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That night in the stable

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If you like stories about beautiful teen girls having anal sex with horses, this is the story for you =)

Dolores is a 17-year-old petite beauty with fiery red-orange hair that always seems to be in a state of delightful disarray.
Her slender frame is accentuated by her medium-sized breasts and narrow waistline,
both of which are often on display due to her preference for revealing clothing.
She has an adorable smattering of freckles across the bridge of her nose and high cheekbones,
framing her crystal-clear blue eyes perfectly behind the lenses of her glasses. Her bottom is small but firm,
adding further allure to her overall physique. Beneath it all, she keeps herself well-groomed –
just enough trimmed pubic hair to add warmth and character without hiding the treasure underneath.
Despite being quite a nerd at heart,
Dolores radiates an enticing aura of curiosity and naughtiness when it comes to sexual matters…

Dolores’ sexual desires are as fiery as her hair, a hypersexual little teen.
She has a burning curiosity for all things related to sex and is always eager to explore new boundaries.
Her primary turn-on is anal play – she loves anything that can be put into her tight backdoor,
whether it’s fingers, toys or even… larger objects.
Dolores also derives pleasure from the taboo she’s secretly watched many adult films
and has developed quite an obsession with both anal activities and horses.
She is curious about horses and really fascinated with horecocks
The thought of a large horse cock stretching her wide sends shivers down her spine in anticipation.

Emma is a vision of enticing femininity.
17 years old, She stands at a petite 155 cm,
her body adorned in platinum blonde hair that she often sweeps into a playful ponytail.
Her figure is curvaceous yet athletic with medium-sized breasts and a well-defined waistline enhancing her womanly allure.
Highlighting her face are freckles that dust across the apples of her cheeks,
lending an innocent charm to her physical appeal. Despite this innocence,
there’s something undeniably seductive about Emma – she loves wearing pink clothes and army boots,
often going panty-free beneath sweatpants to show off the imprint of her neatly-trimmed pussy through the fabric…
it gives her somewhat of a Barbie-esque appearance, which she enjoys knowing arouses those who catch sight of it.
When it comes to sex, Emma is naturally curious and adventurous –
always eager to explore all forms pleasure can offer including oral sex,
vaginal penetration and even anal play when in the right mood…
Ultimately though, what makes Emma truly captivating is not just how she looks or what she likes but also how much joy she takes in pleasuring Dolores.

This is The story: That night in the stable!

Dolores lives with her parents on a ranch with horses – (how convenient)
Dolores use to lie in her bed at night and watch those magnificent horses grazing right outside her bedroom window,
and touch herself while watching their low-hanging big delicious cocks, just hanging there…asking for trouble.
it’s enough to drive any girl wild!
And when Emma comes over for ‘sleepovers’, their parents have no idea about the shared fantasies the girls indulge in.
they touch and licks each other while watching the horses from the bedroom window, their big cocks fueling their desires.
the toys come out and the girls lose themselves in pleasure, imagining those stallions…

Dolores had been wearing her favourite night clothes, a Black my Little Pony T-shirt and grey joggers,
the one with a little buttoned flap at the back that conveniently revealed and accessed her beautiful innocent sweet petite ass whenever they wanted it to.
She had snuck out of her parent’s house under the cover of darkness and headed straight for the stables.
The horses were quiet, their breaths creating soft clouds in the mild summer night air.
As she gently opened and stepped into a stall containing a particularly large stallion,
she could feel a wave of anticipation wash over her.

She admires the stallion – his sleek muscular body and especially his impressive soft black and pink cock hanging low between his legs.
There was something about its primal masculinity that stirred up a deep sense of desire within her…
Dolores – Feeling bold and playful, reached over to the horse`s cock with a mischievous grin spreading across her lips.
a strapping stallion whose every movement exuded raw power and instinctual allure.

undoubtedly stirring up both curiosity and desire within both her and the horse.
Dolores eagerly bend down, her eyes locked on the horse’s cock.
She reaches down and pulls down her joggers, exposing her own eager red-haired wet cunt to the horses in the other stall.
The horse snorts and whinnies as she presses herself against its warm body,
feeling its semi-hard cock pressing against her face.
With a wicked grin, she reaches out to touch it, marvelling at how heavy it feels in her hand.
Oh my god, she gasps.
This thing is huge!
i want it inside me tonight, she whispers.

