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The Stroke of Midnight

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We got to stay up late, but mom said “Be in bed right after midnight,” before they left for the party.

My brother was supposed to be watching me, but he just went in his room, and I heard his back hit the wall. Just once, his bed is right up against the wall behind the couch, so I got up to see what he was doing in there.

I had some idea when I heard him grunting through the door, so I tried the knob carefully, and turned it when I found it unlocked. I could hear his arm slapping the back of his thigh when I cracked the door, and leaned my head in to peek around with 1 eye.

My hand over my mouth, expecting a gasp when I saw it, but I had to hold in a giggle with my breath when I saw how. He was bent over, up side down with one foot up on the wall, and the other one down so his knee was nearly touching the blanket.

Twisted in such an awkward position, so his hand could reach around his thigh, and his hanging balls bunched up on his pinky with every stroke. His other hand squeezing his butt cheek, and he even had his tongue out of his mouth, wide open.

“UGHN!” He let go, and his hand slid off his leg, almost to the back of his knee, but his hard dick twitched and jumped. His cum shot all over his face, straight down, but missing a few times with it jumping, and swinging like that.

He licked his lips, and all around his mouth, when it got close, but finally, the squirts died down to dribbles, as it shriveled up dripping right in his mouth.

“Ohmygod, you’re so gay.”

“Janice,” he rolled over, and twisted to look up sideways. “No? I mean it’s kinda gay, I guess, but let me explain.”

“What, you’re trying to give yourself head, but your dick is too small, so you settle for giving yourself a facial? No wonder you’re breaking out.”

“Huh!” He rolled over to hang his legs off the bed, and picked up some long johns to pull up, but then he leaned back against the wall. He closed his eyes, and took a deep breath through his nose. He shook his head blinking, and that satisfied look was replaced by a frown? “No, it’s not about the blowjobs, I don’t want to give head, or suck dick. Even my own, it’s just jacking off?” He shrugged, doubting it himself.

“Yeah, with a money shot, but you like the taste?”

“Huh, yeah!” He got another satisfied grin, and his eyelids fluttered before he blinked, and shook his head. “You don’t like cum, or facials, do you?”

“I don’t know? I like hugs, and kisses, and maybe holding hands, some day.”

“Huh, okay. There’s these guys at school, and they. Well, they bet me I couldn’t. Ejaculate?”

“Yeah, just to dare you to whip it out, and beat off so they can see your dick because they’re gay.”

“No? It’s just, haven’t you every played truth or dare?”

“Of course, but that doesn’t make me kiss girls. You know.” I shook my head, and made a face, “You’re not even going to wipe that off? It’s disgusting.”

“Mweal!” He wiped it off on a shirt, then held it up, and sniffed it. “It’s not bad, once you get used to it, and besides. You know it’s called a facial, and a moneyshot, so obviously you’ve been watching porn. On the internet?”

“Yeah, only to make fun of the stupid sluts, and whores, doing stupid stuff, like trying to dress young, and act young, so full grown men can act like pedomolesters.” I licked my lips, and stopped myself. Feeling them, and trying not to breathe through my nose. “You really like the taste? You haven’t been drinking apple juice.”

“It’s pineapple juice, and yeah I tried it, but no. It doesn’t seem to make any difference.”

“Oh,” good to know, I guess. “So then what happened? With these totally not homosexual boys you beat off in front of.”

“Huh, well. You ever heard of a circle jerk?”

I shook my head, “How many boys?”

“Just 2. 2 more boys, and me.”

“Three boys isn’t enough to make a circle, that’s a triangle.”

“I know, but it’s just. Kinda like a circle jerk, only a threesome?”

“A non-homo threesome with 2 other boys, and there any girls around for this?”

“No, we can’t sneak any girls into the boy’s bathroom, but it’s kinda like a circle jerk, and musical chairs.”

“With the toilet stalls, and what the, heck is a circle jerk, anyhow?”

“Well, it’s just what it sounds like. A bunch of boys gather around, and we get our phones out to look up porn, and we try to make each other cum first.”

“Oh, well when does the music come into play?” I shook my head, “No pun intended.”

“There’s no music, there’s just the toilet all the way on the end. You know, the handicapped stall?”

“In the middle school boy’s room?” I shook my head, “I never been in there.”

“Of course not, but I bet you it isn’t any different then the ones at my old school.”

“Did they used to go to my school, when you’re in 6th grade?”

“Yeah, one of them, but the other one just moved here this year. So, you don’t know him.”

“Okay, so Donald, and who’s the other one?”

“I didn’t say it was Donald.”

“No, but his little brother Ronnie just stared going to my school, and does he molest him too?”

“No? He’s not molesting me neither.”

“He just jerks off in front of him?”

“No, he’s like 6 years old,” 8. “But he’s not like that at all.”

“He just has bukkake parties in the boy’s room with you, and one other boy.”

“Yeah, and the first one that cums is it.”

“And you like it?”

“Huh!” He rolled his eyes up, but his face stayed worried, so I guess the orgasm feeling wore off. “Yeah, okay, so maybe I started trying to finish first, so I get to sit down, and let them cum on me.”

“And you cum on you.”

“Yeah, usually on my stomach.” He rubbed it bare, and clean of any. Fluids.

