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Over the garden fence – part two

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Meeting Helen’s parents and learning that she’s as eager for sex as I am.

please read part one first
Thursday morning arrived and I was ready with the borrowed telescope. The view was good and I admired her hard dark nipples which were easy to see now, but still no pussy view through the pubic hair.
At the bus stop, the first thing was a report on the discussions between Helen and her parents about the new boyfriend. “I told them that we’d met on the bus and who you are and that you’d asked me to be your girlfriend and that I’d like that and is it OK? Then, what did I tell you about the windows have eyes? Mum said “Unless you’ve got two boys on the go, he must be the boy who kissed you yesterday after you got off the bus”. I said “It was only a little kiss, our first one and no, I definitely don’t have two boys on the go!” Anyway, they suggested that you might like to have an evening meal with us tonight, so they can get to know you. You’d better come!
Of course I did go. Her parents seemed nice, the food was good too. General chat, what’s your dad’s job? how was I getting on at school? sports I like? hobbies? etc etc.
After the food it was time to go to the next room with Helen’s dad (Brian Daniels) for a “man to man” talk. “There’s a report from the neighbours that you kissed Helen yesterday, after you got off the bus”. I said “I asked her and she didn’t say no. Our first one, just short and sweet”.
“You’re nearly eighteen and Helen’s only just fourteen. It’s a big difference at your ages and I’m sure that you know that the age of consent is sixteen. So a kiss is OK but any sexual contact between the two of you could get you in real trouble, even if she agrees, as you’re well over sixteen and she’s well under.
I said “Well dude, I have to tell you that your sweet daughter is the hottest piece of skirt since skirts were invented. And I’m sure you saw her naked when she was a cute baby and a just as cute little girl, but you’ve probably not seen her naked recently. I have seen her naked and can tell you also that she’s got an irresistibly gorgeous body and if you think that a horny sex-starved seventeen year old can resist her, baby, you are well wrong. And I think she might fancy it as much as I do”.
Or, well, perhaps I just thought I should have said that. What I really said was “Yes, Mr Daniels, I respect Helen and I’ll look after her and the last thing I need is to get myself or her in trouble”.
“You seem like a decent boy from a good family, so we’ll see how the two of you get on. Have you any plans for things to do together?”
“Not really” I said “Now we know it’s OK with you, Helen and I can talk about it”.
What we did do right away is go for a walk, so we could talk. I told Helen about the “man to man” talk about the age of consent and that I’d told her dad that he and his wife should be proud of creating a daughter with the sexiest teeny body in town. “I know you didn’t say anything like that, or we couldn’t be talking now” she said. “I had the same talk from mum. What it shows, though, whatever we do together, we don’t talk to anyone about it. I don’t tell the girls at school and you don’t tell the boys”. It was a nice summer evening, Helen had a t-shirt on top, and a denim skirt, she was looking good.
We’d walked, not very far away from the house, to a path through a wooded area at the top of a steep valley. No-one about except us. A nice view and we stopped to look. I took the opportunity for a kiss, and the response was good. As the kiss went on I was surprised to feel Helen’s hand in my hand and leading it under her t-shirt and up to her bra. I realised that the bra was not fastened. So it was loose and I could easily lift it up, releasing her boobs. I lifted her t-shirt right up and her tits were revealed. I knew they were lovely but being inches away is very different to looking through binoculars. I kissed them, sucked her nipples, cupped her breasts in my hands. We lay together on the dry grassy hillside, kissing. “I knew you have a lovely body but holding you is wonderful, better than I could have imagined.”
I’d never had a girlfriend before and Helen was so much hotter than I expected, not a bit shy, after leading my hand to her tits, now she was fumbling with my fly zip. I opened my trousers and her hand was inside my underpants and round my cock. It was swollen already but as she held it I was stiff. “I love it, my first hard cock” she said and we were kissing again as she started to wank me.
Things were looking good!

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  • Reply Cappy ID:2pdvucf0v1

    In todays world of practically every young girl on BC pills and girls growing up with sexual freedom and high hopes for a good or exciting sex life, these father to boy talks have all but disappeared.
    These talks used to be common. I doubt in ten years from now any boy will have a talk with his GF dad about this.

  • Reply daddy ID:rpvr1ozm

    i remember the man to man talk i had with my girlfriend’s fathers, each one warning me off doing the sex thing. then having a daughter, i realized why they were worried and i have on a few times had the talk with her boyfriends, why it was so different with my son’s i can’t explain, maybe it’s the thing of their girlfriends dads warning them off

  • Reply A. ID:5lt6jbl3vem

    Not bad, a bit slow and pretty tame.