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Boys are better than men

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I spied on a woman giving a young boy a blowjob in the park and I liked what I saw, we became friends and ended up sharing his cock.

This is a true story and it happened at the beginning of December.

I was in the city park sitting on a bench by the lake and I was feeding some bread to the pigeons, a few meters away, by another bench, I saw a woman around the same age me, maybe a bit older, 18-21, there was a young boy with her and he was standing by the lake throwing small rocks in to the water, I thought she must have been his babysitter or big sister, she was too young to be his mother.

He ran over to her and started to pull on her arm to get her attention, she was busy on her phone and telling him off for bothering her, but he kept nagging at her and he was getting louder and louder, that is what initially got my attention, I like a bit of drama.

The boy was fiddling with his crotch and jumping up and down and my first thought was he was probably desperate for the toilet, that’s why he was making such a big fuss, then she stood up, held his hand and began to walk away, as they walked off I then realised the public toilets in the park were in the other direction, I hadn’t seen them in the park before and thought maybe they were new to the area and didn’t realise.

So I got up and walked after them, just going to be a good Samaritan and let her know they were heading the wrong way, they started walking across the grass heading towards the bushes, they didn’t hear me and kept walking, then I thought, “Okay, maybe he’s going to pee in the bushes.”, but he shouldn’t have to do that, so I continued in my pursuit of them.

They vanished behind the bushes and I caught up shortly after, but I couldn’t see them, as I turned around to walk back to my bench, I heard voices coming from inside the bushes, when I stepped in to the bushes I was shocked at what I saw happening.

The woman was kneeling in the dirt, the boy was standing in front of her with his pants around his knees, her head was moving up and down near his crotch and as I moved in to a better position to see more clearly, I saw that she was giving the boy a blowjob.

I don’t know why but I took out my phone and started to film it while hiding from their view, the boy had his hands on his hips and his head tilted back, he was smiling with his eyes closed and he was gently thrusting his cock in to her mouth.

A few minutes went by and then she stopped sucking and started to jerk it instead, holding the tip of his cock about an inch from her open mouth, the boy then put his hands on her shoulders and I saw him ejaculate in to her waiting mouth, then she wiped her mouth on her coat sleeve, I assumed she’d swallowed it because I didn’t see her spit it out, then she helped him pull up his pants and they walked out of the bushes holding hands.

I couldn’t believe what I’d seen that day, when I got home I spent all night watching the video I’d recorded over and over again, even zooming in to make sure I wasn’t mistaken about what I saw happening, she was definitely sucking on his cock, and it got me curious about them.

For the next few days I went back to the park and sat on the same bench every day, staying there almost all day long, hoping to see them again in the park, it wasn’t until nearly a week later and I was about to give up that I saw them again.

They walked right by me and sat on the same bench they were at before, the boy ran over to the lake and threw rocks in again, I decided to go over to the woman and I sat next to her on the bench, “Hello.” I said.

“Good afternoon.” She replied, busy on her phone like last time.

“Is he yours?” I asked, knowing full well he wasn’t, but I just wanted to start a conversation.

She laughed, “God no. My step-brother.” She replied.

“Oh – right.” I said, “I have a nephew about his age. What is he, ten?” I asked.

“Nearly twelve.” She replied.

Then I got inpatient and just came out with hit, I shuffled up so I was right next to her and I told her that I’d followed her that day and that I’d seen what they were doing in the bushes, even showing her the video on my phone as proof, she put her phone in her pocket and looked at me, she was shaking and looking scared.

“Are you a cop?” she asked me.

“No. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. – I’m just curious.” I replied.

“About what?” she asked.

“Do you do that a lot with him?” I asked.

She eventually opened up to me, and explained that he had problems with aggressive behaviour and the only way to calm him down was to relieve those tensions, sexually, and that he had become addicted to sexual acts, I asked her if maybe I could help, yes, I know, I’m a pervert now, but I had become very curious about what it would be like to do things with a young boy.

She called him over, his name is Simon, and introduced us, we talked for a little while and then he started playing with his crotch again just like last time I saw him, he was pulling on her arm and wanting to leave, “Duty calls.” She said, then she stood up but before they walked away I suggested that they come back to my place, “It’s more private and a lot warmer than the bushes.” I said.

She agreed and we all rushed off back to my apartment.

We got there and I made us a hot drink, they made themselves comfortable in my living room and we were talking again when Simon started getting aggressive with her and demanding to have his cock sucked, “You see what I mean. I’m sorry, I need to deal with this.” She said.

