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Two Mormon missionary girls forced part 2

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I’m so sorry to all of you that I’ve been waiting on part 2 for so long I’ve had a lot of health issues come up and live family problems but I decided even though I have those problems still that if I don’t do now I’m not going to do it at all. Hope you all enjoy part 2. We pick up our story.

I told Edith to unhook Mary’s Blue skirt. Heated crying bad does what she is told, she unbuttoned and and unzip Mary’s Blue skirt.

Next I told Edith, to take Mary brown nylons down to her ankles. Still crying Edith does what she’s told to do she takes Mary’s Brown nylon down to her ankles.

Next I tell Edith to take down Mary’s white panties to your ankles. Edith crying does that she told she takes Mary’s white panties I’m down to her ankles
I tell Edith, to lay flat on her back. Edith crying bad begs me please don’t hurt me mister I saving myself for my husband. As I remove my jeans and boxers. Edith, see my rock hard cock. I also noticed Mary eyeballing my rock hard cock to. I tell Edith I guess it’s not going to be your lucky day. Edith saying that I’m not showing her any Mercy she knows she won’t be a virgin much longer, she starts crying really really bad. I grab Edith by her legs and call her into me.

And of course my dick into Edith virgin pussy and rape Edith as she cries uncontrollably. It hurts it hurts after about 30 minutes at raping Edith, I pull my dick out of Edith virgin pussy and slam my dick as hard as I can into Edith virgin pussy. Edith springs out I finally get to her and pop her cherry, she screams out OMFG I keep raping Edith and she keeps on crying after about 45 minutes of raping Edith she says I need to pee. I don’t tell her she’s about to cum. I’m thinking to myself she’s going to let go at any time and she thinks I’m totally insensitive. After about another 15 minutes Edith closes her eyes and let’s loose, I feel her warm cum on my cock. After about another 45 minutes of raping her I get to the point I need to cum, I cum in Edith pussy. Edith said I sure hope I’m not pregnant because I will be kicked out of the church. Edith stop crying. I told Edith, see I told you it wasn’t your lucky day you’re no longer a virgin. Edith starts up crying again.

I told Mary to come over and take Edith place. Mary looks at me and she knows that it’s not going to do any good to beg and plead with me she knows from this point on she’s going to be raped. She switches place with Edith. Mary lays flat on her back I get between her legs open and any last words virgin girl? Mary says just rape me and get it over with. Going with that I forced my bloody cum cover cock into Mary’s virgin pussy. Mary cries out OMG that really hurts as I start to rape Mary virgin pussy. OMG I knew it was going to hurt for the first time I didn’t realize it was going to hurt this bad. As I keep on raping Mary’s virgin pussy. Mary keeps on crying. I finally my cock out of Mary virgin pussy and slammed it back in with such Force that it pops her cherry and Mary screams out in pain OMG that hurt. I keep raping Mary and Mary is now crying badly from the pain after about another 5 minutes of raping Mary said I need to pee. Merry gives me the same look as Edith she thinks I’m insensitive but I know what’s coming just like it is I’m not going to tell Mary you’re about to cum. Mary just like Edith, close your eyes and let go and I felt her warm cum all over my cock. I kept on raping Mary and Mary’s cries switched over to her moaning mmm I didn’t know it would feel this good to be raped. Just like Edith, I built myself up to that cum stage. Just like Edith I cam in Mary’s pussy.

I got up walked over to Eden grabbed her by her hair and she started crying real bad again I threw her over onto her stomach. As Mary watch on. As Edith kept on crying. I pulled Edith legs apart and shoved my bloody cum covered Cock as hard as I could into Edith tight virgin ass. Edith crying out and screaming and bad pain as I raped Edith virgin ass. OMG it hurts it hurts really really bad as I keep on raping her ass as hard as I can pound her ass. After about 20 minutes a pounding her virgin ass I come. At home my cock out of her ass.

I start walking toward Mary, Mary looks at me with the look she knows that won’t do any good to fight me she turns over fat on her stomach waiting for her time virgin ass to be violated and rape. I grabbed Mary’s legs and I get between them and force my hard blood cum covered cock into Mary’s virgin ass. Mary screens out in really bad pain as I rape Mary’s virgin tight ass,. As Mary continues to cry out in bad pain. After about 30 minutes of raping Mary’s tight virgin ass I build up to that point once again to cum in her her.tight virgin ass. I cam in Mary’s tight ass.

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  • Reply Vive-la-baise ID:5wwo800lfia

    The writer has never had sex in real life, but is clearly emotionally damaged. I would love to slowly burn your cock off with a propane torch.

  • Reply Love it ID:645g3wns8l

    Im so confused what the fuck happened.

  • Reply JimJam ID:10zid29um9b

    It’s very difficult to read this when you are mixing up the names of your characters. Sentence structure and spelling are poor. PROOFREAD!!!!

  • Reply Daddy ass ID:2px1mhuf4hu

    Don’t worry I done u all win.grammer cops

  • Reply A. ID:5lt6jbl3vem

    Terrible writing, way to many grammatical mistakes makes this nearly unreadable