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Cassandra Complex

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I guess they lived in the same apartments as me, and mom, but there were these 2 boys outside my window.

I didn’t even see them until the light came on next door, but then I saw their shadows on the fence. I already turned the light out in my room, but I had my phone out, to text my friends.

So, I put my phone down, and got up to see what they’re doing. I had to roll out the window, but they didn’t slide up like normal windows. I could hear them breathing real loud, and their feet dragging in the gravel.

I had to stick my head out, sideways to see them rubbing their pants, and I knew the girl next door. Kinda, I know her name, but she’s older. So, she won’t let me hang out no more since she started high school. She used to babysit me, but now I’m old enough to take care of myself, so mom, and dad save their money.

They kept their voices down, and their pants zipped up, but they kept touching themselves, and rubbing the front. It was pretty dark underneath her window, and I didn’t use mine that night, I don’t think. Okay, I don’t have a big mirror there, but if it’s dark enough outside, and I turn the light on, I can dress in it like a big mirror. I mostly do that in the morning, if I’m up early enough that it’s still dark, but not to get ready for bed. I wasn’t expecting anyone to see me, so what did I care how I looked?

I guessed she was getting ready for bed next door, so they were watching her change, and I knew she had pretty big boobs. I also wondered if they ever looked in my window, but I hadn’t gotten any dick picks on my phone. Lately, it had happened, and the men kept asking me to send them pictures back, but I had played with myself in bed before.

Looking at dick pics, too young to even get them, and I knew they had to be pedo pervs, but I didn’t want to do childporn for them. That would encourage them, but they were hairy, and hard for me. I wondered if they ever caught me masturbating, and whacked off outside my window.

Then, I guessed they wouldn’t whip them out in front of each other, because that would be gay, and they didn’t even rub off in their pants. They just kept touching them, and I couldn’t even see the bulges in the dark, but finally the light went out. She didn’t take long to get ready for bed, but I bet she didn’t wear a bra, to bed.

That’s just uncomfortable, so I already took off mine too. I wasn’t super busty, but I hoped that my little boobs were still big enough to have a little fun. “Hey boys.” I pulled up my night shirt, and stuck them out. My nipples popped as soon as they hit the night air, but sure enough. Their shoes dragged in the gravel, but they came around to try, and reach in my window.

“Huh!” I dropped my shirt, reaching out, and trying to feel for their crotches, but they felt me up through it anyway. “Let me feel your dicks.” Reaching out in the dark, and I had to turn my head, just to hold my face up against the top window.

It really didn’t open up that much, so I couldn’t sneak out. Probably a good thing, because I might get in trouble, this horny. There were 2 boys out there, and bad enough to walk around at night, looking in girl’s windows, and touching themselves. They both took a hand, and rubbed them through their pants. They felt so hard, but then they said something.

They still kept their voices low, but I was afraid they didn’t want to do it. They let go, and I stood up enough to see them look at each other. In the eyes, not down at their boners, but I guess that might be too gay for them. Since they didn’t even whip them out to beat off next door, but I turned on the bedside light, and took off my shirt. Shook my boobs in the window, and kept my eyes down to see their legs if they’d run off, but they didn’t. Finally, they got on either side, and unzipped their pants under the window.

I couldn’t see out, with the light on, but I could see me. Smiling, and I even let out a little giggle. Then, one stuck his arm up under, and waved me back down. On my knees, he turned it over, and got a pretty good grip. His button open one handed, and I stuck my hand out to feel down the front of his underwear.

I heard a “Dude!” come in the other side, but he shushed him, then another arm reached in the other side, and I had to scoot over. To the middle, but he had his pants down, and his shirt sticking out. So, I pulled it up, and his dick dropped down off the hem. I giggled, grabbing, and pumping it, while their 2 arms groped, and fondled me in the middle.

It was kinda awkward. Not only their arms stuck in the top of the window where it’s tightest, but also the crank handle kept bumping into my tummy. Pumping them both up and down out both sides with my arms akimbo. I think that’s the right word, or the way you use it, but I had to be careful not to bump their wrists with my arms. My left hand slipped off, accidentally, so I had to feel for it again, but then I found his hairy balls.

That was the one that let his pants fall down a little, so I let go the right one, and felt down inside his underwear. I didn’t know which way to turn, or what one I liked more, but really, there wasn’t much difference to pick between them. They were just dicks, but real hard ones, and boy’s hands squeezing my boobs.

