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The beach

Hi. My wife and myself Jill went camping one long vacation weekend. But first I want to give you a little background about her. She is a looker and was most comfortable in those stretch... # # # #

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Detour 2

The next morning I got up and 2 of the guys were up and simi hard in the kitchen. They made coffee I joined them naked of course. They grinned and said there’s our girl. I noticed... # # # #

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Our Vacation

My husband is on the wild side and he loves me wearing sexy and some what revealing clothes. He is so obsessed with those dare porn movies and flashing ones too. He has even hinted... # # #

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Fun in the Park

Hi im Paula I’m 30 and no kids anyhow I was baby sitting my sister little boy one Saturday after lunch I took him to the park in my condo development just behind my unit. When... # # # #

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Poker Night

I have a couple of good friends come over pence a week for friendly poker night. Its been going on fpr.years now. My wife didn’t mind because she got along with them really good... # # # #

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Dog Park Frolic

Hi I’m Jennifer. It was Saturday morning my boyfriend stayed the night. We just had amazing sex then the phone rang. It was my mom wanting me to take her dog to the doggy park... # # #

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Blind seduction

I was in the tub and I heard the door open and close. Thinking it was my wife I asked for a new bar of soap. She told me to shhh and whispered telling me to close my eyes. And if I... # # #

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Camping with my Daughter 2

looked up at me and said ” I love you Daddy” Amy continued to suck and lick my cock for a while before snuggling into my arms. I kissed her cheek and told her. ” I love you... # # #

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A Summer to remember part 3

stoped and grinned. And told him to call them in here By then Jimmy was sitting on the couch enjoying his blowjob when Jake and Mike walked in. The back of the couch was towards them... # # #

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Mistaken Identity

My dad had a important. Out of town meeting and couldn’t make his date with mom so he asked me to stand in for him. Unwillingly I did. They were going. On a Halloween hike in... # #

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Surprise in the Kitchen. Part 4

I had enough time to clean up before my boyfriend came home. But I can’t wait till the morning because there is one more doggy cock that needs to fuck my mouth. Now I don’t... # #

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Surprise in the Kitchen PART 3

And they say dogs don’t like kitty’s well my boys love mine. It seems like every thing gets started in the kitchen lol. Well I just about wake up to a beautiful oral session from... # #

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Another surprise in the kitchen

I actually have been thinking about a third dog. Hi,Jill again. All was going good with my secret. It was almost like the dogs knew our playtime was taboo. When one or both wanted my... # #

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Surprise in the kitchen

Im Jill I’ve been dating my bf now for two years when he asked me to move in with him. Jan, my bff had two male German shepherds. Being I’ve never been around dogs, I knew... # #

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Loving Daughter

I rubbed her leg, she stopped and told daddy that your daughter told you that you should ask me those questions. And took him back into her mouth Daddy jumped and turned a light on,... # # # #

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Questioning Daughter #4

I don’t know how many times I came that morning, but I do know how hard and how much he came when he finished in my mouth The combined taste of us was great. Sucking my cum off... # # #

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Questioning Daughter# 3

I stoped after I knew I had greedily takin the last drop that I could suck from his cock. Then I stood up took his hand and lead him to his bedroom. Laid down in his arms, kissed him... # # #

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Questioning Daughter #2

Then it happened the first blast went straight down my throat the second one made me gag a little, the third one I was ready for.. I could feel his cock start to pump as he came in... # # #

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My life with Mary 2.5

What was cool about the relationship Mary and I had with Bob never changed after the first 3sum. We still hung out did everything together, and Bob was never a third wheel. This is... # #

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Mary meets Jenny

Mary and I go bar hopping and we ran into my aunt Jenny at the second place we stoped at. Jenny seen us walking in and started to wave her hand as I glanced across the place, seeing... # # #

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