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My brother slept with me, and I was only 12

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Me and my brother spent few weeks at our aunt and unckels farm. During that time I lost my virginity to him and I felt happy

I could be around twelve years old when my parents went on vacation without me and my brother who was then fifteen years old.
We were supposed to be with aunt and uncle in the country while they were away.
This we thought was very exciting as there were many different animals on the farm.
aunt and uncle had no children themselves, so we were very well taken care of there, but we had to help take care of the animals during the day. So when the day was over we were pretty tired.
One day I went to bed quite early and fell asleep pretty soon. A little late at night I noticed that my brother was coming to bed with me. We had slept in the same bed many times at home before, but now I noticed that something was different. He lay close to me and I felt that his cock was stiff.
He started touching my little breasts under my nightgown. Felt like it was tickling delicious. But after a while he took off his clothes and lay naked with me. Then started looking up between my legs until he put his hand on my hairless pussy. His breathing became faster and he laid me on my back and folded up my nightgown. Felt like a stabbing pain up in my pussy when he stuck the stiff cock in me.
He held my mouth so that my aunt and uncle would not hear me screaming.
Slowly and gently he began to move and gradually faster, suddenly I felt a hard shock and he moaned. He lay over me for a while while I felt his cock relax.
We fell asleep together, but in the morning he had gone to bed in his own bed.
After breakfast my aunt took me aside. She had found blood in the bed when she arranged the room. She explained to me that it was not dangerous, just that I was starting to become a woman. She gave me a pack of sanitary napkins and explained how to use them. I went to the toilet and put one on, there was still some blood, but most of my brother’s semen.
I was a little sore in the pussy afterwards, but a few days later he came back to my bed and fucked me, and now it was just wonderful

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  • Reply Gino ID:1ck831o56pni

    I really did have sex with my sister and cousin.l was 12 and my sister and my cousin were both 11 the first time.we continued our ritual until I was 16 and they were 15. I would love to do it again

  • Reply Shera sister ID:4bn00en3fia

    My big brother raped me when I was 6y, and I enjoyed it and now I tell him to come and fuck me every night. I lay in wait in my bed waiting for the bastard to come and rip my nickers off and rip my Pussy lips to bits. He pulls it, squeeze it and pinch and then nibbles it with his teeth. And when he squeeze his 7in cock in my Pussy hole he starts pulling my hair and then the mother fucker spits in my face. He fucks me hard and long through the night. My mum and dad are dead, and we live with are old grandad, who also fuck me when my brother is working. Well am 14y now and walk around the house in a see-through nightwear. My brother says grandad will be dead soon and then we can sell the house and leave, get married and have lots of babies for us to fuck.we fuck all around the house some times with my grandad in the same room and we can see him wanking himself to me getting brutalised, am moaning, grawling ,screaming and crying and my grandad shouts fucking bitch fuck her hard , pull her nipples and squeeze her soft tits really hard the little slut. My grandad is worse than my brother who leaves my Pussy bleeding when I was 6y 7y 8y 9y 10y. My grandad shrove the handle of his walking stick in my Pussy and then rams it in and out. I got pregnant when I was 13y but my brother shrove his hand inside my Pussy and fist fucked me really hard. He was punching my insides and I was crying for him to stop. Eventually he pulled out and his hand had blood on it. But I love my brother, he’s mine, all mine and I can’t wait to fuck him, rip my nickers off, pull my long hair and spit in each others faces and then he spunk on my face and my hair,
    But he let’s me piss in his mouth, but then he grabs my head and pulls my face on his chest and tells me to lick it up. He’s my peado brother and am glad he raped me. 6y and am going to primary school with dry spunk from last night all over my flat chest and hairless Pussy and a hint of the smell of piss which I giggle to myself when I loo

    • Deadric ID:1cq712rn5lw9

      I love your dedication to your brother

    • Daksh ID:sbxgdryxzvt

      Can we chat

  • Reply PhilHerUp ID:1d4k570a5kux

    Really hot. Are you married now?

  • Reply John ID:1eesr89aj30k

    I had sex with my sister when I was 15

  • Reply Debbie ID:7ylren3fij

    That was really good love it

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      How to reach you

    • incest lover ID:3ttk9i4vz

      your brother get you pregnant debbie ?

  • Reply Danny ID:3057hz2fii

    Fuck him three times a day baby

  • Reply My name is Carlito ID:5u0zlwr6i9

    I liked reading your story and I would like to know more about you and your brother and if so you could send me an invite on Hangout My Hangout information is [email protected] and I will be waiting for your invite

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    Can we sex chat on email plz

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    Do you send nudes?

  • Reply ChingaTuMadre ID:5u100ta9qi

    Great Story Do Part 2 and did you get pregnant from your brother?

    • Marit ID:2jow8ep49j

      Yes, he made me pregnant four years ago
      We have a son together.

    • good ID:3zxisyc3k0k

      Marit teach your son sex and get pregnant with him…

  • Reply Hunter ID:10o3ln31hr9

    Would love to chat with u could I email you

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    Love your story sweetie I’m a very rugged ole country farm man very open minded [email protected]

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      Nice that you liked my story
      Would love to email you
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