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Jacking off with a friend Part IV

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Allan shares me with two of his friends. (Go back and read parts one, two, and three)

Allan had been fucking me for about a year and a half and I continued to crossdress constantly when I was at home. One day he asked if it would be okay if he brought two of his old high school friends around to meet me. I had no idea what to expect, but I said it would be okay. About three days later, he arrived with Joe and Brian. They were both nice-looking men…especially Brian. I could tell that he was looking at me in a certain way when he thought that I wasn’t watching. Allan explained to his friends that I loved to cross-dress, and of course, they were curious. They all agreed that I should go and put on my female persona so that they could see what I looked like. I left them watching porn on the television and I went into my bedroom to get ready. I hurried to do my makeup and wig and then put on matching hot pink bra and panties. A tube top was next, and then on a whim, l pulled on a pink tutu that I had recently purchased by mail. When I felt that I was completely ready, I made my entrance. The boys were very appreciative of my outfit, and they complimented me and Brian even whistled. I spun around in my tutu like a dancer so they could see my butt and thighs. I think my butt is my best feature. Allan asked if I would fix drinks for them, and I happily went to the kitchen for the drinks. When I returned and passed out the drinks, Brian reached out and pinched me on the bottom. Allan came right out and started telling his friends what a wonderful girlfriend I was and how I would suck his cock greedily every time he came over. This is when I realized what they were really up to. I understood that Allan was planning to share me with his friends. I was a bit apprehensive since I had never been with three guys at the same time, but when I looked at how cute Brian was, I really wanted to suck his cock. Without saying a word, I walked over to Brian and sat on his lap. He laughed nervously and said, “Well, I guess I get to go first.” I got off of him and kneeled down in front of him and began to unzip his pants. He stood up and dropped his pants, and the most beautiful big cock sprang out right in front of my face. I grabbed it and began to suck on it greedily, and I could tell that he was enjoying himself a great deal. Allan and Joe were both getting out of their pants and underwear, and then they sat back down to watch and both began to stroke their hard cocks. For the next two hours, I sucked all three of their dicks and took all three of their creampies in my boi-pussy. Brian was the first to fuck me bent over an armchair with my butt thrusting back against his amazing dick. I loved it when he spurted his hot cum all inside my pussy. Joe went next and I guess the wet load that Brian had left in me was a real turn-on for him because he only lasted about three minutes before spurting inside me. Allan was the last one to fuck me, and he took me on the floor on my back so that he could yank my boi-clitty while he fucked me. I could see the others stroking their cocks to hardness again, and I knew that when Allan finished with me, I would get to suck them all to a second orgasm. It was a night unlike any that I had ever experienced, and I think about it often and masturbate to the memory of being ravaged by three men who all wanted me sexually. It really makes me feel like a beautiful girl to be so desirable.

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