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Do it, come inside me, Ricky

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My cousin came to stay for the holidays and when I found out he was a virgin, I had to do something about it.

My aunt, uncle and cousin Ricky came to stay with us for the Christmas holidays, Ricky is 14 and I am 23.

We were alone in the house one afternoon and we got talking, eventually the subject turned to girls and sex, it was a laugh, he was a good looking young lad and I was shocked when he told me he was a virgin, well, he didn’t tell me, I asked the question and I could tell by the look on his face what the answer was.

I had a lot of fun talking to him that afternoon, more fun than I’d had in quite a while, I felt comfortable around him, he was easy to talk too, and he turned me on, knowing he was a virgin was very exciting and it made me wet for him, so I took his hand and I lead him upstairs.

“Where are we going?” he asked, quickly picking up and eating a potato chip from the bowl as I dragged him away from the table.

“I want to show you my room.” I replied.

We got in to my bedroom and I sat on my bed and took off my shoes, then I watched him walking around my room looking at all my stuff, “Nice room.” He said.

“Thanks. Why don’t you come sit here, next to me?” I said, patting the bed with my hand.

He came over and casually sat himself down next to me, he hadn’t understood why I brought him up here yet, “So, what type of girls are you in to?” I asked.

“I don’t know.” He replied, shrugging his shoulders.

“Ones with a pulse, right.” I joked, and we both laughed, I rubbed my hand on his leg, “You’re really cute.” I said.

“Thanks.” He replied, but he wasn’t getting it.

“Your jeans feel really tight. Do you want to loosen them?” I asked.

“No. I’m okay.” He replied.

I don’t know what it was with him, but he just wasn’t getting it, he was cute, but I was also starting to think he was a virgin for a reason, he was an idiot, I shook my head and then I leaned round and kissed him.

He smiled and went bright red, “Kiss me, Ricky.” I said, then I kissed him again and eventually he kissed me back, and it was nice and tender, I gently rubbed his crotch as we kissed and he got an erection.

When he noticed his erection, he stood up quickly and stepped away from the bed, “What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Nothing.” He replied, he looked very nervous, so I walked over and stood in front of him, “Don’t be embarrassed…” I said, then I grabbed his crotch really hard and leaned towards his ear, “…I want you to fuck me.” I whispered.

“W-W-What?” he stuttered.

I kissed him again to stop him thinking too much, and while we kissed I unzipped his jeans, slipped my hand down the front and rubbed on his hard cock, “Take off your clothes, Ricky.” I demanded, he watched me take all of mine off, including my underwear, but he just stood there gawping at my naked body, so I had to undress him myself, it took a while but I eventually got him naked.

I pushed him back on to my bed and I laid on it on my back before taking his hands and pressing them on my breasts, “Feel around. Enjoy the feel of my body.” I said, and he did, he very slowly explored my full curves and crevices.

When his hand was near my pussy he kept hesitating to touch it, “It won’t bite.” I said, I took his hand and pressed it on to my pussy, then I took his finger and pushed it inside my hole, “F-Feel inside. How does it feel?” I asked.

“Warm.” He replied.

“Yeah. Good. Are you ready to fuck me now, Ricky? – You don’t want to be a virgin anymore, do you?” I asked.

“No.” he replied.

“So, are you ready to fuck me?” I asked.

“I don’t know how.” He replied, he was so cute.

I laughed softly, “Don’t worry. We’ll figure it out together.” I said.

I pulled his arm across my body and we kissed passionately, I finally got him to move in to a position so he was between my legs and I felt his twitching cock rubbing against my pussy, “Put it in. Just like your finger.” I said.

But he looked worried and unsure, “Here…” I said, I reach down and held his cock and guided it to my hole and put an inch inside me to get him started, he gasped when he felt it go in me, “…There we are.” I said.

“Now, just relax and do what comes natural.” I said, then I pulled his head down and glued out lips together, we kissed with tongues and shared saliva.

He thurst his cock in to me irritatingly slowly, but once he got used to the feeling he started moving faster and we were finally having sex, I could feel how hard his cock was and it made me so wet, he was a natural at this, “That’s good – Ungh – Keep going, Ricky.” I moaned.

I held on to his ass cheeks and dug my nails in to his skin while he thrusted, he took his mouth away from mine and started to suck on my nipples like a good boy, “Ooh yeah – Ungh – Harder!.” I moaned.

He bit my nipples harder, “Harder!” I moaned, so he bit them harder, I loved having my nipples bitten, god it felt good, “Ungh – Oh Ricky – Ungh” I moaned, he started to fuck me faster, I could tell he was coming.

“Yes – That’s it – Come inside me – Do it, Ricky – Come inside me – Ungh – Come on – Ungh – Do it – Ungh – Come in me, Ricky.” I moaned and moaned.

I was staring in his eyes when he ejaculated and his face lit up like a Christmas tree, his eyes and mouth opened wide and he gasped and groaned in my face, I laughed with pleasure, “You did it. You did it, Ricky.” I said, praising him.

He smiled at me and we kissed again, he was a very passionate boy once he got going, “That was amazing.” He said.

“It certainly was. How does it feel not to be a virgin anymore?” I asked.

“Great!” he cheered.

“Merry Christmas.” I said.

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    I Love it that you that you made him fuck you i Wish my sister would do that with me she’s so fucking hot and i would love to fuck her or even rape her🤤

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