*it`s my 17th birthday tomorrow, this is my birthday gift to myself* she moans.

she giggles as She grabs the cock with both hands and leads it to her sweet red lips,
and started to lick and suck his flaccid cock.

The animal seemed to understand what was happening and started getting excited.

Dolores moans around the horse’s thick cock as she takes it deep into her mouth,
eagerly sucking and licking at it like a lollipop. She can taste the salty tang of pre-cum on her tongue,
and she moans even louder in pleasure.
That’s it you slut,
take that big cock!
she looks so hot with her joggers around her ankles and that dripping-wet pussy on full display.

The horse neighs in pleasure. Dolores take the cock out of her mouth and walked, as best she could with her pants between her ankles, to the front of the horse.
*Hi there big boy, I`m Dolores, and I want you to use my ass* she says to the horse.
Dolores gasps as she feels the horse’s muzzle nuzzling between her legs,
its hot breath washing over her sensitive skin. She can feel herself getting wetter and wetter as the animal sniffs at her pussy,
and she moans softly in pleasure.

Dolores moans loudly as she feels the warm and soft muzzle of the horse nuzzling against her teen pubes.
Before she can react, she feels the long and hot tongue of the animal probing deep into her pussy.
She is completely overwhelmed by the sensation and can only gasp and moan as it continues to explore her inside.
Dolores is completely lost in ecstasy.
When the horse withdraws his tongue from her pussy, Dolores turns around and lift
her bare ass high in the air to give the horse better access to her tighter hole.

the horse takes the hint, and she can feel how the long wet and warm horse tongue sliding through her asscheeks and probing her tight butthole.
the tongue slides in her ass with ease, pleasing the moaning teen to tears.
she reaches a hand down between her legs and starts to stroke her fingers through her pubes and into the soaking wet slit,
As the horse continues to explore every inch of her ass with its long long tongue.

she moans and writhes with pleasure. She can feel herself getting closer and closer to climax,
her body trembling uncontrollably as waves of ecstasy wash over her.
its rough tongue licking in her asshole hungrily.
She can’t believe how good it feels to be serviced by such a huge animal,
and she arches her back in pleasure as it continues to lick and nuzzle at her.
Her moans grow louder and more urgent until finally, unable to hold back any longer,
she explodes into an earth-shattering orgasm that leaves her gasping for breath.
Exhausted, Dolores takes a step forward so the tongue falls out of her ass.

with a misbehaving grin on her face,
Dolores backed up towards him slowly, carefully aligning herself with his enormous fuckmeat.
It was intimidating but also incredibly arousing for her. With one last look back at him,
she guided him into herself.
she could feel the big head spreading her asscheeks and stopping against her tight ass.
Dolores determinedly pushed her ass against the cock,forcing the ass to open enough to let the big horsecock slide in.
*oh god…oh FUCK yes…FUCK YEAH.take me, you big beautiful beast…I need your cock inside me so fucking badly!*
the teen struggles to breathe for a moment…

His sheer size stretched Dolores in ways she hadn’t thought possible,
and made her gasp out loud in surprise and pleasure.
Despite being filled beyond belief,
Dolores found herself pushing back against him eagerly as he began thrusting into her.
The sensation was both grotesque and intensely erotic for Dolores,
being taken by such an immense creature sent waves of perverse
pleasure coursing through every fibre of her being until finally,
after what felt like an eternity but must have only been minutes – she climaxed violently around him.
Her moans echoed throughout the otherwise silent stable as they continued their perverted encounter.

