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Naughty little girl

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I walked in on my daughter pleasuring herself while watching porn on her new laptop. I decided to help her give her little pussy what it craved.

On Boxing Day I had to pop out to the shops for some milk and eggs, I asked my daughter Fiona if she wanted to go with me but she was too happy playing in her bedroom with all her new toys she got for Christmas, so as I was only going to be 10 minutes I left her at home.

When I got back I’d bought her a treat, some chocolate glazed donuts, “Fiona, I’m back. I got something for you.” I said as I came in to the house, I put the milk and eggs away in the fridge and opened the box of donuts, but she hadn’t come stampeding down the stairs as she normally does, “Fiona?” I shouted up.

After getting no response I took the box of donuts upstairs, I pushed open her bedroom door, “Look what I’ve got.” I said as I entered.

I almost dropped the box of donuts on the floor when I saw what she was doing, one of the presents I got her for Christmas was a laptop, it was her first one, she was laying on her bed naked, the laptop was on her pillow, she had headphones plugged on, there was a porn video playing on the screen and she was fingering herself.

I walked over to her and for a brief moment found myself staring at her naked body and watching her pushing her finger up her pussy, she had her eyes closed so she didn’t see me and she couldn’t hear me because she had headphones on.

Seeing my little girl like this was actually a big turn on, I wasn’t expecting her to be doing this kind of stuff for a few more years yet, but she looked and sounded like she was having a great time, I adjusted the crotch of my pants because I was starting to get an erection.

I kneeled down and placed the box of donuts on the floor beside me, and I watched her do her thing for a short time, I couldn’t bare it any longer, I had to get in on this action, so I reached over and rubbed my hand down the smooth curve of her little bald pussy and pushed my finger in with hers.

She opened her eyes and her body jumped, “Uh – Dad?!?!?” she stuttered, pulling her finger out of her hole, but I left mine in.

“Enjoying yourself, love?” I asked, she threw off her headphones and looked shocked and confused, and she moaned with pleasure as I continued to finger her tight hole, “Why don’t you lay back down and let daddy take care of this for you.” I said.

She slowly lowered herself back on the bed and laid down, she relaxed and closed her eyes again, enjoying her old dad fingering her hole.

As I slid my finger in and out of her I could feel how tight she was, she was soaking wet and I felt the soft ridges and bumps around the rim of her tunnel, it made my cock throb and extend further, I pulled my finger out of her and started to undress.

“Daddy – why did you stop?” she asked, looking very displeased with me.

After taking off my shirt I stood up, kicked off my shoes and pulled down my pants and boxer shorts as quickly as I could, she sat up on her side and smiled when she saw my erection, she looked at my cock and then glanced at her laptop to see what the girl in the video was doing to the guy, she glanced back and forth a couple of times, “Can I play with it?” she asked.

I stepped closer to the bed, “Yes you can.” I replied, and then she reached out and put her grip around it and copied what the girl was doing in the video.
She tugged on my cock for a minute or two and then picked a piece of lint off my tip before lowering her head and licking up the underside of my shaft, she giggled and looked up at me, “It’s like a warm lolly-pop.” She said, then she continued licking and then began to suck on my tip as I resumed fingering her hole.

I pulled the headphones out of the laptop, allowing the sound from the video to be heard out loud, hearing all those sexual sounds just made me stiffer and I was craving Fiona’s little pussy, “Okay, lay back down.” I instructed and I got on to the bed and positioned myself between her little skinny legs.

“Are you going to put it in there now?” she asked.

“You bet your sweet little ass I am, Kiddo.” I replied.

I am a big bloke and she is only tiny and there wasn’t enough room between her legs to accommodate my wide hips so her legs were pushed really far apart as I lowered myself between them, with her little body underneath me and her tilting her head back, looking up at me and smiling, I pushed the tip of my cock between her soft flaps and began to slid it inside.

I could feel her little hole widening, my thick cock stretching it open, my cock felt super sensitive though, already teetering on the edge of ejaculation, she closed her eyes tight and screamed in pain, “Ungh – Arrgh!”, I was 3 of my 6 inches inside her.

“Just a bit more.” I said, “Nearly there.” I added, and continued to push it inside.

“Argh!” she screamed and she started to cry.

I was 5 inches inside her when I decided to pull back, then forward again, and after a few more times it got easier and I started to thrust it inside her, getting a good rhythm going and I was fucking her her tight little pussy, “Oh yeah – there we go.” I groaned.

“Argh – Ungh – Ung – Argh” she moaned and moaned.

“It’s okay, darling. I’m sorry if it hurts but this is what your pussy needs. I promise you.” I said.

I pounded my little girl for 2 or 3 minutes, hear her cried was hurting me inside, I didn’t like hearing her crying, but I couldn’t stop, her pussy was just too good and her first time was always going to be painful, I figured I may as well to finish what I’d started.

My balls started to tingle, “I’m cumming. Daddies cumming, baby.” I groaned, humping her harder.

“Ungh – Ungh – Ungh!” she moaned and cried.

I finally released and shot my load off inside her, “Oooah – Oah yeah – Baby – Oh shit.” I groaned with orgasm as I filled her up, her pussy was so tight it made me ejaculated so much spunk, her tight pussy squeezed every drop out of me.

As soon as I was finished I sat up and lifted her on to my lap, I held and hugged her tightly, rocking her back and forth, “Shush. It’s okay. It’s over now. Shush.” I whispered, until she eventually calmed down and stopped crying.

She slapped me on my arm, “You hurt my fanny.” She said.
“Sorry, baby. Daddy got carried away.” I replied.

It turned out fine in the end, she’d lost her virginity so she’d gotten through the worst pain she’ll ever experience during sex, we played games, I cheered her up and made her laugh by putting donuts on my cock and letting her eat them off my erection, while she was nibbling on the bottom donut her teeth kept tickling my balls and it made me ejaculate, my spunk trickled over the other donuts, giving them an extra glaze.

She chowed down and ate the donuts off my cock, including the top one which was covered in my thick sperm.

Another porn video started to play and the woman was on top of the man this time, Fiona asked if we could do that, I said yes, and my little girl rode my cock like a proper champion.

We’ve enjoyed having sex together over the last week and she now sleeps in my bedroom every night so we can have fun in bed all the time, my cock is now her favourite toy.

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