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Mother’s Day’s

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You say “Hey I’m Amber, I turned 40 last January, I’m a mother of a beautiful daughter Amy, she is 17 and a handsome son Alma 14, I live in west California with my husband, David 45. I’m pretty fit and take good care off my body, I used to be a swimmer but now I don’t get a lot of time for sports these days, but I still love water.
On my birthday my son made a move to push our relationship in to a sexual one, it was a bit weird but I felt like a bitch in heat I couldn’t stop myself.
It’s been a couple months and I’ve found out my daughter has been pushing her father to make moves on her too. She seems so happy when she is talking about it. It makes me happy my children truly trust me, but I feel sick to my stomach thinking about the two of them together. But I find myself getting wet at the same time.
I’ve decided to come clean to my husband and give my daughter Permission to pursue her father, he is a good man, I think he deserves to have a piece of that. I also want to help him, I know how much of a hard on he gets for my daughter, and now with me giving him the green light, he can fuck her without any guilt.”
I’m hoping it will bring our whole family closer together. I don’t know why, but the thought of them being together turns me on more than anything else. I’ve never had the urge to touch another woman, but I feel like I’m getting more attracted to my daughter and comfortable with the thought her and her father together.
Tonight iv decided to initiate a sexually relationship between my family. Im are a little worried how they are going to react, but I’m are pretty confident that everything is going to work out well.
After dinner I gathered everyone in the living room and ask the boys to sit next to one another on the couch, I start to striptease in front of them and Amy joins me wearing some of my lingerie. We slowly strip our clothing off, and we both end up naked.
Amy comes up to me and starts to play with my breasts and I can’t help myself and I start to touch her and run my hands down her back, she’s so soft. We turn and look at the boys, they both have a hungry lustful look in their eyes. Their pants are bulging with their hard cocks. Amy giggles and snuggles in to her father’s lap, he kisses her, she looks at him with pure love in her eyes. She rubs his bulge with her hand and he moans in her mouth, she breaks away from his lips and gets down on her knees and starts to unzip him.
dave’s leans over to his son and whispers something in to his ear. Alma nods, gets up and walks slowly toward slowly .
Alma gets behind me, he puts his arms around me and cups your breasts with his hands and starts to play with my nipples, I can’t help myself and let a small moan escape my lips.
I can’t believe my husband is so in to this I was worried he might freak out. But the look of bliss on he’s face tells me everything I need to know about his feelings on the matter. I have the most amazing husband and the greatest children in the world, what more could I possibly ask for.
I notice Amy’s panties are getting a bit moist as she pulls her father’s cock out of his pants. A sharp pinch on my left breast brings me back to my sons hands. He continues to tease me, and I can’t help but moan as he nibbles my ear.
“Mom, are you having fun?”
I’m enjoying what Alma is doing to my body, I lean back against his strong chest, he kisses the top of my head and then my neck, he nibbles my earlobe and runs his tongue around my ear, and whispers in to my ear “I’m going to fuck you so hard.” I can feel a small drip run down my thigh.
My body feels so hot, I need more, and I want Alma inside me now. My mind is clouded, all I can think of is his thick cock.
I force myself to keeping an eye on Amy and her father,Amy looks up at us smiling wickedly, her face is so close to her father’s cock. Her hand wrapped around him jerking him off,the way she does it, makes me think she has done it many times before. I’m a bit surprised she is so comfortable with him. The look on her face
Is perfect. She looks so happy, I smile to my self feeling a happy warmth wash over me.
She runs his cock head across her cheek smearing precum across it, she moves and starts licking the side of it with the tip of her tongue. She runs her tongue all around it, then opens her mouth wide and slides him in to her mouth.

Alma’s fingers are pinching and twisting my nipples and his tongue is flicking my ear. I can’t hold out any longer I grab Alma’s hand and pull him brown to the floor behind me. Getting on all fours my arching my back pushing my ass up and out towards him.
I can hear him unzipping his pants and the rustle of cloth as he takes them off. He positions himself behind me and slides the head of his cock along the lips of my pussy.
A shiver flashes through my body, and I prepare yourself for what I’ve become addicted too
“ David look ate me baby you’re son is about to fuck my brains out.”
I look over Amy’s shoulder and see Alma staring at my cunt, his cock sliding against the lips of my pussy.
The tip of his cock is sliding along the entrance to my vagina. My juices coating his cock and making him shiny.
I look back at Dave and Amy, they are both watching intently. Dave is rubbing her pussy while she sucks him.
“You ready mom?”
I moan back an incoherent response. Alma slowly pushes his cock in to me.
“O fuck Alma baby boy that’s my ass hole!” he stops for a second to let me get used to him, but I’m so horny that I start moving my hips, fucking him. He starts thrusting in to me and I can feel his cock twitch, the pressure in me builds

