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How i learned to love being fucked – A view into Emily’s future

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Fifteen years had past since i was raped by my uncle. Ten years ago, I broke up with Jennifer and my cousin Heather. I was their slave and will always cherish the time I was being fucked by these two. Being obedient, being no human being any longer, being someones property. But when my son turned five (yes, he was the son of me and my uncle) I decided I wanted to be there for my son. I wanted to be his mother.

Now, today, he turned fifteen years old. Fifteen years had passed now and as a thirty-years-old mother I was almost at a point, I was burned out. I needed three jobs to care for my son, Henri. We lived in a small apartment in an area, that was dirty and run down. We were poor but I loved my son and he loved me. As mother and son we both were a great team.

Today was one of these days I spent hours with working and got back home really, really late. Henri was still awake, when I came in with a little cake. One I could barely manage to buy. But it was his birthday and in my opinion he deserved at least a little something.

“Come here, Henri.” I said, after I put the cake down on the kitchen table. “Let your mother give you a hug, my dear.” I told him and pulled him closer into a hug. “Happy Birthday, honey.” I said and gave him a kiss onto his forehead, smirking a little.

“Oh, mum.” He chuckled. “I’m not a child anymore.”
“I know, you are the man in this house.” I winked at him. “But for me, you will always be my little boy. Whatever age you are.” I told him and pulled him closer into a hug. I gave him a kiss onto his lips, just wanting to tease him a little. It was something I always did, when he was younger. But I guess, I underestimated that Henri now was a teenager with some necessities.

So, that kiss between us went far longer as I wanted it to last. He pulled me, his mother closer, our lips pressing at each others, his hands caressing my back, my hands entangled behind his neck. It felt great to kiss a man in this way. Even though, it was my own son. And that was the moment my mentality snapped out.

I wanted more from this young man. I wanted more from my own son. “Let’s make this birthday of yours unforgettable, shall we?” I moaned at his lips, took his hand and dragged him into my sleeping room, were I pushed him onto the bed.

I started by removing my own clothes and a few seconds later I was standing above him, completely naked. My D-Cup Breasts were dragged down by the gravity and my pussy was already wet. I was able to tell, even Henri was in Lust, since I could see his stiffened cock through his pants. I lowered onto my bed, above my son, kissing him onto his lips like a loving pair would do so. I started to remove his clothes from my little one’s body, until he was completely naked.

I caressed his whole body with my hands and lips and then I started to take his dick into my mouth. I could hear him moan, when I did so and started to suck my own son’s penis, while massaging his balls with my hand. My tongue played around his glans.

“Ooooooh, mum.” I could hear Henri moan, when I was already able to taste his semen in my mouth. I was surprised about how many semen he was able to produce and swallowed all of it. When I finished I kissed him again, caressing his upper body with my tits. He sighed in Lust again and I decided to let him take the reins.

So, I laid down on my back, spread my leg’s and the my pussy lips with my fingers. “Alright, young man. Let’s get into action.” I winked at him. “Put your penis into your mother’s pussy.” I demanded and could tell my son’s face was turning red immediately.
“But … mom … “ He stuttered. “Is that … is that actually alright?”
“Yes, Henri. Yes. It is. Fuck me, I want it like this, my son.” I was sitting up again, and pulled Henri into another hug, his face buried down into my large tits. “I want to feel you inside of me.” I whispered into his ear and nibbled onto his ear lace for a moment.

Right after that I pulled him down with me, so he would lay above me. I took his already again stiffened dick into my hand and leaded it onto my pussy. “Push it deep inside of me.” I murmured and kissed Henri again. It didn’t take long for him to do so and I was able to feel his teenage penis inside my grown woman’s pussy. I moaned loudly and buried my nails into Henri’s back.

“Ooooh, yeah. That’s good.” I moaned and just now I realized how I missed it to be fucked by someone else. I realized how I missed the feeling to be this close to another person. Not just out of life but in general. There were never love between me and my uncle, but still I quite enjoyed having sex with him. I enjoyed being enslaved by Jennifer and Heather and loved every moment I was allowed to have an orgasm by one of them.

I didn’t even care who the person would be, I realized. Right now, I felt the dick of my own son thrusting into me and I enjoyed every second of this. I wanted to have sex with someone. I wanted to be fucked. It didn’t matter by whom, I just wanted to enjoy having sex. This was the moment I decided to sell my body to other persons. For having a better live for me and especially for Henri, since I knew he was being mobbed at school.

At this moment, me and Henri moaned out loud. Even thinking about having sex with my uncle or Jenny and Heather, was enough to give an orgasm. I could feel Henri’s sperm inside of me. This warm, sticky feeling I used to love so much, when my uncle fucked me.

Henri and I cuddled a lot after having sex and finally he asked me: “Mum? Can we do that more often now?” I knew he was turning red. My shy, little boy. “Yes, we can. As often as you like, my dear.” I answered and finally added after a while: “But you have to share me with other persons in the future, my son.”

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    You should get the best mom award . I had to blackmail my mom in to fucking me.