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Cat: Incest

Cum Slut Making

My dad took my virginity as a child. He would eat my pussy before I went to bed and so many other things. He would nut on my body or face, he use to jack his dick off and cum on top... # # #

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Cousin, Dildo, and Bro

I never realized how resourceful our church secretary is. She managed to get us a super long, double sided dildo that my 13-year-old cousin asked for. # #

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Adventure Mom Part 1

I dig my face into her fragranced wet black streaks of hairs and ran my hand all over her back. I caressed her wet hairs with my hand to my heart’s… #

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My Near House Aunt

An sex that done between my near house aunt,My sister also have enjooye the sex.We all have enjoyed the sex whole day. # #

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Family get together Part 1

this Christmas Eve 2019 my family always has Christmas get together. This year it was hosted at my house one of my Nieces Reyna (Rey) who is a 12 year old (2019) and is tall for her... # #

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Would a Dog care?

It has been another years since my dog rape experience and the babysitting incident, which both made my sexuality and brain twisting. # #

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Good Selective Kids

Nobody has met Patty’s boyfriend until now. No wonder. She’s a secretary for our church, and her boyfriend is her father. They’ve been fucking since she was a teen. Lucky! # # #

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All in the Family

On the evening of January 26, Mr. Willis visited an apartment where Nelyen M.,a distant relative of his , lived. Living in the apartment were also Nelyen’s 13-year-old son, Rasheed... # #

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Grandma Madeline

My grandma Madeline was one of the best sex partners I’ve ever had. She passed away quite a few years ago and I’m ready to share our forbidden love stories. #

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Pounding my daughter

I live alone with my daughter as my slut. She comes home from school and gets fucked all day by her own father. We are both addicted. # #

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Merry Fuckmas

I gave myself to my son for Christmas. How? Well I’m his bitch now. His very own mother. I gave his cock a ticket to go right back into where it came from. He owns me. #

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Mommy slave and the master

His shy mom who is also very obedient was a easy target once the son found the “right way”, so she became the perfect slave #

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Naughty and Ice (fb Sibs)

Well, I guess my little brother, Jake got into the mocha dad made this morning, because he was wired. In the car, on the way out to go last minute shopping first, and then in the store,... # # #

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Sex with aunt

It was July when I was just 16 years old. My grandmother died so I had to go for her funeral she stayed with my uncle (my father elder brother).. one night I was sleeping with her. # #

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Boarding School Business 2

I only learned a short while ago what other parts of this high end school there are. One girl I talked to was given a “recommendation” by a priest – like her dad,... # #

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Boarding School Business

I was very upset recently because I was told I am being sent to a boarding school the year before I go away to college. Dad is going away and wants me safe. He has no idea… #

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Naked footage of my sister

I have had a fantasy about my sister since I was 18 years old and over the years I have masturbated over her dirty knickers and often had her in my thoughts when playing with myself.... #

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Real Bahan ki chudai

Hi Dosto Mai aapke saamne meri real story leke aaya hun or ye Meri first story hai agur aapko pasand aaya to mai aage bhi likhunga #

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incest my mum

long story short i fucked my mum in public so we got all the shit my mum wanted, food, clothes, some Cd’s and we walk pass Ann summers, yes the Ann summers. i look at a great linge # #

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Tommy’s Mom

In high school, a group of us hung out at our friend Tommy’s house just about every other weekend. We would hang out and play video games, watch movies, and the coolest thing... # #

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Good kids

Im lucky that I get to have a brother who fucks me so much and that he gets how I want our dad. We believe in being patient because its already paying off with a hot secretary. # #

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no regrets part8

I had been away 11 months but returned home for christmas leave I had spoken to sis many times on the phone but last time I spoke she said with a quiver in her voice that she had started... #

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no regrets part7

its now the mid 70’s both my older brother and both older sisters had jobs and left home and I was soon leaving to join the defence force I never tried to fuck my older sister... #

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no regrets part6

It now the early 70’s im 14 years old and my sis is 9 or 10 I stopped going to my sisters room as every time I got up my younger brother kept waking up and asking where I was... #

707 words | 2 |4.75

no regrets part5

I had been ill with the flu and just got over it so hadn’t gone into my sisters room for over a week It was saturday morning and decided to go to the beach early I asked mum and... #

992 words | 3 |4.63

no regrets part4

All I could think about was sex and I was thinking about my older sister her breasts her pubic hair and her smell and the way she tasted so the next night I again enter the room of... #

703 words | 2 |4.29

no regrets part3

Disaster had struck my dad had divided the front enclosed veranda and made it into 2 bedrooms my eldist sister had a room to herself and my 2 other sisters sharded the other so that... #

655 words | 1 |4.73

no regrets part2

from part 1 Next morning was a school day so it was always busy my younger sister acted normally but I was scared she would tell mum so the whole of the week I stayed in my own bed.On... #

527 words | 3 |4.20

no regrets part1 – My sister

(Part one) Back in he 1960’s my parents lived in a small house.They had 6 children 3 boys and 3 girls. I was around 9 and my youngest sister was 4 or 5.Some how along the way... #

305 words | 9 |3.69