Revenge is sweet

I like to feel that I am a very well bred white girl. I am 26, and have been married for 4 years. After 3 years I discovered my husband had been playing around on me and I spent a lot... # # #

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One of my husbands friends fucked me

On Saturday night we had a party at the house and a friend of my husband Mark, basically got behind me and started rubbing his cock on my ass. I was wearing tight pants so I really... #

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Rent-A-Daughter – Part V

Chapter Twenty: Tomorrow? In surprise, I shifted in the bed to look directly at her, and almost knocked her off me. “What?” “Everything’s already packed. I almost wasn’t going... #

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My Older Sister

My name is david, I am 29 yrs old, not married, I live in my parents house with my my parents, my two sisters younger than me and one older sister. My story started when I reached 17... #

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How I Want You

You skip along unaware of the creature stalking you silently. The smile on your face is oblivious to the danger you are in, and you are lost in thought, not uncommon to young girls;... #

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My Wife’s Rocked World

As I unlocked the front door, I asked my friend and neighbor to keep it down just in case my wife was taking a nap. He sat down on the couch opening a cold one while I slipped into... # #

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Watching mother fucking

I was so little boy that I could not tell my age because I am not sure what is the youngest I could talk about, But I was abused by my stepsister at very tender age, I have had a problem... #

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The Phone Booth

I was just beginning my senior year in college. It was the day before classes were to begin. My school always had a meet and greet on that day in the commons area. There was food and... #

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The Boss Make Her Pregnant

Hi I am Sonu here writing my 1st story if there is any mistake forgives me. I am 25 yr well built fair 6feet height 6inch dick and first of all I will introduce her she is rich women... # #

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My first taste of dog

I was living with my friend as my apartment was getting ready for my movie in date, He had a very playful dog that requires alot of attention, I would usually walk the dog in the evening... #

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Thinking of my ex-swinging wife

Many a times I am thinking of all the fun we had with my wife. We started swinging after we were married for 15 years. One of the best stories we had was in Venice. My fetish was to... # #

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My Wife Shared Me

My wife died on May 2, 2014. She was only 53 and we had enjoyed an awesome 30.5 years together. In all that time I can only remember having one argument that lasted more than a couple... # #

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