Finally, I figured out a rhythm. Where I pulled one up to the top, but stopped before my thumb slipped off. Then the other, pumping down so my pinky got stuck in the hair around the bottom. Back, and forth, one way then the other, and even started rocking a little. Finally, the one on the right started shaking, so I could turn my head, and watch his spunk pour out. So, I could focus on his friend, but left handed. As soon as he went soft in my right hand, I let go, and turned around, to stick my arm out the window.

Cup his balls, and squeeze them with my left hand. It was still awkward, but my thumb was a little slippery with jizz, and I giggled. Wondering how he felt about his friend’s cum on his cock, but I could rub it around on the head. Rolling his balls around until they tensed up, and even more shot out all over my thumb. I rubbed circles around and round, then he pulled out, and put his face down on the window. Panting real loud, but I forgot about his friend, and looked around.

I didn’t hear him sneaking off, even in the gravel, but I guess I was a little distracted. Then, I heard the other one walk off, and stuck my head out to watch him go. Walking funny, but he had his pants up. His back turned, and it was too dark to make out his butt. Let alone his face, but then he turned the corner, and was gone.

My fingers were still sticky, and especially my thumb. It ran down to the palm of my hand, and I also got some on my knuckles. I licked those off first, since those were wet enough to see. The white stuff, and the rest was rubbed in. So, it was just wet, and sticky, but I licked up what I could. I wasted a lot on the gravel, outside the window, but then I thought about another friend.

Her brother had a black light in his room, and he liked to beat off under his bed. For some reason, that’s where he left all the stains we could find, with the black light. Maybe it was so it wouldn’t shine on them, and get him busted for whacking off unless you got the black light down. I don’t know, but too bad it’s too low to crawl under there, and wait for him to beat off, so you could see it.

I wonder if she did that, when she was younger? “Huh!” Oh well, I got most of it off my hand. So, I got up, and turned off the light to go out. In the bathroom, I washed the sperm off, so I could finger myself to sleep, without getting pregnant. I didn’t know if that would do it, but I didn’t want to test it, neither.

Finally, I got back in bed, and turned out the light. Picked up my phone, but my fingers got busy, before I even started looking up dick pics. Online, I didn’t need them, after that. So, I just put it down on the bed side, and pulled my shirt up, to feel my boobies.

Knowing they’d get bigger, but until then. I had something great to fap to, until the next time. I sure hoped they liked it, enough to come back…


I saw them again later, or I guess they saw me out by the pool. They hadn’t filled it up with water again yet, but they still had loungers I could lay out on. Start working on my tan, and they ran up to look through the bars.

“Hey, what you doing?” I rolled over, and looked up at their faces. Pressed up to the bars, and holding onto them, but I didn’t recognize them.

“Oh, just getting started on my tan.” I put my chin up on my fists, and smiled. I never really got to flirt before, but they weren’t real good at it either. Then, I checked out their shoes, sure enough, the same ones. I licked my lips, wondering if they got any on their toes. Thinking again that I need to get one of those black light flashlights the cops use, to check crime scenes for fluids.

“How old are you?”

“Thirteen?” I lied, but they lied too. As if I couldn’t tell they’re older, but that made me a teenager, too.

“Me too, but you’re a lot more mature than the other 13 year olds, at school.” Shitty liar, too. Duh, think about it? If we’re all 13, then we’d all ride the same bus, to the middle school where we would have seen each other. I bet they were both 14, and freshmen. Unless they failed, and got held back, since they spent all night peeping in windows, but they never talked to me before.

“Dude!” The other guy slapped his arm. “Try to be cool?”

“What?” He shook his head, but his friend wouldn’t tell him he lied, right in front of me. Thinking he figured out the school clue, as if I hadn’t seen the other girls at school, but I just grabbed my phone, and the lotion. “See, you scared her off.”

“Hey, where you going?” They ran around to the gate, instead of holding on the bars, to try and stick their heads through. Practicing for jail, but I was playing jail bait, so I didn’t want to marry them. Either one of them, just so I could get conjigal visits, or try to beat them off under the tables.

Okay, I went to visit my uncle in jail, with the family. It was scary, because I was so young, but they had plenty of sheriffs there. To make sure none of them grabbed me, to run off, and rape me in the corner, but my aunt needed a ride, and he was dad’s brother. His “Delinquent brother,” but he couldn’t find me a sitter, and he let me come in with him, even knowing that was a bad idea. Gave him a pack of smokes, after the guards checked them, to make sure he wasn’t trying to smuggle anything else in.

