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Adventures with Kitty; The Amy Chapters pt 3

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My face was inches away from Amy’s 9yo bald mound. It was still dripping wet from us watching her dad’s porn and pillow humping- she had soaked the bed pillow and was scared that she had peed on it. I was leaning over to see and looked up to tell her it wasn’t pee when I came face to face with her glistening slit.
Before I could even think about it my tongue snaked out and licked some of the sweet juice dripping out of her little cunt, she moaned and instinctively pushed her hips forward towards my face. We had just watched a naughty lady on tv get her hairy pussy licked and tongue fucked and I wanted to do the same to my friend.
I asked Amy if I could kiss her privates- she looked nervous but laid back anyway. Her legs were only slightly apart, I knew she was nervous so instead of diving right in I kissed her belly, tops of her thighs, her bald mound. I kissed right where I thought her clit would be ( couldn’t see it with her legs closed) and then licked her little pussy lips. The cum she had squirted out earlier was sticky on her pussy and tasted so sweet. My kitty was begging to be touched so I put a pillow under my hips and started humping while kissing Amy’s cunt.
Her sighs and moans turned me on so much. I spread her legs open so I could have better access to her tiny hard clit and started sucking on her and alternately flicking my tongue down to her virgin hole.
Everything felt so sexy, my naughty kitty rubbing on the pillow wet with Amys cum, mouthful of her pussy. We went on like this for a while before her breath started to quicken and she was ever so slightly grinding on my face. I raised up to make sure she was ok, her face and chest bright red she told me not to stop. I locked my mouth on her clit and started sucking, flicking with my tongue, and Amy started bucking her hips. Then I heard her say Oh no and moan low and soft. I knew what was happening- she had just done the same thing on her dad’s pillow! I stopped humping and concentrated on Amy. You have to stop, she almost screamed it. So I wrapped my arms around her legs and continued. All of a sudden she gets all stiff and arches her back, I let go of her cunt with my mouth and she begins to piss her sweet virgin cum on my face and chest. Her tiny grunts are so hot I put my mouth back on her and tried to suck every drop of nectar she had to give out of her little girl pussy.

I have to stop there because my kitty desperately needs to be played with but there is more to this story.
If I’ve enough encouragement I will continue.
Thank you for reading- please know that I immediately fucked my naughty kitty until she came after writing this and I hope you cum too!

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    if thi is true please kill yourself

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    keep going this is getting really good

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    Thanks babe. Please continue in the future. My cock is throbbing and needs to be in a tight little kitty right now itself.