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Molesting and raping my friends little sister

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(fictional story) I was alone with her while he went out to do something at our college And I couldn’t resist the urge to fuck her brain out

My friend and I who were 21 and went to high school together and had a little sister (F11) who I always thought was cute but never did anything but one day I’m hanging out at his house watching TV and talking about college projects he got a text from someone he was doing a project with asking him for help and he asked me to watch his little sister while he left and I agreed so he left and I was alone with her.

After a few minutes she can downstairs wearing a a shirt that was down to her thighs and I start getting feelings that I never had around her and I started getting erect I started examining her seeing how she developed a bit having little mounds on her chest and her thighs getting a little thicker I went to sat next to me on the couch I couldn’t take it anymore so I asked her if she wanted to play a game with me and she said yes So I tell her let’s play sticks but if someone loses they have to take off one of their clothes she was confused but she said all right to it

10 minutes into the game she was already in her panties and I was licking my lips to take them off her And when I won again I got to enjoy the view of her taking off her panties in front of me and she threw them in the pile of clothes (her shirt, socks and panties) she asked me if she could put her clothes back on and I asked her if she wanted me to take off my clothes to make it even she understand but I just pulled off my pants and pulled out my fully erect penis and had her looking at it as she has never seen one before I told her if she wanted to touch it I just grabbed her hands and put them on my dick and let her hands rub on my dick I asked her if she can open her mouth for me and she does but asks why and I just force my dick in her mouth and start facefucking her enjoying how wet her mouth is.

After I finish in her mouth she starts coughing and crying about why I did that and I just ignore her and start touching her body like her little chest after I sucking and licking on her nipples and then I moved my hand to her ass while the other opened her pussy for me to force it in

I held her down as I rammed my dick in and out of her she was crying the whole time begging me to stop and I just kept getting more and more turned on by telling her that “if you tell anyone I’ll keep doing this to you and no one would love you” eventually after a bit she kind of accepted it and did things that I asked like when I told her to ride it she did and I told her to suck it she did and I cam all over her stomach I told her to clean up the mess she caused And she did so rubbing it off her stomach with her finger and putting it in her mouth not laying a drop go to waste.

Of course though this was months ago and ever since then she’s been my little cum slut whenever I needed it she got a phone recently and I got her number and got her to send me pictures of stuff I like she even started wearing collars which I always how long to while I fucked her And I’m starting to think she accidentally likes it But it makes sense she is a good little slut after all.

If you want I can tell you about the other times that I used to like my little cum dump

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  • Reply Joe ID:e8g2kr2nh

    Tell us more about you fucking the little fucking dirtbag slut

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:4s0ccfxzm

    Nice! Now really degrade the little cunt. Force her to lick your smelly asshole after you’ve taken a dump!

  • Reply Friend ID:2kbomr14qj

    One of the beast storys in i long while loved it

    • Timmy1 ID:1ctpdqgdnlul

      Probably the guy who wrote it!

    • We are all going to hell ID:hd3ks5t0c

      Only for a psycho writer