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Crisis of Faith

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I tried to argue with them, but they just wouldn’t listen.

“No!” I finally pulled my hand back, from my dad. “This is crazy.”

“Don’t worry,” I stepped back, before he could grab me again. “God will protect us.”

“Like he’s protecting the whole world, from the Virus?” I shook my head, and crossed my arms. “Oh, he’s just going to protect your church.”

“Honey,” mom put on her bask, and pulled his arm down. “Let’s just go.”

“Yeah, you’re adults, so if you get sick, you’ll probably be fine, but think of the children!”

She gave me a dirty look, but I knew I won. Dad gave up, and just put on his mask, before he left. I giggled, and ran for the computer, before they even drove off.

Well, not only had I won the argument, but also. For the first time in months, I had the house to myself. It had gotten crazy being cooped up in here, even though it wasn’t like. A tiny apartment or anything, but my boyfriend picked up right away.

“Hello?” His face was huge on the TV screen, but then he leaned back. “Nice to see you.” He smiled.

“Huh!” I just pulled the tie out, “Well there’s more of me to see.” I wanted to rip the buttons out of my blouse, but they were too strong, so I had to go down the top 3, to pull it off over my head. First, I had to pull my arms out of the dress, and then I was finally topless.

“You look great.” I didn’t even have to ask if the plan worked, obviously he was home, in the computer room with the web cam, and his family was off to the stupid prayer meeting.

As if there weren’t people all over the world, already praying for God to make it end, and it would be great if He did, because then we could finally go out on a date. Maybe make out in the movie theater, and these would be his hands all over my breasts. Leaving my hands free to unzip his pants, and fish it out of his underwear.

“What do you think?” He held it up, with his hand twisted, so it wasn’t in the way.

“Huh!” I was so breathless, all I could do was nod, and smile.

“Move your hands, and come closer.” He gripped it, stroking slowly. “I want to see your tits.”

“Yeah, stroke it. Stoke it faster, and cum for me. Yeah.” I had to push my dress down, but it got stuck. So, I pulled up the skirt instead.

“You’re not wearing any panties, either?”

I shook my head, “They’d just get in the way.” I got the camera down off the TV stand, and held it up in front of my crotch.

“What’s with the acne?” He made a face.

“It’s not acne, it’s razor rash, because I shaved it for you? Your balls look hairy, are they?” All I could see was a little curling out of the top of his underwear. “Pull down your pants, I want to see your hairy balls.”

I just ignored the bumps, and felt down to my lips. The split, and slipped a finger in there to feel how wet I was getting. “Uh, huh!” I licked my lips. “Even hairier then I thought.”

“Yeah?” He dropped his pants, and sat back down in the computer chair, to put his knees up. legs wide open, so I could see his balls, swinging and bouncing with each stroke of his hand pulling the skin, faster, and faster.

“Huh, yes. Cum for me, jerk off and cum all over the place, yeah!”

“UGH!” He moaned, and I stopped fingering so I could open my eyes wide. Watching the thick white jizzum shoot high into the air, and soak into his shirt where it landed.


I jumped, when the door opened behind me.

“Oh shit!” He leaned over, and turned the camera away, then the video chat screen went blank.

“I knew it!” He just held the door, wide open to the living room, and the world with me standing there half naked?

“Zeke! Shut the door?”

“Oh, sorry.” He locked it too, “But I knew all that bullshit was just so you could cam with your boyfriend.”

I covered my chest with one arm, and pulled my dress up with the other. “Huh, how did you know?”

“Well, uh. I guess.” He shook his head, and had to think, while I pulled the dress down over the tops of my legs. “I knew you had to be up to something like that, because of the way you’re acting.”

“Like what? Just because I wasn’t the obedient good girl for once.”

“So, you wanted to get out of church.”

“It’s not even church! It’s just a Wednesday night prayer meeting, to save the world with the power of prayer.” I rolled, “Like people aren’t praying all over the world, and besides, why can’t they pray from home?”

“I get it,” he held his hands up, “Yeah, I get it.” Just like dad, when he gives up. “I’m an atheist too.”

“What?” That stopped me.

“Yeah, and.” he turned away, so I could bend over, and pick up my shirt off the floor. Then, he took a deep breath. “Huh, and I think. I might be gay, too.”

“Wh?” I shook my head, and let go of my top. I was so surprised, and with the revelation, I don’t suppose that covering up my breasts was really a big deal any more, either.

“Huh!” He nodded, and tuned around. “You know, Silas.” He blushed, waving at the TV screen.

“Uh?” [No Signal] “Yeah?” He’s my boyfriend? “No, stop kidding around.”

“Yeah,” he grinned. “How do you think I knew you two were going out?”

“He told you?’ I shook my head, “No, he told me to keep it a secret.”

“Funny,” he grinned, “Because he told me the same thing!”

“No it’s not!” I started beating on his chest. “It’s not funny at all, take it back!”

“Stop,” he grabbed my hands, “Stop it, calm down. I’m sorry. That was mean, and I shouldn’t have been so cruel about it. Huh!” He sat down, and held me in his lap. “I honestly didn’t know how to tell you, so I tried to lighten the mood, but I fucked up.”

“Uh?” I’d never heard him use that word before, and somehow, that snapped me out of it. “You, two. You didn’t.”

“Not yet, but. You know how things have been lately. Honestly, we didn’t have the chance, but this was his idea, wasn’t it?”

“No? Not all of it.”

“Well, the argument that it’s all stupid, and they’re adults, so if they get sick, that sounded like you.”

I hugged him, and wished it was Simon, holding me. Still half dressed, with only 1 strap of my dress to hold it up, and a breast hanging out the other side, but if what he said is true, it doesn’t matter.

Well, okay. Even if he wasn’t gay, he’s still my brother, and we shared a room for ages, but he’s never even tried to take advantage of it. I just thought that was because he cared about me, and he’s not that kind of teenage horn-dog. He’s a good Christian boy, or so I thought, but the truth is.

It all of a sudden made more sense. He never looked at me like that, not because I’m his sister, and he’s Christian. Because that would be incest, and he wouldn’t never do that to me, because he cares about me. All that is true, of course, but i trusted him so much that i never even thought for a minute.

“So, you’re really gay?”

“Yeah, really really gay, but. Huh, I don’t want you to be jealous, of me and Silas. Honestly, I don’t really have any feelings for him, other than being bisexual.”

“He’s? Uh.” I shook my head. “Don’t be stupid, of course he is.”

“You’re just upset, but honestly, it was just sex, and not even real sex. Just cybersex, and jacking off together, that’s all it was. So, if you still want to go out with him, I won’t get in the way.”

“Oh, no. Uhm, you think, if you two ever get a chance to be together, in real life?”

“After this all blows over?” He shrugged, “I don’t see why not. You sure you wouldn’t get jealous again?”

“I’m not jealous, I’m just upset with myself, mostly. Huh, honestly, I had all the clues right there in front of me, and I should have known all along.”

“I know, you’re smart.” he held my head, and kissed it, gently. Brotherly, an in a way, almost motherly. “Probably the smartest girl I know, but that doesn’t men you know everything. I’m sorry for keeping secrets, though.”

“Oh, no. I totally understand, why if Dad found out that you’re even entertaining homosexual thoughts, he’d go through the roof.”

“Yeah, thanks for understanding.” I got up, and started fixing my clothes again. This time without being self conscious, as if we didn’t grow up taking baths together, living together, and changing together.

“Honestly, he’s not really my type.”

“Yeah, but if you get a chance to do it with him, for real. Can I watch?”

He just laughed. “Yeah, sure. You can watch.”

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