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Biology 101 Next Day part 2

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The testing is going well so far. The scent from the potion is almost instant as to the reaction from Jack when he came into the kitchen.

After leaving Jack’s room sleeping in his bed. Before leaving I have to check on Ms. J. To make sure she is doing ok after what Jack and I did to her in the kitchen.

Opening the door to their bedroom i see right away Ms. J laying in bed naken on top of the sheets all cleaned up as instructed to by me. Her hair still wet from the shower and peacefully sleeping. Leaving the door open, I walked over to examine Mr. J’s body more closely from head to toe. For a 40 year old mother she is in very good shape, nice firm tits as I found out this morning. And I see, Mr. J must have shaved her pussy as she did have hair there. I do say her bald pussy does looks good to eat.

Sitting there on her their bed stroking Ms. J’ body she start to stir, moaning please stop son, it in not right. After hearing that I take of my clothes and straddle legs. Leaning down I take her right nipple into my mouth and begin to suck hard, waking her up fast. Looking up at her and she looking back in shock at me sucking on her tit.

Ms. J calming down quicker than I expecting asking me why are you sucking on my tit John, as she puts her fingers through my hair smiling.

Looking into her eyes and lifting my lips from her gorgeous brest, I ask a simple question. Do you remember this morning In the kitchen? What you pledged to me and your son?

Before I answer, can you tell me if it was real and why I turned into a crazy mommy slut for you and than my son?

That’s an easy. I created a potion that turns on your more exotic pleasure zone and I created this potion to be activated when I am in the room. So if I have even a drop of my potion on me, all women the room will be very submissive to my request for sexual favors. The men are for the most part stand by witnesses unless I give them something to do. Like with Mr. M I sent him to the adult store to buy a few things for me and Jack to use on you later.

Mmmm, I do like the idea of getting fucked more often from you and my son, but what if Mike tells you no or stops me from fucking either of you two. Also is your cuck hard, did you come in here wanting to fuck me again?

To answer the last question first, yes. I am hard now and yes I will be fucking you shortly as I did enjoy your tight pussythis morning. As for your husband we have him on film letting us fuck you, not only that he was the one filming us fuck you. Now why don’t you roll over and get into potion so I can fuck that pretty little pussy of yours slut.

Oh John l, you know just what to say to me. As you wish John let me get into the doggie position so you can fuck the batch hard. And you better not stop until your mommy slut cums.

Seeing Ms. J in this position wiggling her cute little heart shaped ass, I just had to slap that ass of hers hard, just so she knows who is in charge now. With a long moan after my slapping of her ass, I grab my cuck and stroke her pussy from the outside, sliding it up and down between her pussy lips. Teasing for just a second before slamming my dick hard into her very wet pussy. She screams as her pussy erupts and her cums hard all over her bed. I just continue to point her pussy harder and harder, watching her become a fuck toy ragdoll. Grabbing her long blond hair and pulling back I her and loud moan this time as I fuck her with all I have. I lean forward and whispering into her left ear, do you have any lube slut? Shaking her head no, I slap her ass again tell her oh well I just going to fuck this ass with your pussy juices. Hearing that, she cums again not knowing what it might mean. As she is a virgin ass fuck and I am hear to break her in. Looking down at the most prefect ass I have ever seen I slide my cuck slow out of Ms. J’s pussy and place it at the entrance of her asshole. Push ever so hard to get my fat long dick into her tight little ass is tough going at first. A couple of slaps on the ass she starts to relax her hole. My dick punches through finally, the first 3 inches in. Resting some so she can get use to my dick. Breathing hard, she ask for more cuck. Not to disappoint her I slide more and more and more of my dick into her tight white ass. After a second of rest I begin slow fucking her ass. Moaning louder and louder as I pickup speed as I start to fell that all knowing felling I slam my dick all the way in, listening to her screaming I am cumming ooohh gggooodddd I am cumming so ficking hard. I explored with such force, my cum start coming out as I continue sliding my dick in and out of Ms. J’s ass.

Collapsing on top of my mommy slut I look over to the door and see Jack standing there with his dick out and stroking it hard. I get off his mom and tell him to fuck her ass, she loves it there. Jack quickly comes over to the bed and mounts his mother, sliding his dick I to her ass so fast Ms. J had no time to think or say anything. Watching Jack fuck his mother was great, but I needed to get back soon to add even more notes to my journal. But first I need to do one more thing.

Lifting my dick up to Ms. J’s mouth she knew what to do whatout being asked. As she cleans my dick off I instructed her to keep Jack and me happen and not to worry about her husband to much.

Leaving the house I see Mr. M pulling up to the house with a couple of big bags from the adult store. I walk over to him asking if he got everything we needed. Looking down in shame he just nods his head. He than takes the bags inside and I start heading home.

As I approach my house in the cul de sac. I see Ms. Yolanda Jackson. She is a retire psychiatrist and Mr. Jackson owns his own construction company. Now I have to say when it come to good looking older people, she is one of the finest Black older woman you could ever lay your eyes on as she is in her early 60s. 38DD tits slim waist and nice legs. Her and her husband James go to church every week on Sunday and she is an active member always leaning a hand there when they need her or not.

By the way Ms. Jackson is the only reason I went in to the scientific field. The way she spoke of science, it was almost a religion to her.

Seeing her on her knees tending to her garden with her coveralls, gloves and hat. She just makes me want to do better at everything. Her garden has won neighborhood prizes as she keeps a close eye on it for the few years she is almost always outside. She sits up seeing me approach as I ask her if she has time this afternoon to discuss my project in my college Biology class.

Of John always have time for you, how 3 this afternoon work as is should be done here and looking to relax some.

Smiling back thinking, this is perfect it will give me time to up date my notes, as well as get a quick nap in. Who know fucking was so exhausting lol. I reply, smiling back letting her know that it would be perfect and I would see her at 3.

I continue on going I to my home though the back door kitchen and head back to my room. Entering I start up my computer and log in. Open my project with a pass code I proceed to update my notes.

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