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Paying a debt – Part 1

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Dennis sells his young step sister in order to pay his debts

“Please, Dennis!” I begged, with tears filling my eyes. I clasped my hands together and looked up at him, scared out of my mind. “Please don’t do this to me!”
Dennis just looked down at me. I didn’t know if he was just being harsh, or if there was pity in his eyes. I couldn’t see much through my own tears.
“I don’t have a choice,” my 19 year stepbrother said, as he took out his phone. “Besides, you don’t want our parents to find out about this.” He showed me a video, obviously taken without my knowledge. It showed me sucking and choking on my boyfriend’s dick. My 17 year old boyfriend that my parents didn’t know existed. He skipped to a later point in the video, where he was fucking me on the bed. I was moaning like a true slut. My cheeks flushed. Our parents had gotten married a few years ago and they were terribly conservative. I had a strict curfew, I wasn’t allowed to see boys at all and I was to behave proper and ladylike. So when they were out a couple of weeks back, I had snuck my boyfriend in. I thought my stepbrother wouldn’t be there, but apparently he came back early and caught me. I lowered my head as my moans kept filling the room. He made no effort to turn off the video.

I was so nervous. My hands were shaking and I didn’t dare to look up. Dennis gently guided me by my arm to a house. It was Friday evening. It was late. My parents had just left for the weekend to celebrate their anniversary and trusted my stepbrother to take care of me. If only they knew. The door opened before we could even knock and we were quickly ushered in.
“This is her?” a dark skinned man asked, as he walked in slow circles around us. “How old is she?”
“She’s 14.”
“Jeez. Virgin?” Dennis shook his head, not leaving my side. I knew he could feel me trembling.
“Let me see what I’m dealing with before we talk. Take her clothes off.” Dennis turned to me and tried to smile in a comforting way. I didn’t respond, I just lifted my arms up so he could pull off my dress over my head. He unclasped my bra and pulled down my panties, leaving me naked in front of this stranger. I had to fight the urge to hide myself.
“Hm. Would have been better if she was a virgin. It’ll do. Half the debt for the entire weekend.”
“Hell no, you said just the evening and it would settle it!”
“Well, she ain’t no virgin, is she? Try again.”
“Entire debt until the morning.” My cheeks were hot as they negotiated. I wish I could disappear right now.
“Half the debt for 24 hours.”
“Fuck you, Zeke.”
“What is she to you anyway?” Dennis remained silent for a minute as he looked down at me, seeing my obvious discomfort.
“She’s my stepsister.”
“You would do this to your family? Are you that desperate? Fine, entire debt, but no limits. She’s all mine until midnight tomorrow.”
To my horror, Dennis shook the hand that the stranger extended. He had just sold me like a fucking cow. I glared at him as he turned towards me and gently grabbed my jaw, forcing me to look up at him.
“Be good, okay? I’ll be right here to pick you up tomorrow.” He kissed me on the forehead, before he walked out of the house.

Silence laid heavy between us. Zeke let it linger, obviously enjoying what was going on. He just slowly walked around me, taking in every bit of me.
“Your brother is a fool. I would have done one night for his entire debt. Hell, even one hour would suffice. He doesn’t owe us that much anyway. But seeing you, I knew I had to have you. And he just gave you away.” He now stood behind me and he put his large hand on my stomach. Slowly he shifted up as I didn’t respond, cupping my breasts. He hummed softly.
“I am going to have so much fun with you. All your holes are mine. You’re not a virgin, but have you ever sucked a cock?”
My voice was soft when I answered him, too scared not to react. “Yes sir.”
“Had your throat fucked?” I closed my eyes as he gently squeezed my nipples and nodded.
“What about your ass?” At that, I shook my head. The man chuckled.
“Perfect.” He continued to play with my nipples until they were hard, my eyes watching his dark skin in contrast to my white tits.
“I won’t be gentle, but as long as you cooperate, it won’t be so bad. If you fight me, however, I might have to tell your sweet stepbrother that the debt isn’t settled and I need you to try again. And I will get what I want anyway.” To emphasize his words, he pinched my nipple roughly, pulling it away from my body. I whimpered, and nodded. I understood the assignment.