“And the 2 boys stand on either side of you, hosing you down with their. Penises.” I started giggling, “Like they’re peeing on you?”

“Yeah, I know it sounds funny to you, but it’s actually pretty hot and sexy.”

“Oh, I believe you. I can just imagine, but you said you have your phones with you?”

“Yeah, so we can look up pictures of tits, and stuff.”

“So it doesn’t look gay, but you ever take pictures, or even better yet, videos?”

“Huh, you know, we’re technically underage.”

“Yeah, but you’re not children. I mean, you’re almost a teenager, and how old is Ronald?”


“And how about Hugh?”

“Now how the fuck did you guess Hugh?”

“Guess who?”

“Stop kidding around, and promise you won’t tell anybody.”

“On you, or Hugh?”

“On any of us! I’m serious, stop kidding around.”

“Well, you didn’t say that you didn’t take any pictures, in fact you avoided the question pretty well, but you think that I forgot about that.”

“Huh, fine. If I show you the video, will you promise not to tell anyone? Especially his little brother.”

“Okay,” I crossed my heart, and giggled. “In answer to your question, Ronny’s the one that told me about Hugh.”

“Yeah, I guess they hang out over there a lot.”

“And he’s gay.”

“Now who’s Andy?”

“No, Hugh. He touched Ronnie, and tried to make his dick hard, and he flashed him, and beat off in front of him. He told me, but he didn’t give him a facial, or try to make him give him head.” I shook my head. “I don’t think, all though. Now that I think about it, maybe he wouldn’t tell me if he did anything gay.”

“He told you all that?”

“Yeah, he’s my boyfriend. Who do you think I’ve been hugging kissing, and holding hands with?”

“I thought you said maybe holding hands.”

“Well okay, he doesn’t like holding hands, because that makes him keep his hands to himself.”

“So, he’s tried to touch you.”

“Yeah, but just my butt, he’s my boyfriend, I’m just trying to take it slow, okay?”

“Well, I won’t tell mom, and dad you’re making out with a first grader.”

“He’s a third grader, and he’s 8, and a half. Honestly, he’s almost 9, he’s not even a whole year younger than me, and.”

“Okay, all right, I’m sorry, I was just joking anyway, jeeze.”

I grinned, “Well? Get your phone out, I still want to see that video.”

“Okay, which one?”

“You have more than one video?”

“No, which one, Hugh, or Ron?”

“Ron, I guess.” He looks just like his little brother, only older of course. “Huh!” I covered my mouth, then my eyes, but I peeked. A little. “I wasn’t expecting it to start so soon!” He was already on the toilet, and he wasn’t even hard, so he must’ve just finished. He might have even been taking a dump, if it wasn’t for Hugh holding his phone down in 1 hand. His boner in the other, and aiming it right for Ron’s face! “Ihihahuhn?”

“Ugh, oh god. Yeah.” Then my brother held his phone over his, and let go. So it shot straight up this time, and bounced in the air. My jaw dropped, and I blinked when the camera went all blurry.

“Huh, um.” I popped my lip out, and bit it. “Are you, I mean. You don’t have to. Do it again, do you?”

“Huh!” He pulled the corner of the blanket back so I could see the front of his briefs sticking straight up. “Yeah, you want to watch again?”

“No, um.” I stopped, right before my palm touched it.

“You want to try it?” I giggled, shaking my head, but when I looked back. He was pulling his balls out, and flopping them over his waistband. “Go ahead, I won’t tell anyone.” I couldn’t stop giggling, but it was so hard, and warm. And slippery under the skin. His balls too, they rolled around in his hairy bag, like. Well, slippery beans in a hairy wet leather bag. He held my hand, but not still. He pumped up and down, then leaned back on his elbow. “Huh yeah,” he let go, and put his other elbow down. Leaned his head back, “Uh yeah.”


“Yeah uh yeah oh yeah. Oh oh!”

“Huh!” I closed my eyes, but instead of letting go, so it bounced all over the place. I held it still, just like Ron, and turned my face so it shot all over both cheeks, and my mouth. “Lmh! Snh?” It even smelled. Weird but good? Nothing like it tastes, but I loved it right away. “Huh, yeah.” I let go, and patted his empty balls. Rolled them around a little, until his limp dick drooped, and dripped on my hand, so I licked it off. “Hhuh, yeah.” I just put my head up, to feel it roll down my nose, cheeks, and neck. Some of it got in my hair so it stuck to my shoulder, but I licked all around my mouth just to taste it some more.

“Huh, yeah. You’re right, facials are amazing!”

“Well, you better go wash it off, before you break out in pimples, and turn off the light.” He pulled the cover over his shoulder, rolling away towards the wall. “It’s probably almost midnight.”

“Yeah, I better get to bed.” So, I can dream about boys beating off, all around me in a circle, and cumming all over my face.

I didn’t bother washing it off, so I could feel it on my face all night until I woke up with it dried, and crusted.

“Huh?” Mom, and dad were home, so I picked it off, and wiped my face on the pillow, before mom came in to kiss me goodnight.

I giggled, “Good night.”



It’s not gay unless you’re gay. If you’re bi, it’s bi. If you’re straight than losing at a circle jerk, and getting bukkaked won’t make you any gayer. Even if you like it. You can’t rape lesbians straight either.

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