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Are Little Girls And Big Girls Just Sex Objects To Men

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Are all little girls just sex objects to men? I know my history and experiences prove that to be true. I was always having a man touching my pussy, playing with it, sticking their fingers in me and eventually I was molested and raped by men. Not boys men.

Part of me felt like I had a sign on me somewhere that said, “Play thing and sex object for men only.”
I was young when I remember the first touch. I was sitting on my uncles lap and he had his hand in my panties rubbing my pussy. Another time, I was at a family gathering and I don’t even know who this guy was but, he was holding me with his hands on my thighs and he was pulling my panties to the side with his fingers and sticking his finger in my pussy.

I answered the telephone at my aunts house once and it was for this older man, not sure who he was to me but, when I handed him the phone he grabbed me, pulled me into his legs and reached down and put his hand inside my panties then, touched my pussy. I jerked away from him and stayed away from him.

I had a neighborhood man grab and try to kiss me as he squeezed my titties and rubbed my pussy before I broke away from him. I was 11 and who wants to kiss an old man when you’re 11.

I used to ask my girlfriends if men ever grabbed them and touched them. They said no. I think they had to be lying. I can’t believe I was the only girl getting molested.

I worked at several places where the boss, a man, would hit on me. I mean more than hit on me. They would flat out touch me and try to have sex with me. One of them to told me if I did fuck him he would let me go. So, I told him no and he raped me in the back of the store. He was very aggressive. He ripped my blouse off and my panties. He stuck his dick in me and just fucked me till he cum and said, I’m not really gonna fire you.

I said, I was quitting anyway and he begged me to keep working there and he promised he wouldn’t harass me again. So, since I liked my job and really needed it I stayed. He didn’t bother me anymore.

I was at a mall shopping and when I went to my car I was pulled into a van and fucked by two guys. They drove away and parked out in the boonies somewhere and fucked me everywhere you can be fucked then took me back to the parking lot and dropped me off. I reported it but, they never caught them.

I got stuck in an elevator once with this older man and I had a low cut blouse on and he just had to touch my titties. I really think he had some kind of dementia. He kept looking at them and put his hand down my blouse, grabbing one and pulled it out of my bra and blouse. I think he was going to suck it until I pushed him away. He just acted surprised.

I quit riding the subway because, every time I used it I was groped by somebody.

I’m not a raving beauty. I’m nice looking. I have a nice figure and C cup bra. I’ve got blonde hair brown eyes. I just wonder how many other women have had these experiences. I’m happily married and have been for years but, the male attention hasn’t stopped. If I’m out in a bar, even with my husband, I get, I think more attention than I should. I’ve had guys ask me out in front of my husband.
Maybe it’s the pheromones thing. I’ve heard about these chemicals that can act like hormones which can affect the opposite sex.

I’d like some thoughts about this. Thank you.

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  • Reply Orion Sears ID:2px1ognvkmh

    I must say that sounds like typical male actions, and every female experiences that, but muchh more aggressive. Though a male fantasy may work that way most times I’ve found that men limit themselves to lude gestures, crude language and intense starring.

  • Reply CreamMyPie45 ID:1d6emgyddgro

    I was 10 when more than one man started molesting me and putting their fingers, tongues and penises in me. The first person was my uncle, then my stepdad and then men he knew. I have been molested and raped many times in my pussy, mouth and ass now. I am 45. I only told twice but then I got used to it. Pretty much any man could do as he wishes with me. I ended up overly sexual and horny. I like it now. I am often looking for groups of older men. Creammypie45@gmail to chat

    • Captain America ID:2kye84kizm

      I have emailed you

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrjplk0j

    He’s just pissed at everyone because his Daughter will have nothing to do with his over weight ass and he is jealous as fuck.

  • Reply Horny 69 ID:1ck6yj0ut7q9

    Another woman who hasn’t realized her place as an object for men’s pleasure, that needs to be fixed soon.

  • Reply Donnie ID:1a912bhj

    Sounds like avenger ain’t getting any. Maybe it’s avenger’s attitude. It SUCKS!

  • Reply Keith ID:1a912bhj

    I agree with Gonzo. You are constantly making shitty insulting comments. If you can’t be nice, get the fuck off and quit commenting.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7i97zrb

    Fucking moron”!
    Get the fuck off this site if you don’t like it BITCH!

  • Reply Jay ID:bjotki4v9b

    You’re just a bad girl

  • Reply Gordon the groper. ID:jkzq00p20j

    Your what guys call a rape magnet.
    Powerful pull honey. Get used to not wearing panties. Save you buying new all the time. Sell the used ripped ones.

  • Reply Gobbler ID:eycvrhm

    As men we are biologically programmed to seek out pussy and reproduce, it’s not always by choice, it’s just impulse, a normal natural reproductive instinct that must be obeyed or we get a little crazy. If our brains are attracted to someone, regardless of age, then the cock wants what the cock wants, and we need to take it by force if necessary. It doesn’t make us bad men, we are just men following our instincts. I’m sure you are a beautiful woman and to be honest you should be flattered because all those men that touched and fucked you found you irresistible and a perfect mating partner.

    • CreamMyPie45 ID:1d6emgyddgro

      I learned at a young age men take what they want. I learned to like it.

  • Reply Tiffany ID:plozt9y4gav

    Part 2 please

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrenbfii

    No if and’s or buts, you are a natural high volume pheromone producer. The bad thing is a few years back I ran into a girl that was about 10 at the time that had the same thing. A certain pheromone that literally drove me wild getting immediate erections around her. She later gave in and fucked my brains out which was nice of her.
    The next door neighbors daughter years ago Simone had the same thing. She was 9 turning 10 and would turn heads in a crowd. Every man smelled her a mile a way. She was amazing in bed so I think you should use it to your advantage. Nothing wrong with threesomes or more lol

  • Reply Adude ID:1dax6q6y3byd

    That would be my guess your giving off high levels of pheromones. If it keep happening