The moment of the stallion’s climax was as intense and overwhelming as Dolores had anticipated.
She could feel the horse’s cock throb inside her, each pulse sending waves of
pleasure through her body that echoed in time with her own heartbeat.
Then, she felt it: a hot gush of liquid warmth filling her up from within.
The sensation was unlike anything she’d ever experienced before – raw, primal, and completely intoxicating.
He came hard, his massive load spurting out in thick ropes that filled Dolores to the brim.
The force of his ejaculation caused Dolores to cry out loudly in ecstasy as she felt herself being stuffed
full of his warm seed.
The feeling was grotesque yet deeply erotic for Dolores having such an immense
creature release itself inside of her teen ass sending perverse shivers coursing through every fiber of her
being until finally… She climaxed violently around him once more, their orgasms intertwining
in a crescendo of mutual satisfaction. His hot semen continued to fill her up until it started
trickling down her thighs, staining the straw beneath them.
Every muscle in Dolores’ body seemed to quiver post-climax as she slowly pulled away from him,
feeling both thoroughly used and incredibly satisfied at the same time.

The moment the stallion began to withdraw from Dolores was as intense and overwhelming as everything that had preceded it.
The sensation of his enormous horsekock sliding out from her stretched ass was a mix of relief and longing,
a strange combination that only added to the heady experience. As he slowly pulled back,
Dolores could feel every inch of him leaving her body,
each ridge and vein on his massive shaft sending shivers running up her spine.
His cock glistened with both their juices – an erotic testament to their illicit encounter.
His final withdrawal left a noticeable emptiness inside Dolores – one she couldn’t help but crave
to be filled again soon.
As she felt him retreat completely, she felt a trickle of his warm seed
escape from her now gaping butthole and trail down her inner thighs. The sound was grotesque yet deeply
arousing – being so thoroughly used by such an immense creature sparked a perverse sense
of satisfaction within her. She touched herself gently, relishing in the raw sensitivity that remained
in the aftermath before carefully adjusting her pants back into place over her reddened ass cheeks.
There were still remnants of their encounter trickling down onto the straw beneath them…
A vivid reminder of what had just transpired between them in the dimly lit stable…

It was a sight that Emma would never forget.
She had followed Dolores into the stable, curious about what her girlfriend was up to in the middle of the night.
What she found left her breathless and incredibly aroused.
Dolores lay on the straw-covered floor,still wearing her my little pony t-shirt and with
her joggers,now soaking wet with horsecum and pussyjuice around her ankles revealing her beautiful but clearly used teen ass.
Her hole gaped slightly from where it had accommodated the horse’s massive cock and trails of his
cum were still oozing out of her sweet ass onto the straw beneath her.
The sight was raw and erotic – Dolores’ body gleaming
with sweat under the dim light, post-coital bliss etched across her face as she moaned softly and drooled
onto a bale of hay. The horse stood nearby, its long flaccid cock dripping cum
onto the ground.
Emma felt an intense surge of desire pulse through her at this scene.
Unable to resist any longer,
she quickly dropped down next to Dolores. She pulled down her pyjama bottoms and
started touching herself while watching Dolores’ ass quiver from residual pleasure.
Her fingers moved in sync with each soft moan that escaped from Dolores’
lips – teasing circles around her clit before slipping between wet folds…
The combination of watching both Dolores in such a state and seeing evidence of what just occurred
sent waves upon waves of arousal coursing through Emma’s body… She watched as more semen
trickled out from inside Dolores`s ass, staining both her thighs…
It was so naughty yet deeply arousing for Emma too – feeling so turned on by such an illicit act…
But then again, nothing about them had ever been conventional…
And there they were: two young girls lost in their perverse desires amidst straw bales under dim barnlight…
One lying spent after being claimed by a beast, another pleasuring herself while relishing every detail…
Their moans echoed through the otherwise silent stable,
a symphony of satisfaction that spoke volumes about their shared perversion…

The sight of the stallion approaching Emma seemed to rouse Dolores from her post-coital haze.
She watched, eyes wide and dazed with desire as the horse moved closer to Emma who was still kneeling on
the straw-covered floor, pleasuring herself while gazing at Dolores’ used asshole.
As the massive beast came to a halt next to Emma, its long flaccid cock hanging heavy and dripping with
leftower-cum from his release inside Dolores, she could hardly believe what she was seeing.

