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Amy Tale/s – My Brother and His Dog/s Pt. 3 (Conclusion)

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So, I just put my brother’s dick in my mouth and sucked it.

My brother and I are both sitting on the couch (naked) after his dog, the boxer, had finished fucking me. I am going to fuck the lab again, my brother has shut the boxer in room, and everything is ready. I had gone to the bathroom and peed, but I still had the boxer’s spunk dripping every now and then, and his scent was all over my pussy. I started walking around and having some discharge, so I bent over, and the lab licked my pussy and asshole, and I repeated this for a bit.

My brother is rubbing his dick sitting on the couch, and he said, am I just supposed to jack off to get something? I said, what do you want? He said, how about a blowjob? Now, I am not crazy about blowjobs, unless the dick really turns me on. I think my brother has a nice dick, but I don’t know if I want to suck it. I said, what, like now? He said, while the lab fucks you. I thought, that’s interesting; and I said to my brother, I will think about it. I continued to walk around and bend over and let the lab lick my pussy clean, and it just felt good when his tongue went up in me. Then I decided I would try and suck my brother’s cock while the lab fucked me.

I went over and got on my knees and I rested my arms on my brother’s thighs and grabbed his 8.5” cock and started stroking it. I was looking back to see what the dog was doing, and I clucked, and the dog made his way to my ass and was licking. I started jacking my brother’s dick and licking his balls and shaft. It was kind of turning me on, I mean, it is taboo (the dog too), just the lust to fuck, and there was an exhilaration to it that is different. It causes and anxious nervous feeling in your gut for some reason that does not occur with other people.

So, I just put my brother’s dick in my mouth and sucked it. The dog jumped up and poked my ass a couple of times, and when I could figure his pattern, I manage to get my pussy in the right spot, and he drove it home. The lab was getting to be a pro at fucking my pussy. The usual sloshing noises from my wet pussy rang out, and I was grunting and moaning with the dog’s rapid thrusts. However, this time, I had my brother’s cock in my mouth occasionally, and sometimes I just laid my head in his lap as the dog frantically hammered.

The dog fucked me longer this time, and then the dog’s knot went in and I grunted, and I felt him shoot the now all too familiar hot liquid, and my pussy enflamed. It is unquestionably a different feeling than a man ejaculating. The dog’s cock was throbbing, and he was stuck enough in my pussy not to come out. I went back to licking my brother’s balls, and up his shaft. Then I started sucking his cock really hard and jacking the shaft while the dog throbbed in my pussy and panted.

I was expecting my brother to take hold of his dick, that is usually what my husband does, but he didn’t. I had his dick head and part of his shaft in my mouth, and my fucking brother got off in my mouth. I spit that salty shit in his lap. I have never had a guy get off in my mouth before. He said, why did you do that? I said, you should have said something. He reached for the towel, but I could not move, the dog was still stuck in me. My brother slid out from under me, and he wiped his cum off, and about 5 minutes passed after that and the dog withdrew. The dog licked himself, and I went to the bathroom, and my brother went upstairs and showered.

I had a towel on, and I shouted upstairs to my brother when I heard the shower stop, and I said, can you see if your wife has some douches. He replied, you can come and check. I walked up to their bedroom, and when I was walking past my brother toward their bathroom, he pulled my towel off. I jerked it back from him, and my boobs were bouncing around, and I said, stop. My brother said, you can just walk around naked. I sort of held the towel to my chest and went in the bathroom and found a douche. I walked back past my brother just holding the towel to my chest, but I am sure he watched my bare ass as I went back downstairs.

I got in the downstairs shower and douched the shit out of my pussy. I dressed again in a shirt and shorts and it was late afternoon on Sunday. I called my parents to check on the kids, and I told them I was staying at my brother’s another night. They knew he was home, I just told them we were watching TV and catching up. We placed an order for some food, and my brother went and picked it up. My mindset at this point was, I am having some fun with all this kinky fucking, and I might as well enjoy it because when I get home it will be months before I can do anything other than masturbate and use toys.

After we ate, we sat back down in the living room on the couch and found something to watch. He got to talking about how excited it was watching the dogs fuck me, and he was wondering if he could get his wife to try it. I said, good luck. It was after dark now, and it had been about 5 or 6 hours since the last dog fucking and the fated blowjob. I noticed my brother was looking at me again, and I said, what, why do you keep looking at me? He said, well I liked the blowjob, but you spit it on me, and it took the thrill out of it. I said, well I am not giving you another blowjob, I don’t trust you. He said, I am not thinking of a blowjob, but I only got to fuck you that one time.

So I said, oh, you are wanting to fuck me again, is that right? My brother said, yes. I started twirling the end of my hair and thinking, do I want to fuck my brother again? And I just sort of thought about it for 30 minutes and watched TV. Finally, I decided to do it. I told my brother, okay, what do you want to do? He said, I want to go in the bedroom and do it, but I want you to get undressed now, and you can finish watching the movie (which had about 20 minutes to go). It was the kind of movie that did not interest my brother, and that is probably why he was staring at me. So I got undressed, and sat there and he watched me. After about 5 minutes, he wanted me to move against the back of the couch arm, and flash my hairy pussy at him, and I did. Time passed, my brother kept looking at me and scratching at his shorts, and the movie ended.

