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Uncle asks nephew to fuck his wife

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Story of how a teenaged nephew got to fuck his curvy aunt after his uncle requested him to make her his slut.

This first happened when I was 19 . I am from Delhi and had got admission in a college in Bangalore where my aunt and uncle resided. I used to stay in the hostel and visit them occasionally on the weekends. Gradually i got quite close to them .
On one such visit I was browsing my instagram when my uncle asked me to accompany him to get some food. I was relunctant but then ge insisted and said that he had something to talk about. While walking we talked about random stuff and then he asked me “what to do you think of your aunt?” “she is quite sweet and caring” i replied. “No i meant in a sexual way” . I was shocked. Yes i had some thought about her in such a way but i didn’t expect my uncle to ask me this. Btw my aunt was 42(then) and had a 36 30 36 figure(she basically had the figure of the bollowood actress Vidya Balan) and thats what turned me. I had always fantasized about older and curvy woman. I never could get the feeling with some zero figure actress. My uncle then told me the reason behind his questions. He said that Aditi(name changed) was not so satisfied sexually and had an eye for younger boys. He loved his wife immensely and wanted her to enjoy it but they also worried that getting a random guy might invite some trouble so they decided to approach me and keep it within us. I couldnt resist the temptation and said yes. He then told me to talk to her and figure out a date and place and in such a way that their son didnt come to know of it.
I talked to Aditi and decided that we could do it on a weekday in some hotel. We ended up booking for 2 nights. When i reached the hotel i saw Aditi in a hot red dress with high heels. She was totally looking like a slut. We didnt waste time and went to our room. Just when the bellboy closed the door behind him we both kissed passionately . I threw aditi on the bed and jumped on top of her. While kissing i had one hand fingering her crotch area. She took out my shirt and then got undressed. Her boobs were amazingly round and firm. She got down and sucked my dick. It was an amazing feeling. She then lay down on the bed and i devoured her pussy. It had that awesome fragnance that drove me crazy about it. After 10 mins i took my dick and rubbed in on her clits. “Ohh Ritvik(name changed) fuck me like a slut… Dont spare the pussy…. Please fuck me like a whore” she moaned. I fucked her in missionary like crazy. We both wanted it so much. After about 12 mins of this. We got ourselves in cowgirl. I pinched her boobs and kissed her hard while she bounced her butts on my dick. I spanked her ass a couple of times. She moaned loudly and said my name multiple time. “aaahh….. Mmmmm….. Fuck yesss Ritvik…… Yes…… Aaah” . The bed creaked with the fucking. She got close to her orgasm and thats when we chamged to doggy. On reaching climax she moaned so loudly that i thought that even the other rooms could hear us. She didnt care, she was getting this feeling after a long time. After a short while even i had to cum. She asked me to cum inside her pussy. She said she wanted it feel it dripping from her cunt. I obliged and shot my whole load in her.
We couldn’t stop fucking for the whole 2 days that we were there. After that we would have sex whenever possible. We sometimes fucked even when uncle was around. He didnt mind. She did love her husband a lot but she also had an hunger for cocks and wanted it badly.

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