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Niece is Now Being Bred. Everyone in the neighborhood is enjoying some preteen pussy.

My niece is 10 now. She’s wide eyed, small little perfect bubble ass, and she just had her third period so she’s fertile. My dad was stroking his cock one night while watching her play with our daughter. “Take her and train her. It’s not going to kill her to know what she’s made for.” He led her to the sofa and introduced her to his 11 inch cock. She licked the head.

My panties got wet. My niece Kaylee gave a full on blow job to my dad. Kylie kept on until he told her he was going to blow his load in her mouth. She stopped and looked up. He positioned her on his cock and plunged into her. She whimpered but soon was enjoying his thrusting into her tiny pussy.

He cummed and then my uncle walked in. My uncle was the oldest out of both brothers. He grunted seeing his great niece with a dropping cunt. He came over to me, slid my panties aside and started fuckng me. He pounced away and Kylie was soon eager for more cock. My brother came and my daughter was called out. She received her uncle cum and I received our uncles cum.

With three dripping wet pussies, we are definitely going to be a fulfilled family. Two weeks later Kylie was pregnant with her first. My daughter was sporting a tiny bump and I had missed my period. One day Kylie was rubbing her cunt. My son, who was just five at the time, saw her and asked about it. I told him he would learn when he was older. He was still too young. My neighbors son was ten and saw her outside. She was hungry for cock.

I told him he was welcome to join in but couldn’t tell our secrets. He agreed and then slid his cock into Kylies cunt. His brother came over to pick him up later and was jealous cause he wasn’t getting his cock satisfied. I was still capable so I let him cum in my pussy. Soon we were satisfied completely.

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  • Reply nice neighbor ID:3ywnlf2hl

    just saw this story not sure if its true or not but i knocked up my next door hot wife and and she said her husband would never know it was not his. four months later she caught him fucking their daughter she was nine at the time , her daughter said she liked having sex. this she told me one day i asked her what was she going to do she said put daughter on birth control. i asked if she was ok with this arrangement said yes after what we did. daughter over heard us talking now we are screwed i thought. daughter told us if i would fuck her too she would not say a word she loves sex. well i had sex with her a few times and mom too. now the daughter is knocked up who is the father me or her dad no one is sure .

  • Reply Vive-la-baise ID:5wwo800lfia

    The only place this kind of neighborhood exists is a cell lock in the pedo wing if a prison.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:phrkqp7kdg3

    I love this neighborhood N my kind of females. Need more.

  • Reply Ren ID:41ery97d1

    I really hope there’s more