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Surprise in the Kitchen PART 3

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And they say dogs don’t like kitty’s well my boys love mine.

It seems like every thing gets started in the kitchen lol. Well I just about wake up to a beautiful oral session from my three boys. Always leaving me weak kneed and giving me mind blowing mom stop orgasms till their thirst of my pussy is completely quenched, and these three big boys have very healthy appetites. Especially when I start cumming, they really dig into my kitty then.
This morning was no different. Except I thought I’d treat my boy’s monster cocks to my pussy if they wanted to fuck. So I didn’t put any clothes on or shower.
I went about my day as normal, cleaning and what not. And my good boys followed me around always sniffing my kitty and general crotch area. With an occasional lick which was like lighting when it happened. If I didn’t know better I’d say that they were teasing me.
I went into the kitchen to clean put. the bottom catch all cabinets, yes I know I was about to get on my hands and knees lol. After all I did want fucked, and I did have to let them know they could if they or one of them chooses to do so. Jack did not disappoint me, he was the first to move in on his prey. He ran his tongue up the back side of my pussy and my ass. Mmmmm did that feel great. He sent shivers through my body. I knew he settled in for his ongoing creamy meal to come.
It didn’t take long before I felt Jim join for his share of my pussy. One rimming my ass and the other working the inside of my lower pussy. Finally Beam joined licking and nibbling my clit.
It wasn’t long and they was getting what they desired. And my body was totally owned by them till they decide to release me from their controll. I laid on my back for them and me to completely enjoy every moment. But Beam straddled me in a 69 still working on my clit while the other two laid between my legs. Consumed with lust. As I came over and over I was remembered that big beautiful doggy cock in my pussy and how much pleasure it gave me.
I found myself wanting to give it as much pleasure I received from it. Then found my self reaching for it with blind lust and started to stroke it. Showing his approval he humped back in my hand. It started to grow in my hand making me think and picture it growing in my pussy. And now I wanted nothing but to taste it and feel his hot cum shoot into my throat.
I patted his side and as if he knew Beam turned and now that pink beautiful cannon was was now in my face waiting to be pleased. As if under his control I wrapped both hands end to end around it and stroking I guided the pink/ red monster to my open mouth.
Even with both hands on it there was still enough doggy cock to fill my mouth. Now my new boy was fucking my hands and mouth. And lack and Jim continued to enjoy the juice they were continually received. I felt the big baseball sized not against my hand. I knew what would happen when I let it get in the grasp of my hand. So I prepared by sliding back off his cock with my mouth as it slid into my hand. With a few short pumps Beam let that cannon blast the first long shot of cum straight down my throat with so much force it didn’t even gag me. Which made me squirt again.
Jack and Jim loved that as much as I did, they literally started to suck and eat my pussy which put me in cum mode one after the other. Beam gave my mouth 7 huge loads of his yummy. doggy cum

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  • Reply watcher ID:n2ahpc2d9j

    Very hot story. I hope this storyline continues awhile before you start something new.
    Every story you write is amazing. Thank you.

  • Reply Bob ID:3tlp9yw8hrb

    Very hot and sexy!!!
    Love, sucks and fucks,

    [email protected]


  • Reply Dick02 ID:8ldlnvp20j

    Thank you for your comment

  • Reply Tease me ID:10o3j3yjhrd

    That is so hot. I love the taste of doggy cum almost as much as man cum

    • Joe ID:1ek56s78ra

      ive eaten a females dogs pussy.
      [email protected] email me would love to share experiences

    • watcher ID:n2ahpc2d9j

      Everybody that I have known who has actually tasted dog cum loves the taste.