Oh, I told them I was heading up, and looked at the stairwell, but I told them not to follow me, too soon. Try not to act suspicious, which they’re really bad at, but I knew if anyone else saw me walking off, with them. We’re obviously going to get in trouble, but the stairwell went all the way up to the roof.

I live on the bottom floor, of course. No telling who knows that, or if they’re paying attention. This isn’t exactly a neighborhood watch kinda neighborhood, it’s an apartment complex, and low rent. Dad still lives in one, back at the old house, every other yard had a sign, or sometimes this house secured by some company, in the windows.

Mom couldn’t afford that, but it was still thursday, afternoon. After school, so dad wouldn’t be here to pick me up until tomorrow. Just imagine, if he thought for one minute I was giving boys handjobs out the window, but they sure took their sweet time. I bet they were arguing, and what kind of best friends are they, to fight so much?

Maybe they were just fighting over me, but finally, I heard them downstairs. Coming up, and their voices echoing too much to hear what they’re saying, but it was a little scary. I mean, exciting, but a little scary, because they’re the kinds of boys that peeped in girl’s windows, and I’m glad they were, but they could get me up here.

Make me do more than I wanted to do, I bet they both wanted pussy, but I didn’t bring any rubbers. I just brought suntan lotion, and my phone in case mom called, or my friend’s texted. “Huh!” I pulled my swimsuit down, and rubbed my shoulders. I didn’t even bring a towel to sit on, but this old one, from last year. It was so tight, it dug into my shoulder, and between my legs. It rode up in back, especially when I sat down, but the stairs are concrete, and they’ve got rough metal around the edges.

“Took you long enough.” I covered up my boobs, just to rub them first, but I don’t want to tease them. I have to be real careful, one doesn’t hold me for the other one to fuck me, and get me pregnant. I want it, so bad, even though I know it’s a real bad idea, there’s no way they can pay child support, and they’d just fight over who’s baby it is, but also, they might lose interest.

That’s mom’s problem, it’s not cause she’s old. She’s not fat since she started working out again, but she’s got plenty of boobs to get dates. She just can’t get a boyfriend who’s serious, because as soon as she puts out, they leave and never call back once they get what they want. I don’t even know what I want, but my body sure does. It’s hungry for babies, but I know better.

“So, who wants a blowjob first?”

“Don’t look.”

“Dude,” his friend pulled his shirt, “How come you get to go first?”

“Just keep a lookout.”

“No, you keep a lookout.”

“Boys, why don’t you flip a coin, or something to decide who goes first, and who has to play lookout?” Seriously, those two. There so worried about their friend looking at his dick, it’s getting in the way, and starting to turn me off. “Let me go, this was a mistake.”

“No, hang on.” they put their hands up, and pounded their fists in them. “Ro sham bo.” Since neither one of them had a penny between them, and I didn’t even have pockets for my phone.
They both picked rock. Then, they tried again, and both played Paper. Thinking the other would play rock again for an easy win, they both karate chopped.

“Fine, you first.” I pointed at the closest one, “You go down, and keep an eye out, but if you’re good, I’ll let you touch my pussy.”

“Okay!” He ran around the landing, and down to the next one, but honestly. I wanted to get fingerbanged in the worst kinda way. Okay, I really wanted a dick in me, but I settled for a fingerbang, a blowjob, and a hand job.

“Let me feel your titties, stand up.” On the landing. “And bend over.” So, he could stick his hands up under my arms, and I had to do all the work. Unbuttoning his pants, and getting it out. I didn’t even smell it to make sure it was clean, I was so cock starved, I just stuck it in my mouth.

“Oomph!” He hit my head, but at least he didn’t shove it up my throat, and choke me.

“Yeah, suck it. Suck that big hard dick!”

“Smup sup!” What did he think I was doing, eating a banana? I just wanted his cum, right from the source, so I just kept sucking, and wondering if it was like blood? You know, when you cut yourself, and suck your finger, it tastes different. I mean, it still tastes like blood, but it tingles a little too? I don’t know why, but I had my hands free, so I could play with his balls, and slip my hand down his pants. In the back, I gripped his butt, and felt it flexing. Pumping in and out of my mouth, so all I had to do was hold still, and keep sucking until he started shaking.