Then my brother said, are you ready? I said, I guess, and I got up and started toward the guest room and my brother followed, probably watching my ass. I started into the room, and my brother said, no, let’s go upstairs. I said, eww, in your bed? [I was thinking about his wife, and it was a little unnerving that he wanted to fuck me in their bed.] He said, yes. I fussed and explained how unsettling that was and after about 5 minutes of that, I gave in and said, okay. There was an awkwardness to actually going up the stairs as I waited for him to go, but he wanted me to walk up first, probably so he could watch my ass again, so I did it, twice, because he said I went up the steps too fast the first time and he made me do it again. It had the added benefit of me coming down the stairs so he could get a frontal of my hairy pussy and boobs shaking as I repeated it for him.

I was just standing in their room, naked, and my brother had removed his clothes, and I wasn’t in the mood per say. I was thinking I would not get any chances when I left and returned home, but at the same time, this is my brother, and there is no romantic attraction. I had just been wanting to feel a cock in me. He asked me to get in the bed, and I did, and he got in between me and started kissing on my breasts. My mind was currently treating this like a utility fuck, like I was paying for his silence and appeasing his wants. Finally, I closed my eyes and tried to imagine something else that would get me going. My brother started moving down my body and found his way to my pussy, and he started going down on me. He did this for about 10 minutes, and with my eyes closed, I started moving my hips slightly. I was getting aroused again.

My brother turned, so that we were in a 69, like he wanted me to do something to him, but I just laid there. He did not say anything, I think he realized he was already pushing his luck. He started hunching like he was trying to hit my tits with his dick, but the distance was wrong if he kept eating my pussy, and apparently, he wanted to lick my pussy more. I had opened my eyes to watch this, and then I started looking at my brother’s dick again. He wasn’t completely hard, he was focused on my pussy, but all of the sudden, I wanted to touch some cock again. I reached up and grabbed my brother’s dick and started stroking it, and he started getting hard. I was getting more excited with each passing minute as my brother licked my pussy and I stroked his cock.

I began to lick his balls because I really do like to lick balls. I kept stroking his dick and licking his balls as he ate my pussy, and I got hot, and I grabbed around his waist and pulled him down on me and said, faster, faster, and I was moaning and panting a little, and he heeded my request and I got off, nothing major, just a normal orgasm. I held him for a few minutes against me then let him go, and he moved off me. He went to fuck me while I was still laying there on my back, and I said, wait, I will turn over. My brother said, no, I want to do it like this. I did not want my brother fucking me face to face, so I said, I like it the other way. He protested, and I eventually gave in. He jacked his dick straight again, and stuck it in me and proceeded to fuck me missionary.

He was upright, but after he got going, he leaned down and started kissing on my breasts. I started enjoying getting fucked, and nature took over. I began moving my hips and I grabbed his back and ass and placed my legs around him and rocked him into an ejaculation. I squeezed my brother down tight into my pussy until his dick totally quit moving and throbbing and held his cock in my pussy until I could tell it was starting to go limp. He moved, I got up, and I used their bathroom. It was now late enough to go to bed, and I came out of the bathroom and told my brother I was going to bed and I started to leave his room. He said, sleep in here? I said, no way, I am not sleeping with you. He said, please, just get in here naked, and sleep up here tonight? We argued back and forth, and he finally convinced me.

I got in the bed, and I laid there for about 5 minutes, but I was uptight now. Then he reached his arm over me, and started rubbing on me. He had slid up against me and I could feel his flaccid cock against my thigh as his hands rubbed my breasts, and down across my body and the hair of my pussy. I could not relax, and it was sort of disgusting me. Finally, I pushed his hand off me, got up, and said, I can’t do this, I am going downstairs to sleep, and I allowed no more room for discussion and left. We got up Monday morning, I dressed in normal clothes and gathered my stuff, and I ate something; but there was an uncomfortable air between me and my brother now. I kept it civil, and said, I need to get back, and he remarked, you can stay here anytime. We said our goodbyes and I left.

Another week passed while I was at my parent, and then me and the kids flew home, and about 4 months later my husband was home from deployment for a year and then he deployed again. The year in between those deployments was normal. There was no unusual sex, and we did family stuff. It seemed to go by fast, and then my husband was gone for another year. When it was just me and the children again, I had visitors fly in, and I returned home to my parents for a month. I plan to tell you about that year in some more tales.

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  • Reply Sam99

    Al the 3 parts were great. I just want to know from where will you begin the inbetween years storyline??

    • Maxdefault

      The order I posted the tales is:

      My Brother and His Dog/s
      Ebony Lesbian
      Black Cock Wrestling
      Poker Wife
      My Brother’s Wife and His Dog/s

      This is the order they actually happened:

      My Brother and His Dog/s (1st)
      My Brother’s Wife and His Dog/s (1.5 Years Later)
      Ebony Lesbian (7 Months Later)
      Black Cock Wrestling (3 Months Later)
      Poker Wife (1 Month Later)


      I could have posted them in order, but that would have made 6 dog fucking tales in a row. In hindsight, maybe I should have just done that, so it would not be confusing. At the time I was trying to share more variety of tales. Thank you for your comment!

  • Reply AP

    Nice continuation of the story. This par played up how fickle a bitch Amy can be (and maybe why her husband keeps deploying).
    Maybe an upcoming visitor will fuck some of the attitude out of her.
    Thanks for the work and sharing your writing!

    • Maxdefault

      Thank you! My husband really did not have a choice on deploying, but my sexual encounters did pick up about two years after this tale. My attitude really got more selfish sexually than anything else.