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Daughter in mother underwear

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I am not sure how to start this. But I am a dad I am 44 I lost my wife two years ago covid_19.I was very upset because I loved her very much. She left behide me and my 12 your old daughter. she was a mini me of my wife a right pain in the ass sometimes I won’t go into the funeral detail there is not really a story there. My daughter has brown hair blue eyes a cute little butt she is growing up.and I am no good at the girls I have to send her to my sisters from time to time for the girl shopping.

One day morning i woke up my daughter and I made breakfast my daughter Alice was all ready for school in her school uniform but sothing was odd when I looked at her chest her boob had got big over night I did not think any thing of it. I kissed her on the cheek and sent her to school and I went to work. Work was a 9 to 5 it sucked but it payed the bills holiday and gifts. But then I got the call from her school asking my to go in so we could have a chat.

I arrived at the school parked my car and went it the school I was greatest by the teacher I said is everything ok. The teacher said she was sorry to have to drag me out of work she told me to take a sweat the nexted thing I know my daughter had been sent in and took a seat her chest had got even bigger she had boys of every year after her. so she had been put in a class room by her self and she was up set and that why teacher had rang me.

Any way the teacher Mrs hayes ask Alice to stand up she went all shy and was upset Mrs hayes ask me is it was ok if she told Alice to take off her shirt I look at her is that normal I got shot the look so I said go a head Alicnbutton your shirt as she opened it I was thinking that’s my tj wifes bra Kim stuffed with my socks miss was shocked but not as much as me. She started to feel the bra and said that my daughter had good teast she then bend my daughter over her desk and pulled down my daughter
Iegging could not believe it matching panties to. She said the boy will be disappointed that you tits are fake but that’s nothing to do with me Alice I am sending you home to think what you have done to day
I got her home really mad and ask her what she was playing at she said she wanted to be close to mom and she loved her things as at the weekend she play in her dressed I told her to go to the kitchen and strip and put it in the washer then to go up stairs her naked body was making her way upstairs I started to get hard I went to touch my cock so it did not hurt me in my boxers. I told her to pick matching bra and panties of her mom and to meet me in her room

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  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz6i9

    Can’t wait for part 2

  • Reply Another Australian ID:5ri8pch6ii

    Type slower and make sure you check your spelling before posting Pt2. It’s really ruining the story.