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Fuck Your Boyfriend

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A young 12 year old girl is forced to cheat on her boyfriend with her older cousin at a party.

It was 1 AM at a house party somewhere in Florida.

Kayla and her drunk older cousin Jay went to his room to escape the hectic party.

“Jay you should blast some music” Kayla told her cousin as she pulled out her vape. She stares at her phone as Jay eyes her up and down. She’s wearing a tight black dress with black high heels. Only 12, but she has developed quite a huge round ass, made even more visible with the tightness of the dress. Long beautiful legs with her thighs putting on a bit of meat. Her tits aren’t the biggest, but that ass makes up for it, especially when she walks. Each step makes those chubby ass cheeks jiggle hard. “Helloooo what are you waiting for?” she asked breaking Jay’s focus on her. “Chill with the attitude lil girl” he responded with an attitude himself. Kayla striked back at him with a smirk and rolled her sexy eyes as she glanced back at her phone.

“You should put that damn phone down” Jay says as he snatches her phone away from her, throwing it onto his bed. Kayla has a shocked look on her face, but this is just how they joke around. The music starts playing in his surround sound speakers, not too loud. She lunges onto his bed for her phone then lays there, definitely high from her vape. Jay jumps onto his bed beside her while she lip syncs to the music. He grabs her phone again, but holds her hand down too against the bed, she just laughs at him. He then sits himself on top of her, holding her down by both of her wrists. “Sir you should get off of me” Kayla says as she feels her cousin’s dick begin to get hard, “I think you got a lil problem down there.” “Little problem?” Jay responded aggressively, holding her wrists down even harder, she still has a smile on her face but its definitely a nervous one. He puts one hand on her throat and grips it lightly, just enough to throw her off guard, causing her to let out a little moan. He all of a sudden leans in and gives her the best kiss she ever had, even better than her boyfriend. He feels her kiss back, trying to make her tongue go into his, their lips play around together for a few seconds.

Jay pulls away from the kiss but is still near her face. “You know my boyfriend would kill me right?” he ignores this as he shoves his hand up her dress, she isn’t even wearing any underwear and she’s already soaking wet. He begins to rub her clit slowly, swirling his finger around in circles as he begins to kiss on her neck. “Jay wait..” she says but is quickly shut up as he kisses her again, she submissively lets him as he puts a single finger inside her. “You’re gonna let this happen, you know you want it” he whispers in her ear as she responds “No.. I don’t know.” He pulls away from kissing her and focuses on fingering her, with two fingers now. He can barely put it in her but he goes fast anyway. “Has your lil boyfriend ever done it this good? Huh?” Jay says as he fingers her just right, making her rock her hips back and forth with the motion of his fingers. “Fuck… fuck please don’t stop.. I.. No… please Jay I don’t… I can’t!” she
screams out, all of a sudden twitching hard one last time as she squirts all over his fingers and his bed. She lets out a few more moans as she shakes a little bit more, breathing very heavily.

Jay lets her relax for a minute but then he gets up from the bed, forcing her to get up as well, even though her mind is in a daze from the orgasm and the high. He pushes her onto his desk, forcing her to bend over as he pulls her dress up above her ass. His cock, fully erect, is now aimed at the entrance of her little, but fat pussy. Those lips of hers are plump and angelic, he grinds his dick against them. “Jay…” she says faintly but he leans forward and covers her mouth, then he shoves the tip into her pussy. She is extremely tight, the suction of her young pussy squeezes Jay’s tip almost causing him to explode right there and then. “This fat little fucking ass, teasing me everytime you walk in front of me, you know what you’re doing.” He slowly thrusts himself as deep as he can go, almost all 7 inches just leaving a little room. He looks down and she is bleeding, her legs tremble. Kayla moans and gasps into his hand, he can feel the moisture and spit build up on his palm.

Jay starts thrust back and forth aggressively but slow, each time causing her ass to jiggle, its just endless ripples of that fat ass shaking. He starts to speed up, still covering her mouth, her moans match up with the rhythm of him thrusting inward each time. “Little fucking toy, you little goth toy. Fuck your boyfriend, he’s nothing. Just like you.” He pounds hard, enjoying the feel of that enormous ass touching his hips each time he goes balls deep. He holds his cock as deep as he can go and starts thrusting just like that as he manages to hit her G spot. With one hand covering her mouth and the other around her neck, Kayla’s crying moans grow louder as she suddenly orgasms and squirts again, this time all over Jay’s dick but he doesn’t slow down. Her knees start to buckle as they give up on her, but Jay keeps her up with his strength.

She’s dead silent now, but shaking uncontrollably now, only breaking her silence with occassional shrieking gasps. Jay lets go of her mouth so he can slap that big ass of hers. He smacks her right ass cheek super hard, making her let out a screaming moan each time. All of a sudden her phone starts to ring, its her boyfriend. “Wai.. wait Jay..” weakily Kayla says but its no use, Jay grabs her phone, answers the call on speaker and throws the phone on the floor besides them. With no hesitation, he turns her around to make her face him and have her sit her ass on his desk. “No no no-” Jay slaps her, shutting her up. She just stares back at him in shock. In this angle, he’s able to aim his dick even better to hit her little cunt just right and deep. So, he thrusts into her dripping wet pussy again, both hands on her neck.

Kayla stares down at her phone, hearing her boyfriend call out to her in a confused tone, but she can’t focus on it as Jay starts aggressively pounding her again. Her eyes roll back as she feels his dick reach her deepest parts, that thick cock filling her up completely. She knows its wrong and doesn’t want it, but her body betrays her as she feels herself inch closer and closer to an orgasm again. She even starts to buck her hips with the rhythm of the pounding. “Cumming.. cumming.. cumming..” Kayla says over and over then yells again, sounding almost like a cry, but a relieving one. Her head rocks back hard against the desk behind her, as she squirts once again all over her older cousin’s cock. It seems as if Jay wasn’t going to stop again, until all of a sudden he shoved himself as deep as he can and shouted “Ughh you fucking little worthless cum whore!” She locks eyes with him as she feels him fill up her little cunt with his seed, it overflows, making the scene even messier. Jay holds himself deep in for about 15 seconds, choking her tightly as he enjoys his overwhelming orgasm.

Finally, he lets go of Kayla’s throat and tosses her onto the ground, causing her to collapse with her weakened knees. She lays beside her phone, breathless, dripping with her older cousin’s cum and her own squirt, still looking up at Jay. He grabs a box of tissues and cleans himself up, then throws it aggressively at Kayla. “Clean yourself up bitch.” He fixes his clothes and hair, then walks out the door, locking it and leaving her there alone.

Her mind is even more of a daze now, fueled by anxiety, fear, but somehow feeling almost blissful and she still feels a tingly sensation in her thighs and little cunt. She didn’t even realize her boyfriend was still on the phone, his voice was unintelligible at this point to her, she didn’t care so she hung up. She looked up at the ceiling and reached down to feel her pussy, a complete fucking sopping mess.

Minutes later, Kayla walks out into the living room where some family members are drunk and passed out on the couches. She sees Jay sitting on a couch alone. They make eye contact as Jay looks down at his phone. She sits beside him, leaving a little room at first, but then scooches in closer. She leans her head on his shoulder, and closes her eyes, still feeling blissful as she feels a single tear drop fall from her eye.

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