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My twin brother and I are in love

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My twin brother and I had spontaneous sex one night and now we can’t stop doing it every chance we get. I’m gagging for his cock even now as I type.

My twin brother and I have always been close, a lot closer than most siblings, probably because we are twins and we have a special connection.

We shared the same interests and spent a lot of time together, we are more like best friends than brother and sister, we shared a bedroom until we were 10 but now, aged 12, we have our own rooms, but we still hang out together, snuggle up together on the sofa and in bed when we’re watching movies and stuff.

There was nothing weird about it at first, but as we approached our teenage years, our relationship took a sudden and incestuous turn.

We were both asleep in my bed after spending the night binge watching Stranger Things, I woke up in the middle of the night hearing my brother talking in his sleep, he had a smile on his face and he was moaning a little, clearly he was having a nice dream.

I stroke his head to settle him, but then he bend his leg and lifted his knee, the sheet came off just below his waist and his erect penis was sticking out of the flap on his boxer shorts, I felt myself blush and at first I ignored it and pulled the sheet back over him to cover it up.

He kept dreaming and groaning, and then he rolled over on to his side facing me, then his arm went around my back and he began to rub his hand down my side, over my hips and down my leg, then he reversed and as he slid his arm back up my leg it went underneath my nightshirt and he rubbed my ass.

Then he kissed me, but he was still asleep, acting out his dream, he kissed me for a few minutes then he woke up with his lips pressed to mine, he looked confused briefly then pulled his head away, when he realised where his hand was and that he had an erection he looked right at me with confusion and panic.

He had turned me on with his touching and kissing, my pussy was soaking wet and although he was my twin brother, I felt an uncontrollable urge to continue, I placed my hand on his face, “It’s okay.” I whispered, then I pulled his face to mine and kissed him.

He kissed me back and within moments he rolled us over and he was on top of me, feeling me up and kissing me passionately, I felt my knees raise up in to the air and my legs separate, he was between my legs and I felt the hot tip of his hard cock nudging at my pussy, he lifted up and removed my nightshirt.

The sexual heat between us was intensifying, he didn’t even remove my panties, he just pulled them aside and thrust his cock inside my hole, “Ooooh – ungh!”, I felt my hymen rip apart, it was very painful and I cried out briefly, but quickly overcame the pain and enjoyed the sensations and feel of his hard cock tenderising my insides.

At first he was fucking me like a jack hammer, but I didn’t want it to end too quickly so I asked him to slow down, and we made sweet tender love to each other.

I remember we were face to face, our noses touching, looking deep in to each other’s eyes and feeling his warm breath on my face and neck as we both had our mouths wide open and were breathing heavily, I held on to his butt feeling his muscles tense up as he slowly thrust his cock inside me over and over again.

Without warning he began to fuck me faster again, he buried his head in the side of my neck and groaned loudly, his cock reached new depths inside me and I felt his balls slap against my ass, then electricity shot through my entire body, I felt a river flow out of me and I clamped my teeth on his shoulder, biting in to his flesh and trying not to scream.

After battling through my own orgasm, I then had his to deal with, he pushed his cock so deep in to my pussy I thought I was going to die, and then felt his warm semen shooting off inside of me and his cock throbbing and expending against my inner walls, he filled me up to bursting point and then I felt his legs shaking and he collapse on top of me with all his weight.

“Holy shit. That was incredible.” I said, my eyes teared up because I felt so happy inside.

“ – yeah!” he replied, struggling to catch his breath.

Since that night my brother and I have sex regularly, pretty much every single night and numerous times throughout the day at weekends.

I love my twin brother more now than I ever have and I never want to stop fucking him, we don’t care if it’s morally wrong or illegal, we love each other and we want to be with each other.

Also, on a personal note, I have to say, penises are the greatest thing ever, no wonder boys play with them so much, I totally understand now.

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    I wish I had a twin sister

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    Hope he breeds you

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