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Forbidden soul mates

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I met the girl of my dreams, the connection was instant, we had sex twice but it was forbidden.

Collette was the most beautiful creature I’d ever seen, Jamaican, 5 foot 6 inches tall, slim athletic figure, longest legs ever, shoulder length hair all in colourful thin dreadlocks, small yet more than big enough perky breasts, full luscious lips, almond skin, and she was heavy in to roller skating and always wore a red tank top and silver skater skirt, she was perfect.

It was my little sister who brought her home with her one day, Collette had moved in to the area a few months earlier and they’d met and become friends, I was sitting on the sofa in the lounge watching TV when they walked in, my eyes locked with hers and we both felt something instantly, impossible to describe in a story, but it was powerful, the second I laid eyes on her I knew, I was in love, I wanted her, this is the girl I want to be with.

We’d all been talking in the lounge for about an hour and then my parents were heading off to the supermarket to get groceries, my sister went with them and left me and Collette alone in the house, about 15 minutes after they left we started to make out on the sofa, she jumped on me first, I don’t want you to think badly of her though, she wasn’t a slut or anything like that, we just had something, we both knew it, we both felt it, we couldn’t restrain ourselves.

Our clothes quickly became loose as we kissed and felt each other passionately and before we knew it her knickers were off and my pants were down, we laid down on the sofa, I was on top of her, within seconds my cock was inside of her and we were having wild passionate sex in the lounge, I lifted her top and was sucking on her plump breasts while she had her hands up the back of my shirt, scratching at my back while I fucked her brains out, I ejaculated a few minutes later, emptying my balls in to her tight wet pussy.

We rested briefly but the passion was still there, stronger than ever, I lifted her in to my arms and carried her as fast as I could up the stairs, I burst in to my bedroom and we crashed on to my bed, pulling each other’s clothes off until the only thing we were wearing were our socks, I started on top of her but then she flipped us over, she took hold of my throbbing cock as she straddled me and pushed it inside her and began to ride me, cowgirl style, I don’t know why but her hair smelt like cinnamon, unusual but pleasant bit of information for you there.

She rode me like a professional porn star, even though I knew she was a virgin, I could tell by the way I felt her pussy pop when I fucked her downstairs, I couldn’t stop feeling her beautiful tits while she bounced around on my cock, it took quite a while for me to come this time, at least 20 minutes, but when I finally came I came hard and she screamed with orgasm as we climaxed together.

We stayed naked on the bed for a while, resting, kissing and gently rubbing our hands over each other, then we heard my parents car pull up outside, so we quickly got dressed and raced downstairs, they came through the door when we got half way down the stairs, luckily they didn’t noticed us still tidying our clothes, hair and wiping the sweat from our heads.

I helped put the shopping away while Collette put her skates back on and as she was heading out with my sister I stopped her at the door, I told her how much I liked her and how much I loved what just happened, she felt the same, then I remembered I didn’t know something about her.

I asked her how old she was, she looked my age, I was 17 and she looked at least 16, I got the shock of my life when she answered my questions, “I’m 11” she said, and my heart sank, I couldn’t believe it, how could she be 11, she in no way looks 11, she looks a lot older than that.

I’m 17 and I had sex, TWICE, with an 11 year old girl, the girl of my dreams.

Life is so complicated, you find someone who makes you happy, that one perfect soul that’s a perfect match for yours, and it’s forbidden.

Why is life so crap!.

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    Do a part 2 great story

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    Do you still hook up with her?