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Cougar Summer

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What could I do between high school and college for a fun summer? Incest, Young/Mature

High school graduation would be in less than a month and I wanted to plan a fun summer before starting college. Not having a lot of money or a steady girlfriend, I was having trouble thinking about what to do. I did not want to just lie around the house and watch TV. Finally, I came up with a plan that I thought might work. After several tries at writing an ad that might get me some fun times and action, I came up with the ad that I thought might work and posted it, and a photo of me from the neck to the knees holding my stiff prick in my hand, on several adult web sites that had members in my area.

“Recent High school grad looking for fun times this summer with a sexy cougar to show me a fun time. I like to travel. I’m 5’11” and into sports so have a good hard, young body. My rock hard 7-inch cock will make you happy. Send me some sexy pictures and your ideas of what fun things we can do together.”

The ad was not up more than a couple days before I started getting replies. I looked on my computer and found three email answers to my ad and over the next week there were twenty. The first one I looked at was from a woman in her mid 50’s. Where she said she lived was about ten miles away. She said that she lived in a nice house with a pool and a tennis court and that I would be welcome to come and visit her any time. Her picture showed her in a thin pink teddy. She was a little heavy and had big tits that you could tell drooped quite a bit. I hoped that I would get answers from better looking women.

I did, several of the replies were more interesting and had hotter pictures. One that really caught my attention was from a woman in her late 40’s. She said that she was being sent for two weeks on a business trip to a beach city in Brazil and if we got to know each other and liked being together, she would be interested in taking me with her on the trip. In her picture, she was sitting nude on her bed with her legs pulled up and spread wide and she was fingering her shaved pussy with one hand and squeezing her breast with the other. She was thin with probably B-cup tits that were standing high and firm and had huge nipples pointing straight at the camera. I planned to follow up with her.

One of the last ones that I got shocked me but gave me an instant hard on and put a smile on my face. The woman was mid 40’s. She lived about 30 miles away. It was the nastiest email of any of them. She said that her husband was a looser in bed and that they hardly ever fucked and when they did it was awfully boring. She said that she really enjoyed being fucked by young guys with hard cocks that could keep up with her and fill all three of her holes with loads of hot thick cum. One of her pictures showed her with a big red dildo shoved in her ass. The other showed her with a cock in her mouth. Her cheeks were pulled in from hard sucking. Cum was escaping from the corners of her mouth, dripping down and hanging from her chin like cumcicles. She was obviously one really hot fuck slut but the thing that really got me was that I could tell from the photos that she was my Aunt Donna. I had always had a crush on my aunt and her beautiful body.

Hers was the first one I answered. I told her more about me but was very careful not to say anything or to include any pictures that would let her know that it was me. I told her how wonderful I thought her body was and how I could imagine me burying my cock deep in all of her holes and filling them with my sweet man nectar. Over the next couple of days, we exchanged sever very hot emails.

I also exchanged emails with the woman that said she was going to Brazil, and we hit it off also. She wanted to get together first but was pretty sure that she would like me to go on the trip with her. She told me that it was very easy to get her to orgasm and that she wanted to set a record for the most climaxes she had in one night and hoped I would help her do it. I told her that I could come over and give her a sample in a few days. I did not say that I wanted to go visit my aunt first.

The next afternoon I drove over to my aunt’s house knowing that my uncle would still be at work for a few more hours. I rang the doorbell and Aunt Donna answered. “Oh, hi Scott. What a pleasant surprise. Come in.” When I went in and closed the door, she gave me a big hug like she always did. I always looked forward to her hugs and how it felt to have her tits pressed against my chest. We sat in the living room and made small talk. She said how grown up I was getting and what a handsome young man I was getting to be.

After several minutes of this, I told her that I had a picture that I wanted to show her. I had printed off the picture she had sent of her sucking cock. I got out of the chair and walked over and gat it to her. “Oh my God, Scott, where did you get this?” Donna blushed bright red, dropped the picture and put her hands over her face. “You sent it to me. We have been emailing for several days now and I’m here to do what those emails said we would like to do with each other.” “Scotty, I didn’t know that it was you. I can’t, you’re my nephew, I can’t.”