The sight of that massive cock so close had her own arousal spiking again.
Emma didn’t hesitate for even a moment before reaching out and wrapping her small hand around his huge shaft.
Her fingers barely met as she held him – he was just too big… And yet,
there was something incredibly erotic about it all… She brought her face closer to his cock,
inhaling deeply – a mix of musky animal scent combined with traces of Dolores’ own essence…
It sent shivers down her spine and made her own pussy clench in anticipation.
Mmmmm, Emma moaned softly as she started licking up the length of his shaft.
Each stroke of her tongue over him tasted like raw sex –
salty and slightly sweet due to their mixed juices still coating him…
Her lips parted further as she took more of him into her mouth…
Sucking gently while swirling her tongue around him…
Her free hand kept working between her thighs where wetness pooled steadily…
All this while, Dolores watched them both – feeling increasingly aroused by this lewd spectacle unfolding before her eyes…
Their shared perversion echoed through the otherwise silent stable once again…
This time however it wasn’t just two young girls lost in their desires but
also included an animal who seemed more than willing to indulge them…

The sudden movement of the horse took Emma by surprise.
She had been gently massaging his heavy balls, her fingers exploring the wrinkled skin while she continued
to suck on his semi-hard member. The beast’s deep neigh echoed through the stable,
a clear sign of his pleasure at her ministrations. But then he moved… His large body shifted forward
and before Emma could react, a significant portion of his cock was shoved past her lips
and down her throat. Emma gagged slightly as she felt him invade further than ever before –
feeling every inch of him stretching out inside. It was an overwhelming sensation but also intensely arousing…
She could taste more of their combined flavours now – salty sweat mingling with Dolores’ sweet essence…
Meanwhile, Dolores lay there with her ass in the air. Her own fingers were busy
pleasuring herself as she heard Emma take all that cock in her mouth. But what really turned her on was
hearing how eager the stallion seemed to be to get closer to Dolores’ pulsating asshole… She could
feel his hot breath against her exposed flesh as he tried to reach for it… And even though
it was physically impossible for him to do so given their positions – just knowing that this
animal wanted another taste made Dolores even wetter… It was all too much:
The sound of Emma gagging & choking on that massive cock, The musky smell filling up their nostrils
Their shared moans echo throughout this desolate barn… Everything about this night
screamed perversion but neither girl seemed willing or even able to stop themselves from
indulging further… Their bodies moved rhythmically together – each lost in their own world yet
somehow still connected by the raw sexual energy coursing through them… This wasn’t just sex anymore…
This was something far more primal and intense….

Dolores: Yes, please fill my ass with your huge horse cock again.
I need it so bad… she moans softly while rubbing her wet pussy.
Emma: licks her lips in anticipation, Oh god, watching you take that massive
cock is making me so wet right now. I want to see it stretching your tight little asshole again…
Dolores gets down on all fours and spreads her ass cheeks wide open for the horse as Emma watches intently.
Dolores: Come on, Mister Horse. Give me everything you’ve got! Fill me up until I can’t take it anymore…
she begs, craving more of his thick and powerful shaft.
Mister Horse eagerly mounts Dolores from behind and begins thrusting into her with wild abandon.
The sound of flesh slapping against flesh fills the room as Dolores screams out in pleasure.

The words from Dolores’ mouth seemed to have an immediate effect on the stallion.
His already semi-hard cock twitched visibly and hardened further –
almost as if in response to her lewd request. Emma watched with wide eyes, her breath hitching at the sight of it…
She could see every vein that lined his massive length, throbbing with anticipation.
It was a sight she would never forget… Dolores turned towards the horse then,
a gleam in her eyes that spoke volumes about her own desires. She moved closer to him,
reaching out to stroke his muzzle gently before planting a soft kiss there. I’m still hungry,
she whispered into his ear, her voice heavy with lust. Will you fill me up again?
Emma’s heart pounded heavily against her chest as she listened to Dolores’ words…
The blatant desire in them sent shivers down her spine even as it made heat pool between her thighs once more.
She watched as Dolores positioned herself once more – ass high in the air and legs spread wide…
Her gaping hole was clearly visible now – still wet and glistening from their previous coupling…
And then she saw it… The way the horse’s cock twitched at this sight… How he stepped forward eagerly,
ready to take what was being offered so willingly… It felt like time slowed down for a moment then:
A single heartbeat stretched out into eternity while they all waited for what came next…
Finally, when he thrust forward – filling up Dolores completely once again –
Emma couldn’t help but let out a moan of pure arousal.
Watching this scene unfold before her eyes had been one thing but hearing
Dolores whimpers beneath him while feeling herself getting wetter by the second.
That was something else entirely…

