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My first sexual experiences growing up

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I have so many stories but want to know what i should write about first for you guys or if i should go story to story from the beginning

Im a guy now an adult but from as young as i can remember ive had sexual experiences the first being with a much older female cousin and after that it was with step sisters but they were only really temporary step sisters. from there it went to experiences with my older sisters friends. that was all before i was able to cum or even really knew what sex was. From there i had sexual experiences with my older male cusin he raped me a few times and made me give him blowjobs frequently and those could be longer more detailed stories. From there i tried doing things with my two younger brothers after finding out about sex and stuff was we started with sucking eachother but never really cumming from it. Around the time i was 11 i started jerking off and cumming but around that time the older of my younger brothers wasn’t interested in trying things anymore but the younger one and me would do things often i would try and get him to suck me or jerk me off but i could write a whole story about the first time i actually was able to fuck him i pretty much raped him but from there i had a sexual experience with a female dog we had at the time and that was amazing my first ever real pussy experience and i could write more in detailed stories about that but growing up like that i guess thats what i thought of sex and took advantage of my first girlfriend and i could write plenty of stories about that but i would like to see what you guys would be interested in hearing so please let me know what i should start with for longer fuller more in detailed type of stories.

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