! He told me it had all started when his mom told them that Alex was technically the older brother since he was born a few seconds before Zander.

He said that since then Zander had turned into whiney jealous crybaby about it, until they got into a big fight in the bathroom, which Alex won by whipping his little brother with a wet towel until he was crying and begging for him to stop. Just then their pet Chihuahua walked in to see what was going on, and Alex said that if he wanted him to stop, hed have to suck the Chihuahua’s cock.

Even though Zander really didn’t want to, he knew he had no choice, so he picked up the little dog, closed his eyes and started to suck on its tiny cock. Tears streamed down his little sixth grader cheeks as he heard his twin snicker and giggle at him, until finally he stopped and asked angrily “There, now will you pleeeaase stop?”. However, Zander hadn’t noticed that Alex had been recording on his cell phone the whole time, and now had something to blackmail him with.

As Zander told me all this, I couldn’t help but feel bad for Zander, but at the same time it made me so hard just thinking about it while watching Zander suck his thumb as he sobbed quietly to himself in embarrassment. “Hey, I got an idea. Wanna go to the bathroom and pee on Zander?” Alex asked.

Hearing this, Zander popped his wet thumb out his mouth and protested. “Alex what the hell dude?!” In response, Alex spat back coldly “Keep sucking or I’ll record this too bitch!” And with that Zander went right back to sucking as Alex lead the three of us to the boys bathroom. Once there, we went into one stall together and this is where the real fun began.

Alex made his brother sit on the toiler and look up at me as I pulled down my pants and got ready to pee all over him. Zander looked up at me pleadingly, his soft eyes begging me not to do it, his lips whispering “Please don’t.”

But I couldn’t say no to this, it was all so strange and mean but it made my pee pee so hard to see the boy all upset and embarrassed like this, so with a few grunts I allowed myself to pee all over this poor well bullied boy. I soaked his clothes and drenched his underwear and even got him to start crying all over again just has his tears were starting to dry up.

Zander was covered in pee now, so he couldn’t go back to class and would have to wait to the end of the day to leave the bathroom. We just left him there and went back to class, and after that day Alex and I became best friends as we continued to abuse his brother Zander for years to come.

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667y6ia

    Bullying can be such a turn on! Hope you and Alex made the little wuzz smell your dirty farts!!

  • Reply [email protected] ID:fygxpx7zl

    always wish i had someone to abuse me like that..