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Clubbing with my Mother

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What happens when my mother wants to dance

Hi, my name is Tracy, and my mother is called Tammy. I am 17 and my mother is 38 and recently divorced.
So, Friday night my mother decided she was going to get house of the house and take me with her. We ended up at a night club and she managed to get me inside. I was a little nervous being with my mother and being underage. So, she bought me a drink.
I felt a little lightheaded and next thing I knew I was on the dance floor with my mother.
Then two guys danced up to us. One of them got close to my mother and started dancing with her and this other guy was dancing with me.
I lost track of my mother and needed to go to the toilet. My dance partner followed me. When we got to the toilets, they were unisex, and he followed me in.
I found my mother in there sucking her dance partner’s cock. I looked around and found people screwing on the toilets. and in the corners of the room.
Then my partner started kissing me. I told him I needed to pee and sat in a cubical. He stood in front of me and pulled his cock out. I looked at my mother she smiled at me, and I saw she was standing up now bent forward with her friend behind her holding her hips while he fucked her. I leaned forward as I pissed and sucked the guy’s cock. I stayed there and let him cum in my mouth.
After that we went back to the dance floor and my mother got me another drink.
She vanished into the toilets a couple of more times, and she got me more drinks.

The next morning, I woke up in my own bed. I don’t remember even getting home. I had a hangover. I was sleeping in a gooey mess and some guy was snoring in my ear.
I got out of my bed and realized I was naked my pubes had cum on them, and my pussy had been fucked. I went to my mother’s room, and she had a man in bed with her. They were both sound asleep.
They were both on top of the blankets and I could see they had been having sex. His cock was not a bad size.
I went to the bathroom and got in the shower. Just as I was starting to feel better my date joined me and we started kissing. Next thing I knew he had me turned around and was fucking me standing in the shower and my mum and her date were watching us.
Both guys left before lunch.
Mother knew how wasted I had been, so she filled me in on a few details from last night.
Thos two guys had helped her get me home. Then they undressed us, and we all fucked on my bed. Then the guy who had fucked me went with my mother to her room and her date had then fucked me while they fucked in her room.

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  • Reply Stacey ID:2jouti1iqm

    Part 2. need and then said I know your not a virgin and so then as I was talking a drag guy opened my legs and put fingers just inside my pussy and then started fingering me and I couldn’t help myself from moaning out loud saying ohhh god, and they all laughed and mum said go on don’t be boring and so i badly wanted to be fucked and so I just said give me a line and then he spread my legs and rammed it fully inside me started fucking me i was groaning so loudly and then mom tolde be quiet fgs i couldn’t so she said stop and so giy just shived in my mouth and cum

  • Reply Stacey ID:2jouti1iqm

    My mom was a wild party animal and when I was 14 she said to me one Friday night get dressed up I’m taking you clubbing with me!! ..

    I was so excited and felt so grown up etc. I dressed up looking like a chav slut and then we went and she got us into this club and she got us both a drink and we sat in booth didn’t take long for a couple of guys to approach us and sat down and chatting and then they got us lots of shots in and mom said to do them and then she was whispering with 1 guy and then she said yeah of course and so then he took out a bag of coke and he and his mate sniffed up a big line each and then put an enormous line on his phone and I saw mom leaning down and sniffing it up and then she said what about her pointing to me,, and so he did me a line and mom said go on and nervous but I sniffed it up and Instantly felt it kick in… And then all went for a dance and then saw mom going off with guy and then guy with me said let’s sit down so we did and I said where have they gone?? He laughed saying what you think they are doing!!!

    And I honestly don’t know so he whispers in my ear telling me that his mate was fucking my mum in toilets.

    I was shocked and so I said wanted a drink he went got us shots and we did them and then he made up 4 enormous lines on his phone and he sniffed 1 and then said here and so I just sniffed up a line and he said and the other 2 so I did and then mom and his mate came back and, straight away mum was having another line and this time she took out her cigarettes and light up and then, guys asked me if I smoked I said no .. and they said here put a cigarette in my mouth and gave me a light and I took first drag and blowing smoke out I was choking, and they said have another so I did and this time it felt really good and as i was blowing smoke out my nose was running so told me to tilt my head back and sniff hard so i did and instantly felt a throbbing between my legs and couldn’t hide it and they both smiled and mom said, you

  • Reply Sam ID:1ct7b86ct8l9

    I want to fuck you in fantasies

  • Reply Sam ID:1ct7b86ct8l9

    Contact me please honey [email protected]

  • Reply Sick Littles only ID:1dq1arvc6owp

    Sexy mother and daughter 😍 ❤️