The sight of the horse’s monstrous cock forcing its way into Dolores’ tight, wet
asshole was something Emma had never experienced before.
The sheer size difference between them made it seem like an impossible act, yet there Dolores was –
her ass stretching around him as he thrust deeper inside her. The sound that filled the barn in response
to this penetration was indescribable… A mix of his animalistic grunting and Dolores’
high-pitched moans echoing off the wooden walls… It created a symphony of
perversion that played like music to their ears…
Emma found herself entranced by it all –
unable to tear her gaze away from where they were connected…
She could see how Dolores clenched around him every time he pulled back only for her hole to gape open once more
when he pushed forward again… It was such a lewd display and one that sent waves of arousal coursing through Emma’s body…
Unable to ignore these feelings any longer, she moved one hand down between her own legs –
fingers sliding easily into her sopping wet slit… As she watched the stallion buttfuck Dolores’ ass relentlessly,
Emma began rubbing at her clit in sync with their movements… Each rough thrust sends jolts of pleasure through
both girls until they were both gasping for breath amidst their shared ecstasy.

The barn echoed with the horse’s loud neigh, a clear indication of his impending release.
Dolores could feel every muscle in his body tense up as he prepared to fill her once more.
His large cock twitched inside her ass,
sending waves of pleasure through her body that only served to heighten her own arousal.
I can feel him… He’s going to cum! she cried out, her voice filled with both excitement and anticipation.
Suddenly, the stallion thrust forward one last time – burying himself deep within Dolores’
stretched butthole before finally releasing his load. The sensation of hot cum flooding into her was overwhelming…
It felt like a warm river was being unleashed inside her – each spurt more powerful than the last…
Dolores moaned loudly at this sensation while Emma watched on in awestruck silence…
She had never seen anything quite so erotic before Her girlfriend taking such a massive load from an animal?
And loving every second of it? She could hear the wet squelching noises that accompanied each spurt –
evidence of just how much he was filling Dolores up… This combined with Dolores’
lewd cries made for an incredibly arousing scene that sent Emma over the edge once more…
As she continued watching them climax together, Emma couldn’t help but reach down between her own legs again –
fingers sliding easily through her dripping folds as she found herself getting off on this perverse display…
This moment right here? This is what pure lust looked like Two young women giving themselves
over completely to carnal desires without any regard for normalcy or decency… And neither girl would have wanted
it any other way…

As the stallion pulled away, his softening cock slid out of Dolores’ stretched hole with a lewd squelching noise
that echoed throughout the barn. It was as if a large, wet sausage had been pulled from a tight vacuum…
A sound that sent shivers down Emma’s spine even as it made her own arousal spike once more.
The sight that followed this disconnection was one neither girl would ever forget: Dolores’ asshole remained gaping open
– still twitching and clenching around nothing long after he’d left her… And then came the cum…
It squirted out in thick globs, each one hitting the floor beneath them with an audible splat!
It pooled around Dolores’ thighs and dripped down onto the hay below –
creating a lewd puddle of evidence showcasing their recent activities…
Dolores lay there in post-orgasmic bliss,
her ass still raised high into the air while she reached down to rub at her soaked pussy…
Her breathy moans filled the barn as she whispered: I want more…
Emma could hardly believe what she was seeing or hearing… The sight of Dolores lying there –
so drenched in sweat and cum yet begging for more? It was too much for Emma to resist…
She moved closer then, drawn towards Dolores like a moth to flame…
Her fingers found their way back between her own legs once again,
rubbing at herself furiously as she watched Dolores bask in ecstasy…