“Ngh, snh!” I rolled it around on my tongue, to taste it, but it tasted just the same as it did the other night. On my fingers, and I couldn’t tell the difference with it all mixed together, but then i swallowed. “Ngh ngh ngh!” Each, and every time, I swallowed and some more shot out, until he stopped, and flopped out.

“Huh!” He almost fell down the stairs, and caught the railing, but he had to pull his pants up. Especially on the side I pulled down to squeeze his butt. “Huh!” I could practically feel his fingers, still digging in my chest, he squeezed so hard, and I rubbed them, but he didn’t leave any welts. Like a bra would, if I wore one underneath the suit, but finally, he went down, and got a high 5.

“How was it?”

“Why don’t you go up, and find out?”

He sat down on the top of the steps, and told me “Pull up a lap.” I kicked off the 1 piece, and turned around so he could feel me up.

“Dude, don’t look!”

“I can’t see your little dick from way down here anyway.” It wasn’t even 10 feet, but I guess it makes him feel better, to say he’s got such a tiny dick, when it’s not true. They’re both the exact same sizes, as far as I could tell, but more than a handful, and there’s 2 of them!

“Well why don’t you look out like you’re supposed to?” I yelled at him, “So we don’t get caught?”
Duh, if we get caught, then you go to jail. Probably, if the cops believe me, but then it’s she said, they said, and it’s 2 against one. They’re going to tell them I wanted it, and how I was dressed. All about beating them off out my window, and letting them feel me up so the cops would know what a little slut I was, and probably tell dad.

Sure enough, he just left. He got what he wanted, and his friend wouldn’t let him watch him molest me, but at least I didn’t have to put up with him fighting, so he’d get on with it.

He picked up the lotion, and checked it out. “Look,” he pointed with his thumb. “Benzophenone, that’s a spermacide.”

I shook my head, “What do they put spermacide in Sunscreen for?” I didn’t believe him, but I bet he’d make anything up to fuck me, and I’m flattered but I’m not that stupid.

“To kill the UV rays, and skin cancer, but it kills sperm too. You want to try it?” He was rubbing down between my legs, but I crossed them, to squeeze his fingers out.

“You better just use your fingers, unless you have a rubber.”

“I can get one, and show you. It says the exact same thing on the package. Active ingredient:” He picked up the bottle, and read “Benzopreno.” That’s when I knew he was lying, he didn’t even bother reading it right, let alone remember the actual chemical, so I shook my head.

“Then you can fuck me when you get a rubber.”

“Okay,” he started trying to get up.

“No, not now, just get your dick out.” I rolled my eyes, but I guess I’m lucky him and his friend are so scared of each other looking at their dicks, or they can’t get it up with a boy watching one. Either way, that means they’d never agree on who has to hold me down, while the other one rapes me, but of course. It’s not like I want to get raped, but it’s not even a fantasy, really.

Girls get raped, for real all the time. So, my mom warned me about boys like these, and not just strangers, but even the kinds of boys that try to look in your window, watch you changing, or even sleeping. Which is creepy, and sounds really boring. Still, not a good sign, and speaking of which.

He wiped the lotion in, and rubbed me so his finger slipped back, but then he touched my butthole.

“No don’t.” I scooted back, and grabbed his hand. “Just stick to up front.”

“Well, you know you can’t get pregnant from anal, either.”

“That doesn’t mean I want it up the butt, just fingerfuck me. Here.” I had to push his finger, and wiggle around until he slipped it in.

“Oh, I knew you’re a slut.”

“No, I’m not!”

“Well, you’re not a virgin.” Oh yeah, I got that out of the way, a couple years ago. When I started my period, it still had some little holes for it to come out, but it came out a lot faster, once I popped my cherry, and I could start using tampons, too. I hate panty liners, they feel like diapers, and they never stay put.

“Uh!” I didn’t want to think about that, but I didn’t want to think about rape, neither. I just wanted him to molest me, and yeah he said I was really mature for 13, when I’m not even thirteen, but that’s just a lie boys tell you, when they want to get in your pants.

I didn’t have any pants on, I didn’t even have my flipflops on any more, but he was so rough. And I loved it, I never could fingerfuck that hard, for very long. My fingers sure weren’t that big, and strong, and rough. “Uh, huh! AHM!”

He let my titty go, and covered my mouth, so I had to sniff real loud, and try to breathe through my nose, but all I could smell was sunscreen, and all I could think about was him grabbing me. Outside, after dark, and before I finished my orgasm, I even ran through all the stories I ever heard, about this one lady in college.

