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Sister’s Sex-Pervert

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I had some idea what I was doing, my sister told me not to go down there alone. I just didn’t know why.

It was like a little beach, but instead of the ocean, the creek went around it in a big U. I still had my tan-lines from spending the summer at the beach. Dad got a little condo, which was just like an apartment, but up on stilts. That’s wo when a hurricane comes, it just washes the cars away, but we came back way before storm season.

Then, he jumped down. “Hey, Chloe right?”

“Uh huh?” I didn’t even think to ask how he knew my name.

He splish splashed across the creek, “So, what are you up to, Chloe?”

“Diggin a hole,” I shrugged, and scooped more sand out of the bottom. “If you dig deep enough, then there will be water at the bottom. Just like the beach, only the water isn’t salty.”

“Uh huh?” He didn’t look up from between my legs, and that’s when I started to think he might be that sex pervert I heard so much about. Oh, don’t stay out after dark, there’s a sex pervert. Don’t run off alone, the sex pervert’ll get you.

It depends on who you asked what he’d do, if he got you. He wasn’t dropping his pants, and shaking his wiener like a puppydog tail. I didn’t see his car to tell if he had one with a trunk, or not.

It took me a little while to figure out how to cross my legs, and dig the hole. At first, I just put my knees together, but I couldn’t put my feet together without covering the hole. Then, I crossed them Indian style, scooted up so I could pull my sun-dress out of the way, and scoop dirt out of the hole.

He looked up, and smiled at my face. He started talking to me about sand castles, and princess or something, but he had a whole lot of green in his brown eyes. A little bit of red in his hair you could only see if the sun hit it right, and a dirty grin on his face, when he looked back down, between my legs.

So, I had to turn, and put my feet beside me, with my legs together, and my dress hanging over my hip. “Nice to meet you, Chloe.” He stood up, and the front of his pants hung down, flat.

I’m not an idiot, I’m 10, and I’ve got an older sister, who’s almost a teenager. “Huh!” I sat back, and shook my head. “Oh, no. You don’t have to go, where are you in such a hurry to get to?”

“Nowhere, I guess.” He turned back, and ran his eyes down the front of my dress. I’m not completely flat, there. I pretty much have to put my arms up, and stick my chest out to show it, so the yellow cotton dress stretched out over my little boobies. I didn’t have to wear a bra, so I never put it on. It was barely August, the leaves hadn’t even started thinking about changing.

“Huh,” I turned over on my hip, and one elbow. Tracing around the hole with my finger, and hoping it draped over my narrow hips like a cocktail dress. Let’s say a singer draped across a piano? So, my waist hung down to the ground, and it looked like I had more hip than I actually do.

Now, I’m playing tease, but it’s all right too tease. As long as you don’t go through with it, or piss them off so much they turn violent. “Tell you what,” I cupped the sand, and bushed it over, so a little pured in, but left almost a moon shape. “What does this look like to you?”

“A sand dune?”

I bushed the sand over to the other side, and bushed it back carefully to match the other side.


“What’s it look like now?” I traced my finger back down to the bottom, then up the middle, and swirled it around the opening, to the hole.

“Ah, well. Now they look like reverse dimples.”


“You know, when I smile like this?”

“Ugh!” It was so ugly, I just had to laugh, but it did make his wrinkles curve out, like dimples. I shook my head, “Guess again.”

So, a long story short, we flirted for a while, but finally, his pants couldn’t take the strain any more. I gave him views down the top of my dress, it wasn’t like spaghetti straps, but it didn’t have anything close to sleeves. It was low cut enough.

“It’s a pee hole.” If P is for pussy. I stood up, and shook my panties down to my ankles, “But it’s not wet.” I squatted over it, and held my dress down in front, keep my heels as far apart as possible so they didn’t get wet, and I had to close my eyes.

Listen to the water trickle in the stream…


“Huh!” blink, and spread the trickle around. I stood up, without my panties. “You have to pee?”

“Yeah,” he was already turning away, and splish splashed across the creek. “Hm.”

I heard that he just liked to flash you. I heard a lot of things, playground grapevine, back yard camping scary stories, the fish got bigger. I had to pull my panties up to go after him, but by the time I splish splashed across the water, he was already up the opposite bank. He didn’t even look back, he was gone.

I giggled, and dried my pussy, before I went to play hide, and seek. I wasn’t afraid of him any more, if he was going to run from a little girl, he was a coward, but I had to stop, and listen for his footsteps. Mine are louder, but I heard him rustling through the leaves.

Old dead dry ones, so I couldn’t go after him without him hearing me, and if he runs again, I’m never going to catch him.

‘huh!’ behind a tree, “Hhuhuh huh huh huh!”


“Uh, you’re really mature for your age.” He peeked back around a tree, head first.

“Oh, you’re just saying that.”

“No, I mean it this time.” He stepped out, and held it down sideways, then he turned with it sticking out of his fly. He didn’t even undo his belt. “You like it?”

“Meh,” I shrugged, and nodded. “It’s a dick. Look, man. I get that this was, like. Uh!” I rolled my eyes, “I don’t know, Stranger Danger back in your day?”

“Hey, I’m not that old!”

“Okay, boomer. Your mom, and dad’s day, but I’m not an idiot. Is that why you ran? It only get hard if we don’t want to see it?”

“Uh,” he looked down, and started trying to pull it up again. I got out my phone, checked my hair, brushes out a couple crossed bangs, and switched to the internet. “Look.”

I showed him the video paused on youtube. “Doctor Squatch. I’ve been getting them from Manscape razor companies since I let my brother borrow it, yaknow?”

A little black spot on the side. My sister’s 12, and I’ve seen all her dick pics.

“There’s sex perverts on the internet too.” Well, he couldn’t get it up again, so we just gave up and left. Sure enough, she warned me to stay away from that sex pervert, because she wanted him to herself. She was more his type, anyway. She was willing to play dumb.

Too bad, I was just starting to turn his age. At least, that’s how old she was, when he started molesting her.



See? It kinda ruins the joke when you give away the punchline in the title.

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