Dolores rose from the floor, her legs shaky and weak.
The remaining cum trickled down her thighs, leaving a sticky trail on her skin.
Emma watched in fascination as Dolores stood there, covered in sweat and horseseed –
a picture of pure debauchery.
Dolores looked around with an almost bashful expression before turning to face Emma.
A soft giggle escaped from her lips as she asked the question that had been looming in the air: Did you like what you saw?
Emma nodded eagerly, licking her lips at the sight of Dolores’ well-used hole still leaking semen.
I think you’ve drained this one for today, she giggled, gesturing towards the stallion who was now lazily munching on some hay.
But there are more horses here, Dolores replied with a mischievous glint in her eyes.
At Emma’s surprised look, she continued: My ass is still hungry…
I want more. And with that bold declaration, Dolores opened the door to another stall and stepped inside –
inviting Emma to join her for yet another round of their perverse game…

The new stall housed a big white horse that had been privy to their previous activities,
evident by his stiff, mostly pink cock. His excited neighing and hoof stomping echoed through the barn,
stirring up an anticipatory tension in both girls.
Emma didn’t hesitate. She dropped to her knees before the massive equine cock,
licking her way up its length with fervor while one hand steadied herself against
the swollen head of his cock and the other fondly massaged his heavy balls.
The taste was musky yet oddly thrilling a testament to their perverse desires.
Meanwhile, Dolores stood there with her night pants pooled around her ankles as she rubbed her beautiful
red-haired pussy against the horse’s muzzle. Her breathy request floated through the air:
Would you please spend some cock on a horny girl?
His answer was an eager snort coupled with heavy panting which sent hot gusts of air onto Dolores’
wet folds – eliciting soft moans from her… Meanwhile, Emma gagged and gurgled on his large meat below,
saliva dripping down her chinn as she took him deeper into her mouth.

The sight and sounds of Emma sucking, slurping, and slobbering on the massive cock
sent waves of arousal through Dolores.
Her eyes locked with Emma’s as she watched her take the thick fuckmeat deeper down her throat.
It was a sinful sight – one that had Dolores’ heart pounding in her chest and wetness pooling between her thighs.
The muffled moans escaping from Emma were music to Dolores’ ears it was clear that pleasuring this horse
was bringing just as much pleasure to Emma herself… Her hand slipped down between her legs,
fingers massaging at her blonde pussy while saliva dribbled down from the corners of her mouth…
Overflowing spit soaked the front of Emma’s nightshirt, making it cling to every curve of her body…
Each gagging noise she made only served to make Dolores more eager for what would come next…

Dolores found a hay bale and laid down on her back, spreading her legs to reveal her beautiful red-haired and wet pussy
to both the horse and Emma. The horse neighed loudly in acknowledgment before lumbering over towards Dolores,
pulling his long cock out of Emma’s mouth with a wet pop. He wants pussy now, giggled Emma,
panting and spitting out the excess saliva from sucking off the stallion.
The impatient horse positioned himself above Dolores,
his massive member swinging from side to side, throwing pre-cum and saliva all over the place as he shifted his weight.
That delicious horse cock is going into my ass, declared Dolores boldly as she grabbed onto it,
guiding it toward her dripping hole. Emma gasped at the sight when the stallion seemed to sense
something tight against his tip – he pushed forward hard burying himself deep into Dolores’s tight teenage ass
in one swift motion. Dolores gasped for air as she felt herself being stretched wide open by him…

Emma was panting heavily as she watched her best friend’s ass being abused by yet another horse.
The stallion pounded Dolores’ tight hole with such force that the air was filled with wet squishing sounds,
mixed in with his excited neighs and Dolores’ rhythmic moans. The sound of the massive cock pumping in and out of
Dolores’ slick, stretched asshole aroused Emma to no end.
The squelching and slurping as it was being pushed in and pulled repeatedly out of that wet but still tight ass.
She could feel her own pussy clenching at the sight –
a telltale sign that she was nearing climax… And then it hit her – a wave of pleasure that left her breathless and shaking…
Her juices flowed down her thighs as she rode out the orgasmic waves, eyes still glued to the erotic scene before her…

