Cat: Teen

He liked

This story is about the first time i spent the weekend with my dad at my cousin house…btw he went to jail like around 2019ish… # # #

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Fucked by dog

I had always been a really horny person and i’ve always wanted to fuck someone but i am 14 and it’s really hard to find a person and a place to fuck without getting caught by my... # # #

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My Mother, My Whore

Once my Mother was in my arms kissing me there was no going back , she was now my whore, and I knew I could do what I liked with her. # #

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Daddys new start

Rosie was 5’1 with c cup boobs and a small bubble butt with pale skin and nice flowing Raven colored hair. Rosie’s dad Jim was talk and muscular with hair on his chest arms... # #

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