She got drunk with her friends, and they walked home together, but they stayed at the dorm, and she had to stagger home to the sorority house. She fell down, and puked behind a bush, so she was bent over when he grabbed her. Yanked up her dress, and pulled her panties down, to rape her, and her ass. Her hair and face all covered in puke for getting pushed down behind the bush, and he pulled his finger out to feel the twitching.

Muscle? I don’t even know if it’s a muscle, but I felt it twitching too, and it even made my butthole pucker. I bit his hand. “Don’t touch me there, or I’ll scream.” I got up, and pushed him back. “You rapist!” I slapped him.

“I didn’t rape you, you wanted it.” He started getting up, but I pushed him, and backed up. Grabbed my swimsuit off the railing, but it slid down to the landing.

“I told you, not to touch my butthole. I don’t like it, and I don’t want it, but you wouldn’t listen!”

“All right, okay! I’m sorry, but try to keep your voice down!”

“Well, let me go, and just kick my flipflops down here. Stay up there.” I had to put my legs in the swimsuit to pull it up. “And don’t follow me.”

Of course, they came back later that night, and knocked on my window. I think he said “We brought rubbers,” but he held them up so I could see, until I got up, and unrolled it. “You said I could fuck you when I got rubbers.”

“Sh!” I got down inside the window. “That was before you touched my butthole.”

“Dude, you didn’t tell me that.” His friend pushed me. “Fag.”

“Well,” he ignored him, and stuck my phone up through the window. “You forgot your phone.”

“Uh,” I rolled my eyes, “It’s been a long day, and there’s no way we can do it through the window anyway.” I went to check my messages right away, but when I turned on the screen, it said [Try Again] under my password, and there was a link you could tap to answer any security questions. Somebody charged it up, but I bet they both tried to break into my phone, to see what I was looking at.

Not that I saved dick pics, and I looked at porno on Incognito mode, so it didn’t leave any history. I’m not stupid, and my mom would probably check, the next time she figured out my password. So, I guess that was the bright side of my mom snooping around, she prepared me for those boys getting their hands on my phone, so I had to learn how to secure it.

“Oh yeah you can, or you can come out here.”

“No, I can’t. I won’t fit out the window.” Then, I heard them scratching, and got down where I could see them with a screw driver. “What are you doing?”

“You just have to unscrew the track, then the whole window folds up, so you can climb out.” I never actually looked at the outside, to see the screws holding the track, but leave it to them to figure out, how to break in people’s windows. That’s why they folded out, and not far enough for you to climb in and out. They even told you not to leave valuables in front of the windows, where someone could see them.

“Oh, no. You better just let me sleep. It’s a school night,” and after all that happened earlier. I wasn’t sure it was a good idea in the first place, but I got horny, and stupid. Now, I knew it was a bad idea, and I was lucky I could fight him off.

Which is funny, because he’s bigger, older, stronger, and I guess he even had the high ground, in a way. But now I knew what he wanted, and I sure wasn’t about to give that up, rubber or no rubber. Okay, maybe I’m turning into a cum hungry slut, but I still have standards, I have to set boundries, and I’m definitely drawing the line at buttfucking on the first date.

“Well, it’s not a school night tomorrow.” One of them managed to get in, before the window shut. So I grinned, and nodded. “Okay, wait for this weekend.” Finished rolling down my window.

Since I knew my dad would pick me up from school, just like any weekend, and I wouldn’t be back until Sunday night, so I could go to bed, and get up for school again on Monday.

“Huh!” But I got in bed, and got my phone out. I thought about looking up some bi mmf pornos, but instead, I decided that I had to tell someone.

But who do I trust? Going through my contacts, scrolling right past my dad, I kept looking for someone I could brag to, who wouldn’t call me a slut, even though it’s true. If any of my friends found out, then they probably couldn’t keep such a juicy secret.

Honestly, if one of them told me, she’d been giving hand jobs, 2 at a time, sucked a boy off, and made another one fingerbang her, then left him with blueballs, because he wanted to buttfuck me. Okay, he deserved it, but. “Huh!”

I got down to the bottom of the list, and never saw the name I didn’t have in my contacts. Any girl I knew, that was cool enough to listen, without calling me a slut. I hate to feel like a slut, but I’m wide awake now, so I went back to chrome, and opened up an Incognito window.

[Bi Teens MMF]

“Huh,” I scrolled down past the ones I already watched. “You want to buttfuck so badly, let’s see how you like it first…”

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