Zeke moved to stand in front of me and with wide eyes I watched how he unbuckled his jeans, pushing it down along his boxers. I swallowed hard when I saw his cock. It was huge. It wasn’t even erect, and it was already at least twice the size of my boyfriend. And truth be told, I only fucked my boyfriend three or four times. Barely enough to know what I was doing. A heavy hand took my shoulder and he pushed me down to my knees.
“Let’s see what that little mouth of yours can do. Suck me until I’m hard.” With trembling fingers, I took the heavy cock in my small hand, lifting it up so it was aligned with my mouth. Was I really going to do this? There was no choice. If I would get up and run, he would catch me before I would even be at the door. I knew for sure things would be much rougher. So I leaned forward. Taking the tip of his cock between my lips and sucked softly. Zeke already groaned, his hand now resting on my head. The cock quickly hardened and soon it barely fit in my small mouth. My lips stretched wide and my jaws were aching, but I kept sucking. A little deeper each time, but to be fair, I could not even get a third of it in my mouth.
The front door suddenly opened and I wanted to pull away, but Zeke kept me right in place, forcing me to keep sucking.
“Who’s this?” a voice said from behind me. Zeke just chuckled, pushing me a little deeper.
“This is payment. Remember that kid, Dennis? He offered his baby stepsister as payment. We have her until midnight tomorrow.”
The man whistled and chuckled. “That kid must be the dumbest one out there. That pussy would pay for at least 10 times what he owes now.” Zeke laughed at that in agreement. My cheeks were flushed bright red as they talked like I wasn’t even here.
“Anyway, I was just picking up supplies. Will be back in a couple of hours to see what you kids are up to.”
“Be careful, Ray. And be quick. The sooner you’re back, the sooner you can fuck this little doll.” Footsteps disappeared and I closed my eyes. Not only Zeke would use me, so would this Ray guy. And probably everyone else who would stop by.

Zeke gently gathered my hair in a ponytail and I felt nerves spike. Whenever my boyfriend would do that, it means he’s going to be a bit rougher. I could handle her boyfriend. But this huge cock? He scared the hell out of me.
I was right. Zeke pushed me down his cock harder and I felt him hit the back of my throat. I gagged, but it was like he barely noticed it. Relax, I told myself. I widened my mouth as much and took a quick deep breath.
“That’s it, little slut. Here I come.” And with that, he forced himself right in. He pushed beyond my gag reflex and I felt how he stretched my throat. It hurt but at the same time I felt my pussy moisten. He pulled out only to do it again right away. When I opened my eyes, he wasn’t even fully in. Fuck.

Suddenly he pulled me to my feet and guided me towards the kitchen table. He didn’t even bother clearing the table, as he lifted me and placed me right on the edge of the table. Fuck, this is it. It was weird how gentle he was, as he laid me down on my back. He placed my feet on the edge, so my legs were wide open. He then took out his phone. I immediately turned my head away from the camera.
“I wanna remember this moment,” he said with a low voice. “The moment I tear open this tiny pussy. Tell me, is your boyfriend as big as me?”
“No sir.”
“Am I the biggest cock you’ve ever had?” I flushed, feeling humiliated by these questions.
“How many others have you had?”
“Just my boyfriend.”
“Good. Now beg for me to split you wide open.” He guided the tip of his cock to my entrance and slowly let it trail up and down, gathering my juices. Each time he slid over my clit, I couldn’t help but shiver slightly. I didn’t want to admit it, but the feeling was arousing me.
“Please sir, split me open with your huge cock.” My voice was soft and barely audible.
“Put your cock in me and tear this tiny pussy open.”
“That’s more like it.”
My heart was pounding as the tip moved back to my entrance and he started pushing. I closed my eyes and held my breath as he kept pushing, my body not ready to give in yet. But he was relentless. He pulled back a little only to push in harder. Suddenly, his cock popped in and I whimpered as pain lanced through me.
“God, you’re so tight,” he moaned as he pushed through. Now that he was in, there was nothing stopping him. I felt myself stretch wide on him and it had to be the most exquisite feeling I ever had. I was never sore after I had sex with my boyfriend, but I knew Zeke would break me in half. I couldn’t help but grab my own knees, pulling me wider in the hope the pain would die down and pleasure would begin.
“That’s it, little slut,” he groaned as he picked up the pace. Feeling him so deep inside me made me whimper and wince, but he seemed to love it. His cock slammed against my womb and my small tits bounced as he rammed into me.