Dolores clamped a hand over her mouth, muffling the cries of pleasure as she screamed out.
Cum in my little ass, horse! Cum in my ass! The stallion only seemed to take this as a challenge and quickened his pace,
thrusting harder into Dolores’ tight asshole. I’m coming… Oh god, I’m coming! Dolores shrieked in ecstasy before wetness
gushed from her pussy – she was uncontrollably peeing herself in the throes of orgasm. Emma stood there in shock and awe watching
the half-naked teenage girl squirting all over her own pubes and belly and on the horse’s big fuckmeat while being filled by the massive
equine cock. The sight was too much for their equine partner who let out a loud neigh as he unloaded several litres of
hot semen deep within Dolores’ rectum. His climax was powerful – so much so that it sent jolts through his body
causing him to jerk sporadically which inadvertently pushed his cum further up into Dolores’ abused butthole…

The stallion seemed clearly exhausted after the intense session and reluctantly pulled away from Dolores,
his long limp cock leaving her teenage ass with a wet, suction-like pop, Semen gushed out of Dolores’ stretched hole like a fountain.
as the horse’s cock fell nearly to the ground, droplets of cum dripping off it. Emma couldn’t resist –
she quickly put the flaccid fuckmeat in her mouth,
feeling the leftover semen slide down her throat and into her belly as she moaned wildly.
Meanwhile, Dolores sat up on the hay bale, stroking and kissing the horse’s muzzle while whispering sweet compliments to him.
I love you, she cooed at him before adding that she wanted to fuck even one more horse before heading home for bed.
Emma stood there with the equine cock still in her mouth shocked by what she had just heard but also incredibly aroused…

Dolores beckoned the other horse that was standing there, watching.
aw, Poor thing, having to watch your brothers have all the fun,
she cooed sympathetically as cum continued to leak out of her stretched asshole.
The second stallion neighed in response and began moving towards Dolores,
his long flaccid cock swinging from side to side with each step he took.
With a mischievous glint in her eyes, Dolores reached out for the approaching equine member while Emma watched on,
still tasting the remnants of their first partner’s cum in her mouth…

With a teasing smile, Dolores called out to Emma.
*Would you come here and lend me a hand, sweet Emma?*
She pointed at the long soft cock that was just hanging there in front of her.
Emma pulled the first horse’s fuckmeat from her mouth and moved over to help Dolores with the new one.
Taking hold of the lengthy flaccid shaft, she gave it an experimental shake –
fascinated by its weight and rubbery texture. She gasps – *This one is bigger than the last*…
she observed aloud as she stuck out her tongue eagerly, ready to take it into her mouth…
The sight of Emma about to pleasure another stallion sent a thrill through Dolores’ body.
Her own hole twitched in anticipation for what was about to transpire next…

Dolores sat upright on the hay bale, watching as Emma devoured that horsecock.
She was impressed by how well Emma managed to accommodate almost all of it in her throat without choking.
The sound of Emma gagging, slurping, and sucking seemed to turn the stallion on immensely.
Emma had to pull away eventually before the hardening cock strained her jaw too much.
Dolores leaned forward and kissed the horse sensually on his muzzle, whispering into his ear,
Do you want a slightly used butthole full of your brother’s cum? Because I have a very hungry ass for you here…
Emma spat out the cock and responded with a giggle, Yes, her tight butthole is always hungry for some quality equine-meat mister horse,
while eagerly guiding it towards Dolores’ exposed cumfilled asshole…

Dolores laid back as the horse positioned himself over her.
Emma guided his cock between Dolores’ ass cheeks, stopping when it met resistance at her tight hole.
She began stroking and caressing the entire length of his fuckmeat, watching as it attempted to force its way into Dolores.
I can already tell he’s much larger than his brothers, Dolores moaned,
trying to stretch open her ass with her own hands as best she could.
Emma assisted by starting to stroke the horse off in hopes of helping him penetrate Dolores’ tight rear end.
The sight was something out of a wild fantasy: two young women eagerly submitting themselves to this beastly pleasure…

Dolores`s asshole is still so tight that when the horse pushes himself on,his entire cock was under tension,
slightly bending it while we wait for her ass to open up enough for the cockhead to slide in…
When her ass finally opened up a bit, the head pushed itself into her, with a wet squelching noise.
Dolores moans like a whore.
He paused for a few seconds before slowly but stirdy forcing the rest of his long cock up into her entire ass, while he whinnied loudly.
The teen is gasping for air.
Emma just stands there with the first horse`s cock in her mouth,and watches, moaning along with her as she sees the horse’s cock just disappearing into her ass.

