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An unexpected visit

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A 13 year olds worst nightmare with a home invasion she’ll never forget.

It’s an early Monday morning both my parents left for work while I stayed behind feeling a little unwell. It was a little past 10 and I was curled up on the couch in the living room under a blanket. I’m 13 and I have a really curvy body for my age which means I get lots of stares from boys and older men. About an hour later I heard someone struggling to get the back door open I thought it was one of my parents and my first instinct was to pretend to be asleep. I hear the door open and then lock behind them then footsteps on the wooden floor getting louder heading towards me and stop right in front of me. I slowly open my eyes to see someone standing in front of me and my heart sunk in fear. An older man stands hovering above me with strange unfamiliar look in his eyes. I was frozen still scared of this stranger in my home and scared of what he was going to do. “Well what do we have here” the man said in a deep raspy voice he had a scruffy look with facial hair, dark hair and dark eyes he looked like he was around 20.

He slowly grabbed the blanket and ripped it off me. I was wearing only a long tshirt and panties. I quickly tried to cover myself up with my arms suddenly feeling exposed. “No no sweetheart dont do that I want to see more of you”
“Please I don’t want any trouble take what you want there’s some money in the top kitchen draw” I replied trembling
He looked at me again with the same smile looking me up and down. “Don’t you worry about me getting what I want I know I’ll get it”
He then went to reach in his back pocket as I looked around for a way to escape. He then pulled out a roll of duct tape and smiled. He put the duct tape down on the table beside us and started to touch me. I pushed him back but he didnt like that he looked angry and I started to tremble more.
“Now you do as a say and you wont get hurt one way or another this is going to happen” he said.
I was so scared I have never been with a boy before I didnt want this time to be my first. He reached down for me again and this time I closed my eyes and let him.

I felt his hand run down my chest squeezing my breast with the other hand running down my stomach lifting up my shirt showing my panties.
“I’m gonna have a lot of fun with you mmm and you’re mature for your age aren’t you I’m sure you mess around with other guys right being the little tease you are? Well I’m going to show you a better time then they ever could” he said running his finger up and down the lining of my panties.
“No please I dont know what your talking about I would never do anything like that I think you have the wrong person” I cried out but he wasn’t listening.
I looked up only to see a bulge through his pants. Then he reached for my shirt struggling to lift it off, I then covered myself up. He stopped touching me and I was relieved only to see him undo his pants I then knew I had to make a run for it. I quickly sat up and tried to make a run for it. But he grabbed my wrist firmly and yanked me back.
“Where do you think your going your job isn’t done all you have to do is stay still and take what you have coming to you you little brat”
I stood there in shock and tried to make another escape when he looked away I pulled my arm away as fast as I could away and I was free only for him to grab my other other arm. He then slapped my hard across the face and pushed me back on the couch. I softly cried just frozen in place. After his pants were off he then took off his underwear and it fell out. It was so big I had never seen one in person before and not one that big. He then got the duct tape again
*Hands together” he yelled I hesitated.
“Please don’t do this” I cried again.
He then held his other hand up and slapped me again across the face. I quickly put my hands together sobbing. He wound it so tight around and around many times.
“If you just listen I won’t have to hurt you don’t play hard to get”

He started to play with himself walking closer to me. I was closed my eyes hoping for this to be over to be a dream. The man then yanked my hair towards him I opened my eyes to see his big cock in my face and him with a smile across his face.
“Your going to love this open up”
I opened my my mouth slightly trembling
“Come on my cock is way bigger then that* he laughed and shoved his cock in my mouth while I chocked. He pulled the back of my head back and forward while it started going down my throat with each fast thrust. I started to gag and cry.
“Take it like the little slut you are”
I started my move my head with him hoping it make him leave sooner but boy was I wrong. A while later he stopped and pushed me back again pulling my legs towards him. He smiled and went for my panties slowly pulling them off while looking at me. He then rubbed my bare pussy and found my clit and teased it. I couldn’t help but let out little moans.
“I knew you liked it sluts always do”
He started to touch him self at the same time then hoped on the couch with me and slipped a couple fingers inside me and out so fast I couldn’t help moan again. As he was still jerking himself off right above my pussy he stopped touching me he lifted my legs up over his shoulders. I was scared again and squirming side to side trying to get away. With my hand still together I tried to kick him off but he rammed his big throbbing cock inside me. I screamed and he laughed at my pain.
“You like that don’t you, you like that your my little bitch and I can do anything i want”
He thrusts himself inside me more times. It hurt I felt like I was being ripped I screamed and cried but he would stop I just had to take it. He grabbed my breast with the other hand and squeezed it holding me down as well.
“I love your tight young pussy I feel it stretching around my big cock oh yeah your mine tell me you’re my whore tell me* he yelled
“I’m your whore I’m yours”
After a while it stopped hurting and there was a little pleasure he slowed down and I could feel him throbbing more then I felt something weird inside me starting to fill me up and then I realized.
That still didn’t stop him it went on forever then I started to feel that same sensation but he pulled his big cock out with juices dripping out and I felt someting hot and sticky drip on my pussy. Before i knew what was happening he grabbed my throat and pulled me up right under his throbbing cock. More of his hot cum shot over my face it was dripping down some was in my hair it them dripped in my eye. I could feel it all over my face.
“I loved every second of that with your tight little body I might have to come back another time for another round. I know you’d like that*
“No please you got what you wanted now go I won’t tell anyone ”
It was quiet for a little while I wiped my eyes only to see holding his phone out clicking photos of me covered in his cum
“You’re right tell anyone about this and I’ll share these everywhere and to everyone you know. Now I know where I can find you and can easily blackmail you I’ll be back, wouldn’t it be fun to have regular visits. I’ll be around to find out when your home alone. I can teach you how to be a real slut maybe with some toys or friends I know you’ll love it.”
I sat there crying and speechless he began to get dressed and ripped off the tape, got his things and left.
“See you later my little whore”
I still stayed there still feeling him inside me in a little puddle of cum and blood I’ll have to clean. Not knowing when or what he’ll show up with next just knowing that I had to shower.

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    Are you pregnant. I bet you are and you love it

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    Wow I wish someone would take my virginity like that.

    • Sherry

      Rape is so confusing
      I was raped at 14. I tried fighting the two guys but they stripped me. First guy took my virginity. It hurt like hell but I had a orgasm and the one guy saw it and said see she likes it.

      I didn’t like it but yet I did, so when the other guy took his turn I went with it and had another orgasm
      So Confused over it

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      That would be fun

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    Sweet I hope you two made a baby.

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    Nice good girl raping, turned you into his slut, good job. Has he filled you with cum again?

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      I wish you could fill me with your cum as well daddy <3

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    More of it

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    I‘m 20 and always home alone at daytime. Wish something like this would happen to me…

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