“That’s okay. Do you want to use my bedroom?” I asked.

But before she could answer me, Simon pulled his pants down and sprung his erect cock in to her face, she just started to suck it right there, I watched her slurp on his cock while folding his hairless balls, I almost drooled while sipping my coffee, Simon looked so happy getting his cock sucked, I mean properly happy, he was the happiest kid I’d ever seen.

He then pushed her head off his cock and walked over to me and wiggled it near my face, “What?” I asked.

“You do it.” He said.

“Me?” I asked, surprised by the offer, but intrigued.
“Yes. Suck it.” He said, in a cute but demanding tone.

I reached out and rubbed his cock, he had a good length for a boy his age and he was very aroused, it was a rock solid erection, I decided to kneel on the floor as opposed to leaning over while sitting on the sofa, and I started to suck on his nice juicy cock.

His sister had done most of the work and within seconds I felt his ejaculation splatter against the back of my throat, he too me by surprise and I had no choice but to swallow it down, I slurped my lips off his cock, licking the last drop of spunk from his tip, “Wow – you’re a really good boy, aren’t you.” I said.

“Yeah.” He replied, pulling his pants back up before racing in to my kitchen and helping himself to my cookie jar.

I talked to his sister some more and she told me that he likes to do more than getting his cock sucked, I didn’t believe her, he couldn’t possibly do that at his age, so to prove it to me we all went in to my bedroom.

She and Simon both took their clothes off and she laid on the bed, Simon jumped up and they both played around for a while until he got an erection, then I stood and watch in total amazement as Simon climbed on top of her and started fucking her, it wasn’t the fact he was a young boy, it was the way he was doing it, he was pounding her pussy extremely hard and she was moaning so loud and enjoying it.

“Holy shit!” I said in disbelief.

When he finished he just rolled on to his back smiling and laughing, she was on her back gasping for air, he’d fucked her brains out, “Want to try?” she gasped.

She didn’t have to ask me twice, I immediately removed all of my clothes and got on to the bed as she crawled off of it, Simon happily rolled on top of me, he playfully bit my nipple, which hurt, but I didn’t complain, he frantically rubbed his semi-erect cock on my pussy and it took him a few minutes to get hard again, but once he did, “Oh my god!”, he drove his cock in to my hole and began to pound me.

This boy was insane, so full of energy, but fuck me he was good at what he did, “Oh – Ungh! – Fuck!” I moaned, it wasn’t the size of his cock, it was the speed at which he fucked me that was most enjoyable, he was like a human vibrator, stimulating every one of my sexual senses, he made me orgasm quickly, he was laughing while he fucked me, to him it was a game, to me it was the best sex I’d ever had.

I didn’t want it to end but it wasn’t up to me, he cock made the decision for him, I felt his cock swell against my inner walls and then the sweet sensation of his pre-teen seed shooting out of it and flooding my chamber, the boy had good sperm production, I could feel it was a large load, I guess boys are really at their sexual peak when they are his age.

Sadly they had to leave shortly afterwards but we kept in contact and his sister and I have become good friends, we both enjoy satisfying Simon’s sexual needs, he’s actually put me off men for life, who needs a man when a boy can do a better a job.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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    Hi I’m 9 and I have same inssues it’s bad addiction I have not sure how to get over it

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  • Reply My name is Carlito ID:5u0zlwr6i9

    I Enjoy Reading your story and I would Like to know More About you and That Little Boy simon’s and if so my Hangout information is [email protected] I will be waiting for your invite

  • Reply Tiberius ID:7zv2v6s5d1

    Some of you readers may have encountered my responses to stories where I talks about a school friend who was 13 and I 10. We both fucked his younger sister and once his drunk mother after a pool party. This how all that started … I was 9 and we were in the school shower after track practice. I noticed his erection and he saw me looking. I don’t remember what he said exactly but it was close to “want to know what I do with that?” Next thing I know it was in my mouth and then soaped up in my ass. What surprised me was that I got an erection. At that point I was not yet in puberty (that hit about 6 months later). I felt him throb in my ass and pull out … then he told me to do him. Damn, it felt good!

    His sister gave me a preference for for young girls that I still indulge in but, Mark also gave me the occasional interest in young boys. Thus my ‘screen name”. Like Tiberius, have a couple boy and girl nibble on me is a passion,

    And, yes, I probably am going there 🙂

    [email protected]

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