The door opened and closed a couple of times, but I stopped caring. All I wanted was to survive this. The movements became harsher as his hands clawed at my thighs, pulling me into the deep thrusts.
“I’m going to cum,” he warned me, and that was the moment that I opened my eyes and looked up at him.
“Please don’t cum inside me. I’m not on the pill yet!” Zeke just grinned, as his hand gently curled around my throat, pinning me to the table.
“Even better. No limits, remember? I’m breeding your tiny teenage pussy all night and all day tomorrow. Let your brother deal with the consequences.” And at that, I felt how he pulsated, sending thick ropes of his cum right into my fertile womb. He groaned deeply as he stilled. I watched how he pointed the camera at my pussy as he slowly pulled out. It felt like my pussy was split wide open and I felt the thick globs of cum slowly trickle out of my sensitive hole. He then put away his phone and walked away, leaving me on the table.

Slowly I sat up, wincing as my pussy throbbed. My legs were shaking as I let myself slide off the table and onto my feet. As I looked back at the table, I saw where he had placed me. The table was disgusting. Bits of dried food, papers, trash and dirty dishes. I felt so dirty and so used, feeling the sticky seed between my legs.
Zeke re entered the kitchen and smiled when he saw me. He was fully dressed again and made his way towards me. Without saying a word, he picked me up and put me over his shoulder, carrying me like I was weighing nothing. Whistling an unknown song, he took me up the stairs, and into one of the rooms. There, he put me back on my feet. Before I realized what was happening, his lips pressed hard against mine and he moaned as he pried my mouth open, his tongue dancing with mine. I felt nauseous and tried to pull away, but his arm was curled around my waist. He tasted like cigarettes and beer as he forced his tongue deep in my mouth.
There was nothing I could do. My own stepbrother, who was supposed to keep me safe, had sold me off as a sex slave for more than a day. If I didn’t comply, he would go to our parents and I would be in trouble. If I didn’t do what was expected of me, the debt might not be paid and he would be in huge problems. Besides, not complying wouldn’t change the outcome. I would still be raped. At least, if I did what they told me to do, I might be able to get some pleasure out of it. I would be safe. So I did the only thing I could, to protect myself. I felt my body relax as I gave in. I kissed him back. Engaged in the kiss. I noticed his surprise, but he went with it, pulling me closer to his body. I put my arms around him, feeling his hands exploring my body. His fingers found my ass and he pulled my cheeks apart a little, squeezing hard.

Just as sudden as it started, he also pulled back. His hand curled around my throat and he pushed me back against the wall, slamming the air from my lungs. I gasped, staring up at him wide eyed. Fear rushed through me again as I grabbed his wrist, trying to pull him away from me.
“What are you up to?” he asked slowly and menacingly. I was struggling to breathe, and pulled on his wrist again. He finally let go a bit, allowing me to take a gasping breath. I coughed a little, trying to find my voice.
“Nothing, sir!” I squeaked, causing him to pull me from the wall and slam me back into it. I whimpered as tears filled my eyes. “I promise! I just thought…” I swallowed as I gathered my thoughts quickly. “I thought if I cooperated, it wouldn’t be so bad.” His hand loosened a little, showing me he was listening. “I mean, I know I don’t have a choice. So… so why not try and enjoy it a little?” Zeke’s hand moved from my throat to my jaw, pushing my face up to his. With his thumb, he harshly rubbed the tears from my eyes. I felt so small around him. His huge hands, him towering over me as he stood in front of me and that thick, long cock.
“You’re a whore.” He then kissed me hard. Feeling completely overwhelmed, I let myself melt into the kiss, letting his words sink in.

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    Just as she deserves. All girls need to be bred

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