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Training Samantha

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This is a sexual journey of me and my daughter.

Looking back if you ever told me that I would be so sexually involved with my 13 yo daughter, I would’ve never believed you
Sit back and listen to our journey and how it all started

My wife and I met each other at a very young age. We were underage teenagers doing what teenagers do, I grew up one of three boys with a single mom no father in our life so when Grace got pregnant, I wasn’t gonna leave her because I didn’t want my kid to grow up fatherless the problem is I really didn’t know grace that well that grace didn’t like sex that much and it turned out that Samantha Was born sex shut off, which led me to the Internet and phone sex. It started out simple enough going on a chat line asking to speak to women to relieve myself sexually after going to this chat line for several months there was a woman that I constantly spoke with on this Line, it would work like this you would record a message of what you were looking for, and if the women were interested, they could connect with you , during one of these times, my daughter Samantha was home. She walked into the room where I was and asked if she could have a freeze pop. I was not thinking. I told her to go ahead and finish my message so my recorded message for all to hear had my daughters voice in it and me talking to her , this attracted my old friend who I later found out loved little girls she immediately turned our sex talk in the direction during our masturbation talk she mentioned she heard my daughter’s voice. She asked me what she look like how old she was at that time. She was 10 she asked me if I ever thought of her sexually, at that point I had not
Karen the woman who I was speaking with then told me she wanted to take over sexual talk and asked if I would let her I said yes because I was already masturbating. She told me that she wanted me to go into my daughter’s room and grab a pair, her dirty panties , I knew where this was going. I never done anything like this but it excited me to surrender myself to this person and doing something so perverted as I zipped up walked out in the living room. Samantha was watching TV with her freeze pop. I went into her bedroom, went through her hamper grab the pair of her panties , I stuffed them in my pocket and walked back into the bedroom and lock the door. I told Karen that I had the panties. She told me to strip down. She asked me if I’ve ever considered touching my daughter. I said no and was a little embarrassed she was very skillful and told me that it was a common fantasy and then I should not feel ashamed , she asked me to start masturbating and told me that she was masturbating. She asked me to take my daughter’s panties and put the crotch up to my nose and smell them when I did. I was shocked the smell of her pussy was so strong and immediately excited me I let out oh my God and she said yes you like that don’t you I said yes she told me to start sucking on the crotch which I did if you’ve ever done this with dirty panties, then you know you can taste pussy so I’m tasting my daughters juices. I’m smelling her pussy. She’s just 10 feet behind the door and I’m vigorously masturbating. I told my friend Karen that I was about to explode. She told me to keep sucking on the panties and just pump it out , which I did
she then gave me a homework assignment. She wanted me to give my daughter a bath a very hands-on bath now I used to wash my daughters hair all the time in the tub because she had long blonde hair and it was easier for her to get it clean, but she was always sitting in soapy water, so I never really got look at her vagina, so Karen suggested that once I go into the bathroom tonight to wash her hair that I should have a conversation with Samantha and tell her she’s getting older and she needs to learn to keep her girl parts clean. This would open the door for me to touch her vagina For me to show her how to keep her vagina clean, but in all actuality, I was gonna masturbate her Karen assured me that my daughter would achieve orgasm if I stayed on her long enough which immediately started getting hard again and I told her that and she instructed me to start masturbating again This time I was very excited talking to her I said I can’t believe I’m going to masturbate my daughter having my second orgasm was more powerful than the first this is never happened before, but I knew there was something very exciting about this. I was told to come back on the chat line after my mission accomplished , we set a time 45 minutes after bath time that I would call the Line as the minutes approached my heart was racing. I got lightheaded actually thought I was gonna faint I pulled it together and walked into the bathroom I got on my knees and told Sammy that before I washed her hair, we had to have a talk , so she looks at me. I told her what Karen told me to tell her that she was getting older and that her girl parts needed to be clean properly and that I was going to show her how at this point I asked her to stand up as I’m on my knees, my little girl standing up facing me for the first time ever I am face-to-face with the most puffiest lips I’ve ever seen in my life , my daughters pussy and my journey into her sexuality has started I then told her she needed to get her whole body soapy, and I would show her how I grabbed the bar soap and started rubbing it all over my daughters body. Once she was covered in soap I started feeling her up very sexually her nipples her curves, her hips her Ass between her ass cheeks, rubbing her asshole the front of her belly slowly working my way down to those beautiful puffy lips, and very gently seeing if I could get a finger into her, it was was a little too tight and Sammy back out so I stoped that and I started to work on her lips and then asked her to lay down in the water and I started the rinse off her beautiful body with my bare hands all the time massaging her not missing an inch of her, rubbing her thighs, using all the skills of a man that I’ve learned over the years on my daughter and looking at her face, her breathing was labored. My little girl was panting , and then told her now I’m gonna get her girl parts clean. I asked her to spread her legs it’s hard to explain the most beautiful visual of these puffy lips from the top of her clit down to her butt hole. I could see the absolute beauty of a preteen, pussy my daughters !! then parted her lips and I focused on her clit she told me it felt funny. She laughed it tickled a little, but I kept at it. I got off the bare clit head and just went on top of the hood, so it wouldn’t be that sensitive and then proceeded to masturbate her clit for 15 minutes then to my surprise my daughter immediately clamped her legs closedwith the deep grown as if she got punched in the stomach. My little girl was climaxing. I kept working my fingers on her. I wanted to work through her orgasm after it got too sensitive I stopped I proceeded to turn the showerhead on and again felt her up every nook and cranny till she was squeaky clean. She was a little unstable on her feet so I had sat on the edge of the tub, put my arm around her as I washed all the soap off I gave her kiss on her cheek. I dry her off got her get ready for bed I talked her in and told her for the next week, I’ll be teaching her how to wash up so that she knows how to do it properly, still looking at her breathing heavy as I stood up I was rockhard my boxes. My cock was almost pushing through them, and then went in the room and called the chat line. Where I found Karen she asked me how it went. I told her every wicked detail my boxer were so wet with pre-come I was shocked how aroused this got me. I think if I had to continue it much longer I would’ve spontaneously ejaculated
as I was talking to Karen I realize when I was masturbating Samantha that I was moving my hips back-and-forth in a fucking motion, I did this without even realizing it it was upon reflecting telling Karen because she wanted every detail she told me my subconscious mind is very powerful and that soon I won’t be pumping thin air I will be pumping something else she said she had a lot of homework for me to do and told me that my journey has just begun. I hope this story was enjoyed there is so much more Sam is 13 now
This is my first story if you like it I’m willing to share more with you if you wanna get a hold of me at [email protected]
I’d love to hear what you thought

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