I stood in front of her, “Yes you can and we’re going to.” I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. It was a little hard to do as it was already rock hard, but I got it out and put the head right to my aunt’s lips. Her eyes went from my prick up to my eyes and after a second, she smiled and opened her mouth. Her lips slid over my cock head and started going down my shaft. I moaned and rested my hand on the back of her head. “I know how much you love young cocks and here is one for you to enjoy.” Five of my six and a half inches disappeared, and my aunt started bobbing up and down the length of my shaft. I pulled her to me, and her nose pressed firmly against me, buried in my pubic hair. She gagged a little but did not stop me. Now I held her head and started fucking her throat like it was a cunt. Drool was running out of her mouth, and she grunted each till I slammed into her, but she did not try to pull away. I could feel the tightness of her throat pressing against the ridge around my cockhead. After a minute or so, Donna pushed away, took a couple deep breaths and then went back down on my cock without me making her do it.

Another couple minutes of face fucking and I was ready to blow my nut. “Here it comes. Show it to me before you swallow it.” My last strokes were only a couple inches deep in her mouth so that my cum did not go straight down her throat. I groaned and jerked and exploded in her mouth. Donna kept her lips tightly sealed around my boner as it swelled, pulsed and shot string after string of my baby seed into her mouth. I stopped and she sucked the last drops out of me. I backed away a step and Donna looked up at me, opened her mouth and swirled my thick white load around in her mouth with her tongue. Then she closed her mouth and swallowed, opened he mouth again and showed me that it was empty. “My, My, Scotty, you really have grown up into quite the young man.”

I dropped my pants and sat in the chair. Donna removed her blouse and bra and sat on the floor at my feet. She reached out and played with my balls, rubbing and licking and sucking one and then the other into her mouth while I played with her tits. It wasn’t long before I started to harden again. As soon as I did, Donna took my cock in her hand and using it like a leash; she led me to her bed. We both finished stripping and climbed onto the bed. “Well Scotty, in your emails you said that you enjoy eating pussy. Show me how good you are at it, Lover.”

I climbed between her open legs and lowered my face to her wet suit. My tongue pushed between her pussy lips and found her clit. Actually, this was the first time I had ever gone down on a woman, but I had watched it enough on the internet to know what to do. I hoped I did it good enough, so my aunt didn’t know I was new at it. As the tip of my tongue touched her bud, she moaned and jumped a little. Donna’s hands went down and pulled her lips apart, exposing me to her wide-open cunt. I started licking the length from her fuck hole to her clit. She was constantly moaning and started moving her hips in little fucking motions. “Yes, oh fuck yes. Eat me. Eat my cunt, Scotty.”

I flicked her clit back and forth and then rubbed hard against it. I pushed my tongue as deeply into her hole as I could. “Lower, go lower Scotty. Lick my ass hole too. Damn, you’re driving me crazy; you’re going to make me come.” I reluctantly ran my tongue down to has puckered little ass hole but found that it was not gross like I expected. I guessed that I was doing it right because she appeared to be enjoying it. Then she pulled my head tightly to her cunt and screamed out, “Yessssss” and rapidly jerked her hips. A stream of her female cum flow out of her pussy straight into my mouth. It was slippery but did not have much taste. Donna pulled me by the hair. She was breathing so hard that it was hard to understand her said, “Get up here and fuck me. Fuck me now.” I got between her legs and in one move I was balls deep in my aunt’s cunt. Still in a sexual high she screamed out, “Hard, Fuck me hard.” I slammed into her and each time I did she would moan, “Yes…Yes…Yes.” I could feel my balls bouncing off her ass.

After several minutes I knew I was getting close. I asked her if I should pull out. She replied that she wanted me to come in her and then my ball sack tightened, and my cock swelled, and I started spewing my load. This sent her over the edge again. Donna grabbed her tits, closed her eyes and lay there making small convulsive jerking motions. When I knew that I had emptied my last into my aunt’s pussy, I pulled out and sat there watching my spunk drip out of her fuck hole and down onto the bed. Donna slowly came back to life. She told me to move up and she took my manhood back in her mouth and sucked it clean.

I could tell from how it felt that if she kept at it she could get me ready for another go but she stopped and told me that my uncle would be home in less than an hour and she needed to wash the sheets and take a shower before he got there so I should be going. “That was great Scotty but next time you come over, let me know ahead of time, OK?” Happy to know that I was welcome to come back for more, I agreed and got dressed and headed for home.

That night I sat in front of my computer. I had one hand stroking my erection and typing with the other hand. First, I emailed the woman who was going to Brazil and arranged our first meeting for the next night. Then I answered several more women that had responded to my ad. Soon I had my summer fully booked. A trip to Brazil, an Alaskan cruise, time at a Malibu beach house and more. Whenever I was home, I planned to spend a lot of time with my Aunt Donna. I was going to have all the pussy, ass and mouth fucking that I could handle. This was going to be the summer to remember for the rest of my life.

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