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My brother made me sore…

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So.. last night my brother (biological) was out, he’s 19 qnd although I’m his sister he does have a nice body… My name is Anni I’m 13 years old, 5’1 and a b cup… but anyways-

I was sitting in bed reading Dr Stone when I heard the front door open. I was supposed to be sleeping so I quickly turned my lamp off and acted like I was fast asleep, because I thought it was my dad. Turns out he was partying with his friends, (I heard him say goodbye to them)

He walked into my room and went straight for my panty drawer, I don’t know why… but recently my panties had been going missing and I think I found the culprit… so I turned my head a little, and that was a big mistake… He threw my panties away and went to close my door. He walked up to me and I was too confused and scared to do anything… so he had his way with me… he stripped my panties off (I was sleeping in a crop top and panties) then he ripped my shirt off and started groping my boobs…

He pulled out his dick qnd that snapped me back into reality as I was about to get raped by my brother, honestly I was slightly relieved as his dick was maybe 5 inches hard… so not as big as everyone says but still… that’s my brother!!

I begged him to stop but he kept saying things like “All these years you were hiding this pussy from me?” He pinned me down so I tried to scream and he slapped me.. he had never slapped me like that before so I was shocked…

I noticed a sudden pain.. and thrust.. qnd the suddenly my brother was raping me… he popped my cherry and used it as a lube to rape me harder… I lay there and I started to go blank… he was being rough… I was getting raped so hard by my own brother… the person I grew up with. He announced that he was gonna cum inside me and I panicked .. I started thrashing and begging him not too… he choked me, turned me over and came inside my pussy, my brother’s cum was now deep inside me… it hurt and it was filling me up… after that he wiped his cock on my face and left me… cum leaking out my pussy…. sore and tired…

Today I’m stiff… and I still have his cum in me… I smell like I was raped…. and my brother acts like nothing happened… he raped his little sister and didn’t even say sorry!! Asshole…

Anyways thats my story… thanks for listening
Anni <3

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    I hope that you will soon find enjoy able sex. Look for a much older man that can be gentle and patient.

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    Bro you should watch Fairy Tail as well, literally the best shonen to fucking exist

  • Reply Bigdad88 ID:bo2qeorm2

    Hey anni can I contact you

  • Reply Phillipa ID:7g8vitbgd4

    You want him again? You sound like you do.

  • Reply Beast ID:15qcccye209

    How do u feel about it now?

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    I did the same thing with my little sister when our parents were at work when she was 11. I’ve been raping and fucking her for about 2 years now. Message me on telegram: nsfwredorange if you want to hear more about what happened

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      Of course god is watching, Fuck he like little girls too otherwise they wouldn’t have ripe pussies at 8 year old

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    Well if you were my sister I would definitely love to fuck you… you sound so sexy.. I would suck on your tits like there is no tomorrow

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    Hey Anni can i contact you more about this?

  • Reply Jerry ID:1a9afu9d4

    Do you want it to happen again?

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    • Rick ID:bo2qeo18k

      I hope it happens again I still love making love to my sister and mother

    • Rick ID:bo2qeo18k

      I still love making love to my sister and mother

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  • Reply Taco ID:5erroou98

    What did you think of the Dr Stone episode though?

    • Anni ID:ndpovj4qr9

      Other than getting raped it was pretty cool ehe

    • Taco ID:5erroou98

      That’s coool, did you enjoy your brother at all?

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    What panties do you wear thongs and g strings if you do what age did you start wearing them

    • Anni ID:ndpovj4qr9

      I was wearing some normal light blue panties with a bow… I don’t have any thongs but I want somee

    • Gonzo ID:1rou10zi

      I simply loved it Anni and would live to hear more. I would buy U a drawer full of thongs. hehe!