raping amber

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hiker bitch gets raped and taught a lesson note that this story contains extreme violence.

The day was hot and muggy hot as I climbed the mountain the way was hemmed in by trees but still held the suns heat making me sweat profusely as the trail wound back and forth switch backing up and up to the peak high above. as I paused to take a drink from my bottle I became acutely aware of the sounds coming from up the mountain it sounded like engines Upon rounding the next bend I saw that a group of workers were cutting the brush at the edge of the trail with weed whips and blowing it away with a leaf blower behind the leaf blower were two workers with pitch forks tossing the piles of the edge of the cleared area. they stopped to let me by and as i passed i noticed that the one running the leaf blower was a skinny girl with light brown hair the first of the weed whippers was a average looking blond and the the weed whipper in front was a shorter girl with long nice large tits and long brown hair. After passing them couldn’t stop thinking about the 3 female workers i knew this feeling it was how i felt before i decide to take what is owed to me and give those bitches what for.

I stopped for lunch about half and hour later while i munched on a sandwich i carefully cleaned my instruments. my bag was packed with whatever i would need to deal with any resistance i would encounter. after a few minutes the workers passed me at that rate they had fairly well spaced out and over about a quarter mile. after they had all passed I stepped in to the trail and began to follow the two pitchforks one was a smaller more athletic type not a problem if i used the tranq gun the other wouldn’t be to bad either he was a tall boy about 6 foot 3 and little over weight but decently muscled from what i could see i used luckily im was about the same size and well built after a few seconds of hesitation i fired the gun and as the smaller boy dropped i began to run the tall one noticed and began to turn fist raised I met his first punch by simply catching it with and allowing it to sink in that he was facing a truly superior adversary next hit in straight in the face knocking him back in a daze at which point i bound him and applied chloroform to a rag i quickly dosed him and set him and the other boy far of the trail next came the skinny girl my first target.

I slowly walked carefully not be seen by her as i stepped up behind her i stepped up and sliced the straps on the backpack leaf blower she was caught of balance and fell forward i stepped up grabbing her flipping her around and kneeling down grabbing her by the neck i gave it a second so i could see the fear in her eyes nest i began to undress her i ripped her shirt away slowly cut away her bra to revel her small pointy tits i leaned down and sucked them one by one she screamed her voice finally coming through the fear. i didn’t care because i knew that no one could hear her next i yanked her pants and panties away exposing her tiny tight pussy i pulled out my cock spitting on it and stroking it once before rubbing it against her tight slit then i began to push in she screamed and i felt blood run out around my cock i began to pump in and out faster and faster she screamed more and more it was beginning to annoy me shut up bitch before i give you something to scream about i pumped faster and faster in and out as i rammed in her cervix again and again i pushed harder and harder as i felt the entrance give way and the head of my cock pushed its way in to her womb i sighed and cam hard filling her as she screamed and blood spurted from her destroyed hole she kept screaming louder and louder so rolled her over putting her ass up i shoved a hot rock i found on the trail in she screamed and blood poured from that hole to next took one of the pitchforks that i had taken from the the two boys using my knife i sharpened the handle and sticking the fork end in to the ground i stomped it down so it stood upright next i lifted her up she stopped screaming when she saw the spike and began to beg me not to i began to slowly lower her down she began to scream again as it pierced the end of her womb and slowly worked its way up through her body next she began to choke on her own blood as it pierced through her lungs ans it began to drip from her mouth i kissed her a long slow kiss the spike entered her wind pipe and pushed up breaking her jaw i stepped back and began to jerk off as her eyes closed my hot cum splashed on her tits and face

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  • Reply Megasus ID:bo2qeouhk1

    Holy fuck i was in a dark place when i wrote this im sorry people

  • Reply You should be dead ID:61nj9ttw20d1

    Is this real or fiction?

    • Mega sus ID:11avls53xii9

      If you think this is real you’re fucking dumb

    • You should be dead ID:7xz0oro8rdj

      Then why write such awful thing?

  • Reply JimJam ID:42onbbchm0

    Not my kind of story! Having said that, I wish would – be authors would learn to spell, use punctuation, and learn when to break a paragraph!

  • Reply Zylux ID:4kedb6yzj8

    I added u

  • Reply Anon ID:45xyqk9kfik8

    Dolcett, especially bad Dolcett, should probably be banned from the board.

    • Anti-hydrogen ID:11avls53xii9

      The story is weird but it’s not cannibalism

  • Reply Shadow ID:61kffs58mq

    I think it would be a much better story if the girl at least made the SOB feel some pain of his own preferably dying pain

  • Reply ann ID:bizm1mkhji

    That is sick
    you psycho

  • Reply Mega sus ID:11avls53xii9

    Lock the story literally had a warning not to read it if that kind of stuff bothered you goddamn

  • Reply ill kill u ID:1coxx67ib0c8

    stupid fucker get some help

    • Shadow ID:61kffs58mq

      It’s LOOK not LOCK🤦‍♂️Please learn to spell

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    U are such a horny being

    • mega sus ID:11avls53xii9

      strange comment but alright

  • Reply HbJk ID:2vqwui0r20j7

    Hope you get help

  • Reply Antinym ID:11avls53xii9

    Good story bro

    • You should be dead ID:crabe0dzlq

      You should cease to exist

  • Reply Foxy ID:7zv3itbbhip

    I really hope get what’s coming for you….. you sick fuck

    • Yig ID:7xyww2yzrb8


  • Reply Get help ID:cq1wbbem4r

    Wtf that’s stupid no sane person gets turned on by murder