Dolores whimpered in both pain and pleasure, confirming that he was indeed larger than his brothers.
After a brief moment of adjustment, the rest of the massive cock slid all the way into her petite ass.
The stallion paused then, perhaps just savouring how fucking good it felt to have his entire cock sheathed within a tight,
warm teenage asshole before pulling back out and thrusting back in brutally.
The horse couldn’t last more than seconds inside the tight teen`s ass.
With a loud snort and buck of his hips, he unloaded his hot seed deep inside Dolores`s ass.
The sensation of being filled so suddenly and completely was overwhelming, causing her to let out a cry of ecstasy.

Emma continued to suck the first horse’s cock while eagerly watching Dolores.
Laid on her back, legs spread wide with a horse cock pumping so much cum that it squirted out from between her
tight butthole and his shaft.
The sound and sight of it cause Emma to moan loudly in shock and awe.
She could hear Dolores screaming and moaning in pleasure and exhaustion as the stallion
continued to pump wildly into her. The sight of Dolores being filled to capacity was incredibly perverse and erotic,
causing Emma’s own arousal to spike even higher. The wet squelching sounds of the horse’s ejaculate filling
Dolores`s ass was loud enough that she could hear them over her own heavy breathing… Then something unexpected happened –
so much semen was pumped into Dolores’ rear end that it began to fill up her belly, causing a gurgling sound.
Emma watched in stunned silence as cum started trickling out of Dolores’ mouth.
The horse finally stops pumping and fucking and pulled his now soft, yet still enormous, cock out of Dolores.
With a wet and loud ‘pop’, it fell from her ass, followed by the sound of liters
of warm stallionmilk gushing out her gaping ass and splashing onto the floor beneath them.
Dolores sat up gasping for air as semen continued to pour like a waterfall from her gaping asshole.

Dolores: inhales heavy – Oh my fucking god! That felt so good!
she pauses for a few seconds and giggels *I can’t believe how much cum was inside me, I fucking love it*

Dolores and Emma exchange a knowing look,
both feeling satisfied and exhausted from their sexual encounter with
the horses.

Dolores: let’s go back to our room before someone catches us.
Emma: giggles I don’t think anyone would believe what we’ve been up to anyway.

Dolores gets up slowly, still feeling the aftermath of the intense pleasure she experienced.
Dolores: smiling You’re right. Let’s go rest for a bit.

Emma laughs when Dolores tries to pull up her joggers, cause they are soaking wet with horsecum, making Dolores blush.
Emma: wait a second… she leans in and kisses Dolores passionately I can’t get enough of you.
I love seeing you used like this,she says.
your beautiful red long but messy hair full of hay, with your t-shirt still on and your cumwet pants around your ankles,exposing your beautiful redhaired pussy,
while horsecum is dripping from your ass and down into your panties and shoes.

Dolores responds eagerly to Emma’s kiss, her body still craving more pleasure.
Dolores: Mmm…I love it when you say things like that.
Emma: And I love seeing you like that.
*Dolores giggles as she takes off her wet joggers and walk bottomless out of the stable together,
heading back towards their room where they can finaly get some well earned rest.
Dolores puts some fingers in her ass,scooping out some cum and gives Emma a earned taste.
with all that stallion cream in my ass, I am my own birthday cake – she giggles.
Emmas: giggles You’re such a dirty girl, Dolores.

Dolores: And you love it.
Emma: Of course, I do.

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    oh wow.. please continue. maybe younger girls… 🙂

    • Equine Tales ID:2xm3ffvv9b

      Thank you so much for your appreciation of my story. I have three more stories that are nearly complete, they just need a bit of final polishing. When it comes to the age of the girls in my stories, I prefer to maintain a certain level of realism. However, who knows? If I find it fitting for the narrative, perhaps I could consider lowering their ages slightly.