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A surprise in the Kitchen PART 5

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A very unexpected surprise. To say the least

The feeling of all three of them shooting their big doggy cocks which felt like a water hoses was going off and on on on me.
There I was enjoying the absolute best sex I had ever experienced. With three cocks in me still spurting there cum in me. I let go of Jim’s cock so he could get down. and Beam’s knott shrank enough for him to pull free, and very reluctantly also slowly raised myself off of Jack.
All I could do is lay there with their cum dripping from me. One by one my boy’s came to me and started to clean me all over but mainly my very sensitive ass an pussy. Not a sore sensitive either but more of a pleasurable sensitive.
When they’d lick my pussy it drove me nuts, like I wanted to cum but didn’t or couldn’t. And I could not lay still I would twitch, quiver, and I’d stiffen up. Like. I was building up pressure. Then Jack nibbled on my clit. I let out screening OMG. YESSSSS I:M. CUMMING , and bucked uncontrollably. And I didn’t just squirt I ejaculated 4 times into Jack’s mouth.WOW is all I could think laying there trembling and panting like my good boys do with short heavy quick breaths. God I’m a lucky girl to have such good boys that love there mommy.
It was still early before noon, I gained my composer. Let the boys out to play in the back yard and ordered a pizza. And had time to before the delivery guy got here.
I just put on my robe ester the shower,
Just relaxing and relieving the mornings events. The door bell rang. Opening the door to a very h ott younger man holding my pizza with a big gorgeous grin. He was takes and we’ll toned wearing loose running shorts.
I asked him in and as he walked I could see his very impressive cock swing freely in his shorts. My robe has no buttons and the belt was loosely tied. Nothing was showing but you could tell I had nothing on under it. As I was paying him I noticed the out line of his cock was much bigger and almost to the bottom of his shorts. I just had to see so I dropped my wallet just in front of him. I squatted right in front of him. There it was a big beautiful man cock just inches from the opening of his shorts. I looked up into his eyes and saw the same look of want in bis eyes that Jack gave me this morning.
I asked him if he was very busy today. He told me that says were slow and that he normally worked nights then questioned me as to why I asked.
I then told him that it looked like he had an enormous situation that should be taken care of before going back outside.
Reaching up for his cock and gently stroked it. In shock he stiffened up and made no move. I took his hand. And lead him to the kitchen chair, dropping my robe too the floor. I knelt down pulling his shorts off as I did. The boys huge cock sprang free hitting my face on the way up. There it was the biggest man cock I have ever seen. God was it beautiful I couldn’t wait to feel it in my mouth.
When I took him in my mouth I thought he was going to cum right then. His cock swelled more and. Grew at least another inch in my mouth. Once I got my rhythm going and taking at least 3/4s of his cock in and out of my mouth, I knew he wouldn’t last long. And I was right, he started to tremble and trying to say OMG over and over. With one last push down I had him balls deep in my mouth and he let loose. Humping my mouth. And with every hmp he pumped a huge gush of cum in me. Seven total and every in one as much and hard as the others right to the last one.
It didn’t take long for him to vim and it didn’t take him long to get hard again either. Now I had that monster man cock in my pussy riding him. I had cum several times making his cock and balls soaked with my juices. And that’s when my 3 boys decided to come back in.

I continued backwards cowgirl my new friend’s huge cock which restricted his view of my boys watching us with curiosity in their eyes. They had never seen me and my boyfriend fuck so this was a new visual experience wit a familiar scent. They all were sniffing the air moving closer. Jack was out in front still sniffing and came closer.Then out came his tongue right across his balls up a little bit of his cock and up my pussy.
My new friend, Tim startled yelled asking what that was. I told him that it was just Jack then Tim told me he wasn’t gay or bisexual I replied that Jack wasn’t either and that he was my dog who likes my pussy. And kept riding his cock. Tim asked if this normal. I told him that it kinda was and that they loved to eat me for my cum. They ? Was all I heard. I just mugged his legs for him to part them more.
He did and Jim and Beam joined the party. Jack concentrated on licking my juices off his balls and ass crack, Jim was cleaning the brace of his cock along with the top opening of my pussy and Beam my devoted clit nibbler had it all under control. Tim told Mr that. This felt amazing. I let him know that I was hoping he would. He asked if that was an invitation to come back. Then I told him that would like him to.
Then all he said is that this was so fucking hot
I felt Tim’s huge cock swell up in me. I knew he was going to cum again soon.
He confirmed it. I wanted him to cum in my mouth again. But I could not move after the first huge blast he sent with power up in me then with as much of a mighty force as the first one five more of the same he gave my pussy. I couldn’t move and just sat there shaking and cumming all over his cock with his cock still pumping me full. Shortly after his cock started to deflate in me. Which was a very new feeling to me .
My good boys continued licking his balls and what part of his cock that wasn’t in me.. Tim was loving this. He was almost soft still in my pussy. And I thought felt his cock twitch trying to come back to life. It was I could feel.him starting to grow in me. And with them licking him and my pussy he was now completely hard and OMG. No man has ever done that in me. Wow I was in heaven I actually came when he got completely hard gushing all over his cock and balls with no movements at all. We eventually got on the floor. Then it was on. My boys wanted to give me their cocks too,.with Tim in my pussy. They took turns in my ass and mouth while the other would be licking us. This was the first gang bang. I had and it was great to have four. Big cocks feed my mouth, pussy, and ass so much cum.

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    You write very hot stories.

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    Loved it!!!!! I know Jill loved those 4 cocks!!!! I think her pizza delivery guy will cum back often for more Jill pussy, Jill mouth and dogs licking his balls and shaft clean!!! So fucking hot!! Thanks.
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