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Author: Daddy. Ass

Boogeyman’s Halloween havoc

CrackSniffer, TARA and Ian read this carful is in it. After my battle with those meddling kids from mystery Incorporated and them destroy my time for the Boogeyman... # # #

1421 words | 10 |4.00

Boogeyman meets Velma Dinkly

Dedicated to TARA, who gave me the go ahead to write this.and Ian, who said he wanted poor little TARA to fall victim to the Boogyman. TARA said she was going to leave it up to the... # # #

3185 words | 9 |1.80

Boogeyman did I mess up

This is dedicated to mine and Boogyman Buddy CrackSniffer. As I am sitting in my favorite sit, my base scanner is on, my TV is on the local news Darren to Joanne are you there? Yes... # # #

1613 words | 11 |4.40

Boogyman Fri the13th

I’m sitting in my favorite sit, binge watching Fri the 13th movies. I got my base scanner on, no traffic it’s been a day sense my last hit and I sold that little bitch to... # # #

1198 words | 34 |5.00

Boogeyman V16 I think

This once again dedicated to my buddy CrackSniffer he’s giving me the Intel to keep the boogeyman going. I get home grab my headphones and turn my base scanner on Brittany needs... # # #

2488 words | 3 |3.75

Boogeyman doll

I wasn’t going to write anymore I was going to take Tara’s advice and just write comments but I remembered I made a promise to all of you to write another Boogeyman within... # # #

1932 words | 10 |3.75

Boogey boogey boogey

I know it’s been awhile I’ve been in retirement for a while. So I thought it was high time to bring the boogie man back how long it sticks around this time for I don’t... # # #

1940 words | 3 |3.78

Home invasion incest 3

Joanna just let it go she just let her orgasm happen. James said, Barbara, I think Joanna, just had her first orgasm. James keeps fucking Joni. James was getting to that again. He cums... # # # #

934 words | 1 |4.38

Home invasion incest part 2

Barbara says , NO PLEASE! What do you want now? I say, Babs play flat on your back. Bob says, you’re kidding me do you want me to have sex with my own son. Box over to James Prince... # #

1244 words | 1 |3.48

Home invasion

For those of you who said I need a spell.check.and Grammer check,.I try 3. Of them maybe I don’t understand how they work.. me with my stories..if you... # # # #

1104 words | 7 |2.97

Return of the Boogeyman

I wasn’t going to do this but cracksniffer so.for one.persons.i.alresdy know it’s going to suck my English is bad my grammar sucks and I can’t spell worth # # #

1587 words | 7 |3.92

No daddy please

First of my Daughter is not.blood she was adopted. At 4. I know what you are going to say I’m killing the English language my grammar is poor and my spelling sucks I so sorry... # # # #

1067 words | 24 |3.17