I can think and my heart goes nuts, I’v never had anything like him in side me!
He slaps my ass and I can’t take it anymore. I cum, hard.
“Go little brother” Amy encourages him
I look at Amy, she has stopped sucking her dad and is just holding his cock with her hand, he has his finger buried inside her, and her eyes are locked on to mine.
Alma fucks me through my orgasm. I can’t keep my eyes off of Dave’s cock. He is rubbing it across his daughter’s lips, painting her face with with a mixture of his precum and thick ropes of spit.
“Do it daddy,” She says, her eyes never leaving mine. “Fuck me.”
My husband looks at me for confirmation, I nod my head. Before I can think my son pops his dick out of my ass, the shape pain snapping me back to reality, I can feel him slide his dick against my cunt and then back ate my anal entrance.
Dave pulls Amy up on to the couch and spreads her legs wide.
He leans over her and kisses her on the lips, her small pink tongue snakes out of her mouth and licks her father’s lips.
his cock is rock hard,I can’t wait to see him inside her.
He positions himself between her legs, he rubs his cock across my clit, teasing her, and then slides the head up and her sloppy little slit.
My son is still trying to get back in to my asshole.
“That little shit” I think to myself. “He’s not getting back the anytime soon”
clenched my ass closed keeping him out of me for the time being.
I reach back and grab his cock, guiding him in to my pussy. He starts humping away at me.
Alma and I both start fucking each other wildly.
I’m watching my husband and daughter fuck, their eyes lock on to each other, the look of pure love and lust burning between them.
He slides his cock in and out of her slowly, savoring every inch of her.
“Harder daddy, fuck me harder.”
Dave speeds up his pace, he’s almost slamming in to her, the sound of his thighs smacking against hers filling the room.
Alma matches his father’s pace, fucking me harder and harder. I can feel myself start to slip.
“I’m about to cum”
Only the steady clapping of bodies coming together in exstacy, and Amy’s moaning echo through the room. she’s trying her best to stay quiet, but is failing.
She has her hands above her head, her father has a tight grip on her wrists and is fucking her like he is starving man and she is the last piece of pie in the world.
Her tits are bouncing, and her hair is sticking to her forehead.
I’m getting close.
Alma is fucking me harder and harder, his breathing is heavy, I hop he can hold out and keep up with me.
“Harder! Harder!”
Amy is screaming out for more, Dave is grunting like a beast as he plows her pussy.
The rhythmic thudding of bodies slapping together, and the smell of sex, is intoxicating.
My son’s hands pull me in to him as his body tenses up, and he lets out a deep groan. His cock is forced deer, and I feel the warm wetness of his semen splash deep inside me.
A shiver runs down my spine, and a feeling of euphoria washes over me.
I can’t hold out anymore, I orgasm again, and my eyes roll back into my head. The thought of him getting me pregnant briefly flashes through my mind. He collapses on top of me and we lay there basking in the afterglow.
“Don’t you dare stop, make me a mommy.”
I hear the words escape Amy’s mouth.
“ David don’t you dare!” I ordered my husband.
But her words had a different effect on him. He let out a loud groan and buried himself deep in her pussy one final time and I could tell he had blown his load in her. Amy just lay there whimpering softly. David rolled off her and collapsed on his back, panting. He was completely spent. His cocks shiny and slippery dribbling semen out of it, I can’t help myself and move down to suck the cum out of him.
My son’s cock sliding out of me with a wet slurping. He falls backwards and lands on his back, gasping for air. “O mom” he moans
Before I can get to my husband, Amy rolls over and buries her face in her father’s crotch, licking his softening cock. I can’t stand the thought of my husband’s cum leaking out of my daughter’s cunt, I move and bury my face in her pussy.
The taste of my husband and my daughter mixing together is delicious and I suck Amys cunt hole my mouth filling with her father’s cum and her own sweet fluids.
I move back up and share the juicy treat with her. We both swallow a little of mixture and then kiss each other deeply.
Alma has moved back behind us his hands exploring his older sister’s body.
His cock getting hard rapidly, as he rubs him self against Amy’s ass.
Amy breaks away from me and gets down on all fours, pushing her ass up in the air.
“Fuck me, little brother.”
Alma mounts her, his hard cock finding the entrance to her ass and sliding right in.
She screams out in pain and pleasure.
“You like having your little brother’s dick in your ass don’t you, dirty girl?”
Amy’s eyes roll in to the back of her head and her body spasms, she’s cumming already.
She gasps “Baby brother, please. Don’t stop.”
Her voice trails off as her body goes limp relaxing and allowing Alma keeps fucking her. The look on his face is pure bliss.
He starts thrusting faster and faster.
Amy’s body tenses up again and she starts to moan, she is building up another orgasm.
“Cum for me, cum in your sister’s ass.”
Her words sending him over the edge.
His hips jerk and I know he’s pumping her full of his seed.
She screams out, “Yes, yes, yes.”
Alma pulls his cock out and a trail of his sticky white cum trickles down Amy’s thigh.
Something deep in side me stairs and I feel a powerful urge to clean her, I crawl over and lick the semen off her. It tastes like her and a little bit of Dave, but the thought of my son’s cum is pushing my buttons.
“Oh mom”
Amy rolls on to her back and opens her legs for me.
I bury my face between them.
The mixture of her juices and semen is delicious and I drink deeply.
My tongue probes her depths, I pull back slightly, and see a tiny pearl of semen leaking out of her cunt hole.
I dart forward and lick it up.
The taste of my husband and son mixed together is intoxicating.
I want more.
I move to her ass and start licking.


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  • Reply [email protected] Australia ID:1cn60hrk7z4d

    It’s perfect when it stays in the family. It will be good to know who the daughter has been fucking and who the son has been fucking because this is too easy but I believe the husband probably already has been fucking the daughter long time ago.

  • Reply Mister Daddy ID:2liqeotm4

    Story is very hot but please use a spellchecker and do some editing before posting.

  • Reply Jessica ID:1ck78njowllr

    I love when my dad bends me over and just pounds my teenage pussy so good. He makes my Lil sister and me kiss while I ride his cock

  • Reply Anonymous 2. ID:e4jrcmpqvev

    I love to fuck my mother on mother’s day or any day, for that matter. She sucks my cock better than anyone, but my dad is a very close second. 😉🍆🍆🍆🍆