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Good dog

Growing up I always had the tendency to rub my virgin pussy on things like pillows or chairs. I’d just hump against pillows, feeling the wonderful friction against my clit. I didn’t... # #

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Mums friends son part 2

touching his dick i was scared and did not no what to do he told me to pit my hand around it i did not no what masturbate was or a hand job as i moved my hand up and down his shaft... # #

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Hyperactive niece (Part 3)

This is the continuation story of my “Hyperactive niece” which she was about to turn 9 on Saturday, July the 10th and I had just turned 15 on April the 30th of that same... # #

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When I was 16

I met a 12 yo when i was 17, she loves cock, cum even more.. #

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Mums friends son

It all started one day when my mum took me round to her friends house as she and her mate had to go to work so i was left with the son he babysat one of my best friend a couple of times... # #

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Im a little slut, at 12

I see the man next door looking at me,im 12 but i know what hes thinking,and i know what to do,this is how i got what i wanted in 1973.. #

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There she was, 1 week later

Well, its been a week since my 10 yr old has had that pussy licked sore, she made me stop after i slow danced my tongue over and thru her tight pussy for 2 hours..and she blacked out... # #

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The bitch next door

it was a lazy Saturday afternoon, I was lying in my bed , waiting eagerly, then i got the text. My heart jumped when i saw it was from Olivia. i read the text – “Come quickly... # # #

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My slutty sister

My sister (Stephanie) was a beautiful girl, aged 17 was in the school cheerleading team. And she also wanted to date the hottest boy at school but she couldn’t. Stephanie had... # # #

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Hyperactive niece (Part 2)

As summer break continued my sister would continue leaving my niece at my mom’s house and basically have ME babysit her, which I didn’t mind now that I knew she “accidentally”... # # #

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My cousin was my fuck buddy…

Here is my (true) story. My english is bad and the story quite long so please forgive me. When I was 11, nearly every week-end, we had family meal with aunts and uncles that almost... # # #

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A Leg Between my Thighs pt 1

Drunk at a junior party, Sam and Ash fix their broken friendship in a peculiar way. (These stories are based off dreams that I dreams) # #

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