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Author: A1ice_kc7

Growing family part 2

I have not had much love for my story and full stop have been a problem. I tryed my best hopefully this this will get better. My story continues The nexted morning I wake up to a nice... # # #

912 words | 2 |2.73

Growing family part 1

This is a story about me and my family growing up in a small town in the north of England I had a mom 34 a dad 38 my brother James 17 sister Emma 15 and me alice 13 and a boy my dad... # #

775 words | 8 |2.47

My sleeping daughter

So this happened a quick back story In 2008 when my daughter Alice was 14 34c size 12 she was a heathy play volleyball was good in class got home after school played on the playstation... # # # #

798 words | 5 |3.58

Daughter in mother underwear

I am not sure how to start this. But I am a dad I am 44 I lost my wife two years ago covid_19.I was very upset because I loved her very much. She left behide me and my 12 your old daughter.... # #

565 words | 3 |3.95