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Author: Daddy. Ass

Boogeyman doll

I wasn’t going to write anymore I was going to take Tara’s advice and just write comments but I remembered I made a promise to all of you to write another Boogeyman within... # # #

1932 words | 9 |3.57

Boogey boogey boogey

I know it’s been awhile I’ve been in retirement for a while. So I thought it was high time to bring the boogie man back how long it sticks around this time for I don’t... # # #

1940 words | 3 |3.57

Home invasion incest 3

Joanna just let it go she just let her orgasm happen. James said, Barbara, I think Joanna, just had her first orgasm. James keeps fucking Joni. James was getting to that again. He cums... # # # #

934 words | 1 |4.55

Home invasion incest part 2

Barbara says , NO PLEASE! What do you want now? I say, Babs play flat on your back. Bob says, you’re kidding me do you want me to have sex with my own son. Box over to James Prince... # #

1244 words | 1 |2.90

Home invasion

For those of you who said I need a spell.check.and Grammer check,.I try 3. Of them maybe I don’t understand how they work.. me with my stories..if you... # # # #

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Return of the Boogeyman

I wasn’t going to do this but cracksniffer so.for one.persons.i.alresdy know it’s going to suck my English is bad my grammar sucks and I can’t spell worth # # #

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No daddy please

First of my Daughter is not.blood she was adopted. At 4. I know what you are going to say I’m killing the English language my grammar is poor and my spelling sucks I so sorry... # # # #

1067 words | 21 |3.06